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This Loki Season 1 Deleted Scene Would Have Ruined The Marvel Series

On paper, the idea of Loki and Sylvie as a romantic couple feels just plain wrong. They’re effectively the same person from different timelines, so it’s almost like they’re family members who’ve fallen in love with one another. In reality, it’s more complicated than that. Despite being Lokis from different universes, they’re still individuals, and them falling for each other can be interpreted as an extreme manifestation of their narcissistic tendencies. Through that lens, their romance is a bit less uncomfortable, and fans have come to appreciate how the “Loki” showrunners present their connection.

“I know a lot of people are weirded by it but I never felt that at all. To me he’s Loki and she’s Sylvie. It works,” commented u/vonbryan in a Reddit thread regarding Loki and Sylvie’s budding relationship. Numerous others shared this sentiment in various forms, calling their romance weird yet perfect and wishing that Season 1 gave it even more time to flourish before the final episode. Some, like u/fearlessonesometimes, have even claimed that Loki and Sylvie is their favorite MCU couple to date.

Surely, fans who love Loki and Sylvie’s dynamic will get more of their favorite MCU couple when the long-awaited “Loki” Season 2 hits Disney+ on October 5.


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