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Monster Hunter Now Palico Paintball Guide

Monster Hunter Now Palico Paintball Guide

In Monster Hunter Now, you’ll come across two types of Paintballs: Palico Paintballs and regular Paintballs. The Palico Paintballs are a handy resource that renews itself daily, ensuring you always have a fresh supply. In contrast, regular Paintballs can be obtained by visiting the in-game shop.

When you’re out on your hunting expeditions, your trusty Palico companion carries its own set of Paintballs. These Paintballs are used to mark the location of Large Monsters you encounter while you’re not actively playing the game. An exciting feature is that if you activate Adventure Sync, your Palico will automatically mark these Large Monsters even when the game is closed. To enable this feature, you’ll need to grant the app permission to access your location.

Your Palico can use Palico Paintballs up to three times each day, and you can carry a maximum of three of them at any given time. It’s important to note that these Paintballs follow a “use it or lose it” rule. For instance, if you only use one Palico Paintball in a day, you’ll still be restocked to three the next day, not five.

However, if you wish to expand your Palico Paintball inventory, you have the option to purchase the Release Celebration Pass. This pass boosts your Palico Paintball stock to 5 and your Paintball List to 10, but this enhancement is temporary, lasting for 30 days. After that period, your Palico Paintball stock and Paintball List will revert back to 3 and 8, respectively.

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What are Pallico Paintballs?

Palico Paintballs work kind of like regular Paintballs. When you see a monster on your map, you can mark it to remember it for later. You can keep a list of up to eight monsters you’ve marked. These marked monsters will stay on your list for 48 hours, and after that, they will disappear from the list.

Now, here’s the cool part about Palico Paintballs. They do this marking automatically, even without you having to keep the game open. To make this work, you need to turn on something called “Adventure Sync” in the game’s settings. Also, you’ll need to let Monster Hunter Now use your device’s location services. With these settings in place, your Palico will automatically mark monsters as you go about your day, even when you’re not playing the game.


How to Get Pallico Paintballs?

  • Every day, your Palico gets three Palico Paintballs.
  • These Palico Paintballs don’t carry over to the next day.
  • Your Palico can mark up to three monsters each day with these Paintballs.
  • If you need to mark more than three monsters, use your regular Paintballs from your supply.

Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now is an exciting mobile game from 2023 that brings the Monster Hunter series to life through augmented reality. This game was brought to us by the collaboration of Niantic and Capcom, with Niantic taking the reins in publishing. It made its grand entrance onto the global gaming scene on September 14, 2023.

In just its very first week of being available worldwide, the game already had an astounding 5 million installations, showcasing its immense popularity and the enthusiasm of players to embark on monster-hunting adventures in the virtual world.

Monster Hunter Now Trailer

Monster Hunter Now Gameplay

In Monster Hunter Now, the gameplay is an immersive experience that blends the real world with a virtual monster-hunting adventure. The game utilizes the player’s actual location to position an avatar on a map, which is divided into different types of terrain. Players can interact with both small and large monsters on this map by tapping on them, initiating combat encounters.

Battles with large monsters are time-limited to 75 seconds, in contrast to the extended fights seen in the mainline Monster Hunter games. Smaller monsters, on the other hand, can usually be defeated in just a few seconds. Resource nodes scattered throughout the map enable players to gather in-game materials for crafting armor and weapons.

Special items can be purchased to temporarily extend the player’s interaction range within the virtual environment. Additionally, the game offers passive features, providing resources and marking large monsters for later battles when the game is inactive. Multiplayer hunts allow up to four players located within 200 meters of each other to collaborate in taking down the same large monster.

At its launch, Monster Hunter Now introduced three distinct terrain types – forest, swamp, and desert – along with six weapon options and a lineup of 13 large monsters from the Monster Hunter series. The terrain map refreshes every 24 hours, offering different monsters depending on the terrain.

Players have a health system to manage, with health regenerating over time and the option to replenish it using items obtained daily for free or purchased from the in-game store. The game also includes an augmented reality camera mode to enhance the gaming experience further.

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