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Katie Holmes Once Offered A Cash Reward For Suri’s Lost Dog

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise also enlisted the help of Lucky Puppy Rescue, a non-profit organization that rescues, homes, and trains puppies. Honey went missing on Sunday, August 24, 2014, and thanks to the speedy reaction of her owners, two sightings were reported in the same week.

This encouraged Lucky Puppy Rescue to amp up the search in the area, and on Wednesday, three long days after she went missing, Honey was found. While three days may not seem like a lot in human time, we imagine it was forever to Holmes and Suri, and even longer for a tiny Chihuahua.

Honey’s rescue was broadcast, and because she looked different from the lost photos, there was speculation that it wasn’t really her. However, the lost dog photos were of the lovely pup in a cute Flamingo Tank Dog Dress, and the broadcast photos were of her after surviving three whole days in the wild. We think she was allowed to look a little worse for wear after that ordeal. Plus, TMZ reported that a source from Lucky Puppy Rescue confirmed that Honey had a microchip. A simple scan was all that was needed to prove that the found dog was indeed Honey.

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