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Ant-Man Almost Fought This Godzilla-Sized Marvel Monster In Avengers: Endgame

While the one-and-done showdown with the floating Leviathan was awesome to see, getting Scott Lang to take on the one that walks on its hind legs might’ve led to some colossal casualties. Picture the scene, dear reader; as Cap and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) are swapping hammers, and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is jamming his wings into an oversized beastie, Scott is tip-toeing around them all as Giant-Man, trying not to squash Earth’s Mightiest Heroes under his boots. Factoring that in, it makes sense that after he wallops the floating slug in that one instance from the original film, he’s instead down to normal size to fight the good fight for the rest of the battle.

Just because the giant monster didn’t make an appearance doesn’t mean scraps of this size aren’t off the cards. It’s interesting to see that Marvel was open to the option for battles as big and epic as this one, and this could mean Scott will square off with monsters like this one in future MCU installments. With the likes of Fin Fang Foom and Giganto, or even Galactus yet to show their face, they may find a way to give Scott an extra large one-to-one fight somewhere down the line. There’s plenty of cinematic space to go around, after all.


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