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Pradeep Antony Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7, Who is Pradeep Antony? Pradeep Antony Wiki, Age, Family, Biography, and More

Pradeep Antony Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7

Pradeep Antony made quite an entrance into Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7, showing his strategic gameplay right from the start. The season began with Kamal Haasan’s grand entry in a stunning red coat suit, setting the stage for what would follow. Pradeep Antony’s journey in the house took an interesting turn as he engaged in a psychological battle for the captaincy.

He clashed with Vinusha Devi, openly declaring his willingness to fight to retain the captaincy. Fans have started to speculate that Pradeep Antony could emerge as the hero of this season, thanks to his early gameplay antics. His strategic maneuvers and clashes with fellow contestants have certainly made him a prominent figure to watch in this season of Bigg Boss Tamil.


Who is Pradeep Antony?

Pradeep Antony is a rising actor and video editor in the Tamil cinema industry. He gained recognition for his role as Saravanan in the film “Dada” and made his debut as a lead actor in “Vaazhl” (2021), which garnered him widespread acclaim among directors and filmmakers. Pradeep Antony has also worked as an assistant director and has a background in visual communication. He previously appeared in Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil and has a notable association with fellow Bigg Boss star Kavin.


Pradeep Antony

Date of Birth

14th February 1986




Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Marital Status







70 kg


Movie Actor and Assistant Director

Notable Films

“Aruvi,” “Dada” (2023), “Vaazhl” (2021)


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Pradeep Antony Age

Pradeep Antony’s birthdate is the 14th of February 1986, which means he was 37 years old at the time of writing. Born on Valentine’s Day, he shares his special day with millions around the world, and his youthfulness reflects his energy and passion for his career in the Tamil cinema industry.

Pradeep Antony Family

Unfortunately, specific details regarding Pradeep Antony’s family remain undisclosed. While fans may be curious about his personal life, it appears that Pradeep prefers to keep his family life private, focusing instead on his professional endeavors.

Pradeep Antony Movies and Career

Pradeep Antony’s journey in the Tamil cinema industry commenced with a notable role in the 2016 film “Aruvi.” This marked his initial step into the spotlight. However, it was his performance in the 2023 film “Dada” that truly brought him recognition and acclaim. Pradeep Antony’s career took a significant leap when he took on a lead role in “Vaazhl” in 2021, earning praise from both directors and fellow filmmakers.

Beyond his acting, Pradeep Antony possesses a diverse skill set that includes scriptwriting, art directing, conceptualization, and art direction. These talents have not only enriched his career but also contributed to the creative aspects of the films he’s been involved in. Moreover, he has served as an associate director in the Tamil film industry, showcasing his multifaceted abilities and dedication to the world of cinema. Pradeep Antony’s career trajectory promises continued growth and success in the Tamil film industry.

Pradeep Antony Net Worth

Pradeep Antony’s exact net worth remains undisclosed in the available information. While the specific figures are not provided, it is noteworthy that Pradeep Antony, a rising actor and video editor in the Tamil cinema industry, has been steadily building his career and reputation.

His involvement in notable films like “Aruvi,” “Dada”, and “Vaazhl” suggests a promising career trajectory, which may have a positive impact on his financial standing. As he continues to make his mark in the industry, his net worth could evolve over time, but the precise details remain private at this point.

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