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Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA02), House Republicans Vow to Continue Sham Partisan Impeachment During Government Shutdown

Rather than govern responsibly, fund the government, or pay our troops, Jen Kiggans and House Republicans have vowed to prioritize their sham impeachment investigation during a government shutdown.

Kiggans, who is “looking forward to seeing what the outcome of the inquiry is,” has enabled extreme MAGA Republicans to push our nation to the brink of a government shutdown. Now, rather than work to find solutions and keep our economy on the road to recovery, her extreme colleagues have made clear they will continue their purely partisan investigation of the president – even when hundreds of thousands of federal workers go unpaid.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is home to 129,400 active-duty servicemembers who are at risk of not getting paid during a Republican-manufactured shutdown. 

DCCC Spokesperson Justin Chermol:
“As Virginia’s active-duty servicemembers face the prospect of going unpaid, Jen Kiggans’s ‘teammate’ Marjorie Taylor Greene has promised to continue a sham impeachment inquiry during a government shutdown. It’s time for Kiggans to stand with our servicemembers rather than her extreme friends.”


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