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Video: Biden-Harris 2024 Highlights Bipartisanship Accomplishments in New Ad

Today, Biden-Harris 2024 announced a new ad touting the President’s long-standing commitment to bipartisanship. “The Way” highlights the President’s bipartisan accomplishments that are improving veterans’ health care, addressing gun violence, and rebuilding our nation’s roads and bridges. The ad comes as President Biden travels to Arizona to highlight the importance of America’s institutions in preserving our democracy and honor his friend and colleague, the late Senator John McCain.

“The Way” will run on national cable channels and broadcast television including the evening news hour in battleground states. This ad is part of Team Biden-Harris’ 16-week, $25 million advertising campaign that is reaching key voters in battleground states and includes the largest and earliest investment in Hispanic and African American media for a reelection campaign in history.

“Americans expect their elected officials to be their voice in Washington and get big things done to make their lives better,” said Kevin Munoz, Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Spokesperson. “That is exactly what Joe Biden has done throughout his time in public service. As President, he has passed historic, bipartisan legislation to help our veterans, curb gun violence, rebuild our nation’s roads and bridges, and more. President Biden has shown that we can get big things done when we put aside our differences for the American people, and he’s running to finish the job and to continue being a president for all Americans.”

“The Way” will run on television on national cable news programming on local evening news in battleground states: AZ, GA, MI, NV, NC, PA, WI.


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