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Tubi Halloween Costume Contest Is Celebrating the Degrassi Whale Tail with a Giveaway


  • Tubi is hosting a Halloween costume contest inspired by the iconic episode “U Got the Look” from the show Degrassi, tapping into nostalgia for the early 2000s.
  • Contest winners will receive a limited-edition blue thong with rhinestone and bunny charm adornments to recreate the whale tail look, as well as a printed lookbook featuring characters from Y2K movies.
  • Tubi offers a wide selection of horror movies, including classics like Hellraiser and Night of the Living Dead, making it a go-to streaming platform for horror movie lovers.

Tubi has been a surprise player in the streaming game recently, thanks to its broad variety, ease of access, and, well, the fact that it’s free. It’s a streamer for the people. Aside from Tubi’s many horror movies, the platform is celebrating October and Halloween with a costume contest and a bit of nostalgia. Check out their press release and information below.

Tubi is launching a contest to help revelers find the perfect costume for Halloween. Inspired by tthe show Degrassi and, more specifically, the iconic episode “U Got the Look” (which will celebrate its 20th anniversary this October), the contest will pay homage to the infamous “Whale Tail” look of the early 2000s, tapping into our current obsession with nostalgia and Y2K as people everywhere start thinking about creative costume ideas for Halloween.

If you recall, “U Got the Look” was the beloved episode where Manny Santos showed up to the first day of school wearing low-rise jeans, a midriff top, and her eye-catching, bedazzled blue thong (a.k.a. the whale tail). Tubi, the troublemaker of the streaming world, is partnering with actress Cassie Steele to recreate her iconic look as a limited-edition Halloween costume for Degrassi fans.

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The Tubi Halloween Costume Contest

Between October 11 – 17, fans can visit

for the chance to win. They’ll be selecting 50

fans randomly on October 18, and will notify those winners shortly after. Each winner will receive a limited-edition blue thong with rhinestone and bunny charm adornments to pair with their favorite midriff and low-rise jeans for this fun/nostalgic Halloween costume. Must be a legal U.S. resident, age 18 or older. No purchase necessary.

For revelers seeking something a little different, Tubi has also created a lookbook featuring characters from iconic Y2K movies & shows like Uptown Girls and Legally Blonde. All 50 contest winners will receive their own printed lookbook as a keepsake.

You can also satisfy most of your horror movie needs on Tubi, with the streaming platform currently containing such classics as Hellraiser, Night of the Living Dead, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Suspiria, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Sinister, Get Out, and many more.


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