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Hollywood Movie Studios Going Green With New Electric Trucks

We all know Hollywood is all about saving the Earth, and we’re told the major movie studios are making a huge bet on electric trucks.

We’re told studio heads are considering trying to make a move to completely dump the entire fleet and replace them with energy-efficient vehicles.

Leading the charge is the Triton EV, one of the leaders in the clean tech smart mobility business. Just like fashion, Hollywood wants to be first and will be one of the first to import the business-changing truck after it firmly established its presence in the Indian and Middle Eastern markets.

Triton EV

The introduction of an 8.5-ton EV Truck should touch the ground by mid-November. This announcement was made by Himanshu Patel, chairman, and MD of Triton EV at a recent event, Patel spoke at length about his company’s plan, saying, “We are looking at mid-November 2023 to make the Truck ready for showcase and this will be a great asset for the logistics sector as 8.5 tonnes EV truck is getting developed based on acute market demand. This 8.5-tonne truck will run 300 km on a single full charge.”

Interestingly, this move is being made at a time when the movie studios are going to start getting hammered by costs associated with creating content due to the Writer’s strike. At the moment, Netflix’s CEO, claims the studio will take a major hit due to the possibility of having to pay the unions per subscriber.

Calling Elon Musk?

Of course, electric trucks are known for their environmental benefits, as they produce zero tailpipe emissions. This can help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, especially in urban areas. Sounds Hollywood to us!

Our sources say the first few models will be making their way to a movie set in Los Angeles in the next few months.

They can be used for various purposes, including urban delivery, regional distribution, and even some construction. Triton EV has also announced its plans to launch a 3.5-ton capacity EV Truck, for the big movie sets. 

Hollywood Movie Studios Going Green With New Electric Trucks

As for the studios, Patel said, “This product is expected to make an overwhelming impact on the commercial vehicle segment because of its robust performance capabilities. The mileage and maintenance of this electric Truck will become a major game changer for the industry.”

Don’t expect Paris Hilton to be tooling around in one of these babies on Sunset Blvd. — but you will see them rolling through Hollywood.


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