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Majority of Virginia Republicans in Congress Vote Against Keeping Government Open

From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Majority of Virginia Republicans in Congress Vote Against Keeping Government Open

RICHMOND, VA – While every Virginia Democrat voted to keep the federal government open, the majority of Republicans in Congress voted to shut it down. DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker made the following statement:

“Because of Democratic leadership, Virginians are spared the pain of this government shutdown for another 45-days before the extremist Republicans try it again. The majority of Republicans from Virginia voted to shut down the government because they are part of this extreme MAGA wing. Our economy, national security, and so many of Virginia’s hardworking families would have been harmed by the government shutdown if these MAGA extremists had succeeded. Thankfully, Democrats from Virginia and across the country voted to keep the government open.

If the government shuts down, our troops won’t get paid, kids won’t get the food they were counting on and people working with the federal government will be out of a job. That’s what would happen if Virginia’s MAGA Republicans had control in Washington and they’re going to try to do it again in 45-days.

These same MAGA Republicans want to bring their extremism to Richmond and take total control of our state government. We can’t let that happen.”


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