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Saturday News: “Americans Might Leave Gaza on Saturday, Says US Official”; “The House Speaker Race Is a Mess—and So Is the GOP”; Dems Accurately Hit Jim Jordan as Insurrectionist; Trump Supporters Not Happy with Youngkin’s Plans to Run for President?

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, October 14.

  • I Study Climate Change. The Data Is Telling Us Something New.
  • 2023 looks set to be a watershed year for the climate (“Data for September add to a worrying trend”)
  • What Exxon’s $60 billion bet on fossil fuels means for the energy transition (Exxon is really evil.)
  • Ukrainian pilots expected to start F-16 training in Arizona next week
  • Russia-Ukraine war live: US and Moscow call Russian attacks in the east a ‘new offensive’
  • ‘Fierce and non-stop fighting’ as Russia attacks Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine
  • Has Support for Ukraine Peaked? Some Fear So. (“The war in the Middle East, anxiety about the commitment of the U.S., and divisions in Europe are worrying Kyiv that aid from the West may wane.”)
  • Hard-right House Republicans are against Ukraine aid – and they seem to be in charge
  • US says North Korea delivered 1,000 containers of equipment and munitions to Russia for Ukraine war
  • How Hamas secretly built a ‘mini-army’ to fight Israel
  • Tens of thousands rally around the world in support of Israel and Palestinians
  • Gazans Brace for Israeli Offensive After Evacuation Demand (“Netanyahu says Israel will eliminate Hamas, as U.N. warns mass relocation would be disastrous”)
  • As Israel Readies Gaza Invasion, US Sees No Plan for What’s Next
  • Palestinians stream south in Gaza as Israel urges mass evacuation and conducts brief raids
  • Trump’s Only Real Worldview Is Pettiness (“The presidential candidate is pro-Israel or anti-Israel depending on his personal grudges.”)
  • Trump falsely characterized Israel’s role in his administration’s hit on Iran’s Soleimani, say former U.S. officials
  • Will Narcissist Trump’s Bizarre Praise for Hezbollah Hurt Him?
  • ‘Top secret’ Hamas documents show that terrorists intentionally targeted elementary schools and a youth center
  • Israeli President Says There Are No Innocent Civilians In Gaza (Israel needs to focus on going after the terrorists.)
  • Exclusive video — Bush on Bibi: “We’ll find out what he’s made of”
  • Iran’s foreign minister warns Israel from Beirut it could suffer ‘a huge earthquake’
  • Hamas’ Secret Tunnel Network Complicates Israel’s Gaza Offensive
  • A war that must be waged with an eye toward what comes after
  • Could an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza meet its aims?
  • The Tragedy of Gaza Is About to Deepen
  • ‘Oh god, they’re here’: Hamas massacre captured on Israeli mothers’ WhatsApp group
  • Americans Might Leave Gaza on Saturday, Says US Official
  • Hamas blocked the way out of music festival before swarming the site, CNN video analysis reveals
  • Homemade rockets and modified AK-47s: An annotated look at Hamas’ deadly arsenal
  • What Was Hamas Thinking? (“One of the group’s senior political leaders explains its strategy.”)
  • Biden’s Israel response creates sharp contrast with Trump
  • Why Israel Is Acting This Way
  • The Secrets Hamas Knew About Israel’s Military
  • U.N. Secretary General: Why Israel Must Reconsider Its Gaza Evacuation Order
  • Doctors in Gaza describe the war’s devastating impact on health care — and civilians
  • ‘We feel so vulnerable’: British Jews reel from atrocities in Israel
  • New Zealand shifts rights as voters punish ruling party (“With more than 80% of votes counted on Saturday evening, the center-right National Party, led by Christopher Luxon, had amassed around 40% of ballots”)
  • Australia rejects proposal to recognise Aboriginal people in constitution (“Voice to parliament referendum fails in defeat that Indigenous advocates will see as a blow to progress towards reconciliation”)
  • Using agrivoltaics on 1% of EU farmland could lead to 944 GW installed capacity, JRC says
  • U.S. oil production hits all-time high, conflicting with efforts to curb climate change
  • Biden awards $7 billion for clean hydrogen hubs across the country to help replace fossil fuels
  • Biden Announces Huge Hydrogen Investment. How Much Will It Help The Climate? (None of the money should go to propping up fossil fuels.)
  • Yes, everyone should get an updated Covid-19 vaccine
  • UAW announces new approach in its historic strike against the Big Three automakers
  • House Can’t React to Crises as Speaker Fight Rages On
  • Is There Anyone, Anyone at All, Who Can Lead This Dysfunctional GOP? (“Kevin McCarthy got booted, Steve Scalise dropped out, and Jim Jordan just doesn’t have the votes. Republicans need to get their House in order—and fast.”)
  • The House Speaker Race Is a Mess—and So Is the GOP (“Even if Jordan wins, the GOP caucus is like a Rubik’s cube. If you do what you have to do to fix one side, you are likely to mess up your previous work on the opposite side.”)
