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Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger Have a True Lies Reunion for Charity Event


  • Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited at a charity event, paying tribute to their hit film True Lies, released in 1994.
  • True Lies, directed by James Cameron, became a genre classic and a box office success, starring Schwarzenegger as a spy leading a double life.
  • CBS attempted to adapt True Lies into a TV series, but it was canceled after one season due to low ratings, receiving negative reviews compared to the original film.

Almost 30 years since the premiere of the acclaimed film that brought them together, True Lies, Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger met at a charity event and did not hesitate to take a photo together to pay tribute to the movie.

Released in 1994 and directed by James Cameron, True Lies has become a huge hit. An old school action comedy, True Lies had two Hollywood heavyweights, a strong supporting cast, and did not take long to become a genre classic. For both Schwarzenegger and Curtis, it was just another high point in their celebrated careers, and of course another Cameron box office winner. The story centers on spy named Harry Tasker, who leads a double life as a secret agent and computer salesman, hiding the truth from his family. However, suddenly, his two lives collide, endangering those he loves and everything he has built.

Through her Instagram page, Jamie Lee Curtis shared a photo with Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom she met during the After-School All-Stars charity event:

Both Curtis and Schwarzenegger have had a quiet year in terms of work, participating in two projects each. The recent Academy Award winner was one of the stars of Haunted Mansion, Disney’s new adaptation of its popular theme park attraction. She was also one of the biggest surprises from the second season of FX’s acclaimed series, The Bear, participating in two episodes.

Arnold, for his part, was the main star of one of Netflix’s hits this year, the action comedy FUBAR, which was rapidly renewed for a second season thanks to its great reception. Additionally, on the same platform, the actor released a three-part documentary about his life, titled Arnold.

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CBS Tried to Bring True Lies Back but Failed


In 2019, it was confirmed that James Cameron’s classic based on the French film La Totale! directed by Claude Zidi, was being adapted for television. Earlier this year, CBS premiered the first season of the show, which turned out to be the last, since it was canceled due to low viewership.

The series, also titled True Lies and created by Burn Notice’s Matt Nix, starred Steve Howey as Harry Tasker and Ginger Gonzaga as Helen Tasker, accompanied by Mike O’Gorman, Erica Hernandez, Annabella Didion, Lucas Jaye, and Omar Miller.

The plot of the show centers on a housewife who suddenly discovers that her husband is an international spy. The discovery leads her to join forces with him to save the world and, also, their marriage, which was put at risk by his lies.

The reception of the True Lies series was not good, something that was quickly reflected in the ratings, ultimately leading to its cancelation after a single season. Currently, the series has a score of 42% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, while the audience score only reaches 48%. In comparison, the film has a 70% from critics and a solid 76% from audiences, making clear its superiority to the series.


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