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Loudoun County Democratic Committee Condemns MAGA Republicans’ “pathetic, desperate and corrupt disinformation operation”

From the Loudoun County Democratic Committee:

Loudoun County Democratic Committee Condemns MAGA Republican Misinformation

Leesburg, Virginia — Avram Fechter, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee (LCDC) Chair, released a statement today condemning the misinformation campaign undertaken by MAGA Republicans, placing intimidating door hangers at the homes of and sending mail to the mailboxes of GOP voters across Loudoun County.

Fechter said, “The extremist MAGA SuperPAC, Look Ahead America, has been bombarding Republican voters across Loudoun County with disinformation under the deceptive name Virginia Voter Assistance. These efforts, intended to mislead and frighten Republican voters to the polls this fall, illustrate that Republican leaders realize just how uninspiring their platform is amongst their own voters.”

The mailers and door hangers that have been showing up across Loudoun, Prince William and Fauquier counties falsely claim that unless registered voters cast a ballot this November, they may be stripped of Social Security income, Medicare eligibility, Unemployment benefits, Child Tax Care credits and children’s custody rights, and Concealed Carry permits. Additionally, “failure to vote may also result in the seizure of personal assets, including but not limited to firearms, bank accounts, cars, and real estate,” they falsely claim.

Fechter concluded, “These MAGA extremists hold their voters in such low regard that they actively attempt to terrify them into voting by engaging in a pathetic, desperate and corrupt disinformation operation. LCDC condemns these despicable actions. We treat all voters with respect and look forward to earning their support and governing on behalf of every Loudoun resident after this November’s election.”


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