  • House speaker crisis is a symptom of historic Republican divisions
  • House Republicans collapse into anarchy (“War in Israel. War in Ukraine. The federal government shutting down in 35 days. These are uncertain times. But there is one eternal truth, one unwavering constant to steady us when all else is in flux: Every time the House Republican majority tries to govern, it’s guaranteed to turn into a goat rodeo.”)
  • Republicans ramp up search for an escape hatch from speaker chaos
  • GOP lawmaker plans to launch a bid for House speaker if Jim Jordan falls short (“Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., is laying the groundwork to seek the speaker’s gavel if Rep. Jim Jordan, the party’s current nominee, is unable to get the votes needed on the House floor.”)
  • Democrats refuse to help GOP out of House speaker mess, trashing Jim Jordan as an ‘insurrectionist’ (Yes, no question Jordan’s an insurrectionist, as well as many other bad things, such as someone who at the minimum helped cover up sexual abuse of college wrestlers.)
  • Some want to grant temporary House speaker more power as Republican gridlock stalls Congress
  • House speaker race injects chaos into high-dollar Republican fundraising
  • ‘Ridiculous’: The GOP Is Playing Dress-Up Through The Speaker Fight (“Republicans are pretending to be characters from an 1850 novel and trotting around with lasso ropes as the House remains inoperable.”)
  • Past Is Prologue in the Republican Speaker Fight (“The current chaos is not the first time Republicans have found themselves rocked by a vacancy at the top.”)
  • CNN’s David Gregory blames Democrats’ “identity politics” for Republicans’ speaker mess (What. The. F***??? Get this guy off the air, ASAP – what a nut.)
  • Another element of Trump’s ‘rigged election’ narrative collapses
  • Michael Cohen Set to Skip Trump Bank Fraud Trial Testimony
  • Dennis Kucinich Leaves Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Presidential Campaign (When someone’s too crazy for Dennis Kucinich? LOL)
  • How the conspiracy-fueled Epoch Times went mainstream and made millions (Really disturbing.)
  • George Santos Has Meltdown While Holding Mystery Baby (“Please don’t explain what’s going on here. I don’t want to know.”)
  • Conservative Election Activists Use Virginia as a Dry Run for 2024 (Disturbing.)
  • With Just 25 Days Until Virginia’s Crucial 2023 Elections on 11/7, Here’s a Summary of Where Things Stand for the State Senate, House of Delegates (It’s going to be very close, so make sure you vote Democratic, volunteer, etc!)
  • VA Voting Rights Groups Join Growing Calls for Investigation Into Improper Removal of Voters From Rolls (“The Commonwealth’s nonpartisan Election Protection Coalition demands accountability, answers for Virginia voters”)
  • Youngkin boosts GOP hopefuls, and perhaps, his own stock
  • Schapiro: Homegrown elections become a foreign affair
  • As Virginia tries to figure out biomass’ carbon footprint, limited data poses problems
  • “A few weeks before Virginia’s Election Day, Democratic candidates…[pledge] their support for establishing a Prescription Drug Affordability Board”
  • Virginia launches first permanent fund for mass shooting victims
  • Video: Former VA Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn Speaks to Rally at Freedom Plaza, Declares, “I stand before you as a proud American Jewish woman…as a supporter of Israel…with a broken heart”
  • Flip and Defend-A-District Friday: Volume XVII (Sen. Ghazala Hashmi, Del. Angelia Williams Graves, Saddam Salim, Natan McKenzie)
  • Candidates for Loudoun County Board of Supervisors chair debate
  • Virginia Supreme Court reinstates ban on slots-like skill games
  • Randall, Katz, Kroiz Talk Issues at Chamber Debate
  • Police sent to Susanna Gibson’s house on a false call (Totally unacceptable.)
  • Mountain Valley Pipeline construction – and protests – continue (“More than 4,200 construction workers, spread out along the 303-mile path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, are laboring to finish the project by year’s end. Perhaps the biggest challenge in meeting that deadline are the hundreds of water bodies that have yet to be crossed by the largest natural gas pipeline ever to be built in Virginia.”)
  • Meet the candidates for Loudoun County School Board
  • Alexandria set to repeal panhandling law, citing First Amendment issues
  • Alexandria looks into renaming confederate streets
  • Richmond teachers call for changes to fire, environmental safety standards
  • Commentary: How Richmond’s greatest asset — the James River — can improve health outcomes
  • Sheriff’s silence ‘still harming us:’ Family, public still awaiting information in deputy’s fatal shooting of Manteo man
  • D.C.-area forecast: Showers today and breezy Sunday as cool air settles in

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