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Video: Biden-Harris 2024 Slams Donald Trump in New Ad Ahead of His Visit to Michigan 

Ad Highlights Trump’s Tax Giveaways to the Rich As American Factories Shuttered

As Donald Trump heads to Michigan in a deeply shallow effort to feign support for working Americans, Biden-Harris 2024 is releasing a new ad slamming Trump for his failed economic agenda and broken promises to America’s workers. “Delivers” will highlight Trump’s failed economic record, including his tax giveaways to the rich that came as American manufacturing shuttered and his promises to restore jobs that never came true. The ad also lifts up how President Biden’s agenda is bringing American manufacturing jobs back and lowering costs for American families.

“Delivers” will run on national cable channels and on TV and digital in Michigan. This ad is part of Team Biden-Harris’ 16-week, $25 million advertising campaign that is reaching key voters in battleground states and includes the largest and earliest investment in Hispanic and African American media for a reelection campaign in history.

“More empty promises in Michigan or anywhere else can’t erase Donald Trump’s egregious failures and broken promises to America’s workers,” said Kevin Munoz, Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Spokesperson. “He can’t hide his anti-labor, anti-jobs record from the countless American workers he’s let down. This election will be a choice between President Biden’s real advocacy for working Americans and a rerun of billionaire Donald Trump’s broken promises to the middle class.”

“Delivers” will run on national cable channels and digital in the following markets in Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing.  


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