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Blue Bloods Characters That Fans Can’t Stand

When “Blue Bloods” premiered it was seen as a TV comeback for Tom Selleck, who’d made a name for himself in the 1980s with “Magnum, P.I.” Instead of an independent lawman, Selleck played Frank Reagan, a tough-as-nails top cop in New York City whose entire family is involved in fighting crime in the Big Apple. However, despite being the ostensible series lead, Selleck and Frank Reagan aren’t beloved by all audiences. There’s even a vocal segment of the fandom that downright hates him — or, at least, what he’s become over the course of the long-running series.

“I am on season 7 ep 20 and Frank has become so insufferable,” said a Reddit user in 2021. “I also am beginning to find him hypocritical,” the user added, and while they were hesitant to voice their opinion for what they probably figured was a celebrated character, it turned out they weren’t alone. “Was beginning to think that I was going crazy, but someone finally said it,” replied u/TheMissDaisy. Fellow Frank haters joined in to accuse him of bullying, having a superiority complex, and behaving passive-aggressively to anyone who even thinks about challenging him. He was also criticized for the way he treats his kids. “He’s so sanctimonious or virtuous as to show he doesn’t favor his kids but turns around and favors some complete stranger,” added u/willyjames24.


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