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How Cher Got Dragged Into Her Son Elijah Allman’s Messy Divorce

Court documents have surfaced from December 2022 claiming that Cher ordered four men to kidnap Elijah Allman from a New York hotel. His wife, Marieangela King, made the accusations, arguing that on November 30, 2022 — their wedding anniversary — they were attempting a reconciliation. They’d been in the city for 12 days before the alleged kidnappers showed up, confirming that Allman’s mother had sent them. He eventually complied, though King says she was left in the dark about the ordeal. “I am currently unaware of my husband’s well-being or whereabouts. I am very concerned and worried about him,” King said in the December 2022 filing.

The identity of the men in question has not been made public. However, King did acknowledge that she learned they were there to escort Allman to a treatment facility. Her husband has long struggled with heroin addiction, which has led to several stints in rehab.

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