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New Polling Finds VA Likely Voters in Competitive Districts “Do Not Trust Youngkin or Republicans When Learning About Candidates’ Positions on Abortion”

Yesterday, we learned that “In its bid to flip the Democratic-led state Senate and widen the GOP majority in the House of Delegates, Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia PAC is launching a $1.4 million statewide ad campaign to lean into an issue that Democrats have been campaigning fiercely on” – abortion.   Now, we’ve got polling (from Data for Progress) that illustrates why Youngkin et al have reason to be worried.

  • “New polling from Data for Progress finds that likely voters in competitive legislative districts in Virginia do not trust Republican leadership on the issue of abortion and believe politicians should not interfere with a patient’s private medical decisions. The poll was sponsored by Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC and Vote Pro-Choice and surveyed 2,033 likely voters in Virginia across 16 of the state’s most competitive Senate and House Delegate districts using SMS and web panel respondents.”
  • “The survey asked likely Virginia voters about their trust in different sources when it comes to learning about candidates’ positions on abortion and reproductive health care. We find that these voters do not trust Republican candidates by a -17-point margin, with a -27-point margin among Independents. Additionally, these voters do not trust Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin by a -4-point margin, with a -7-point margin among Independents.”
  • “We find that Virginia voters in competitive districts trust Democratic candidates by a +7-point margin, Planned Parenthood by a +17-point margin, and Vote Pro-Choice by a +19-point margin. Virginia Independents trust Democratic candidates by a +1-point margin, Planned Parenthood by a +16-point margin, and Vote Pro-Choice by a +14-point margin.”

No wonder why Youngkin’s worried, and no wonder why he’s spending so much money to try and pull the wool over people’s eyes about what Republican candidates’ actual anti-abortion positions are. Don’t let them fool you!




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