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Sunday News: “Pete Davidson Delivers Emotional SNL Monologue About Israelis and Palestinians”; “Why Wartime Social Media Is Hellish and Disorienting”; “Will Jim Jordan bully his way to the speakership?”; “Errant voter purges cast doubt on Youngkin’s leadership on elections”

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines political and otherwise, for Sunday, October 15.

  • How a Fertilizer Shortage Is Spreading Desperate Hunger (“Across Africa and in parts of Asia, disruption to the supply chain for fertilizer is raising food prices and increasing malnutrition.”)
  • Putin to visit China to deepen ‘no limits’ partnership with Xi (“It’ll be Putin’s first trip outside the former Soviet Union since March.” Appalling.)
  • Russia-China energy cooperation in focus as Putin visits Xi
  • Ukraine finance minister says donor ‘tiredness’ growing as war drags on
  • Attack Ends a Delicate Entente Between Russia and Israel
  • Israeli military says Gazans can still evacuate south, clashes at Lebanon border
  • Israeli Invasion Plans Target Gaza City and Hamas Leadership
  • Scoop: Iran warns Israel through UN against ground offensive in Gaza
  • Empathy for Palestinians cannot mean sympathy for Hamas
  • A flood of misinformation shapes views of Israel-Gaza conflict
  • Nadler: supporting innocent Palestinians doesn’t make you anti-Israel (Correct.)
  • Packed Gaza hospitals warn that thousands could die as supplies run low and ground offensive looms
  • Gaza being ‘pushed into abyss’, UN says, as Israel prepares ground offensive
  • ‘No safe place in Gaza’ as Israel gears up for ground offensive
  • What would an Israeli ground assault in Gaza look like? Here’s what I’ve seen before
  • Worst Failure in Israeli History: Netanyahu Abandoned the Very Heart of Israel
  • Seven days of terror that shook the world and changed the Middle East
  • ‘They want revenge. They’re saying, either we die or you die’: West Bank residents fear rising tide of violence
  • Eleven Families (“The October 7 victims include kibbutzniks, guest workers, Bedouins and peace activists”)
  • Pete Davidson Delivers Emotional SNL Monologue About Israelis and Palestinians
  • Slaughter at a Festival of Peace and Love Leaves Israel Transformed (“In the massacre of young Israelis three miles from the border with Gaza, a quest for carefree normalcy was met with murderous fury.”)
  • Israel Kills Key Hamas Leader as Humanitarian Crisis Grows
  • Blinken says meeting with Saudi Crown Prince was “very productive”
  • Biden speaks with Netanyahu, Abbas
  • The Future of Pro-Israel Politics is at Stake in Gaza
  • Israel Is Fighting to Defend a Society That Values Human Life
  • ‘Reconciliation is dead’: Indigenous Australians vow silence after referendum fails
  • Poland holds high-stakes election amid rows over democratic rule
  • Why Wartime Social Media Is Hellish and Disorienting (“Platforms like Twitter are moving further downstream from reality.”)
  • Here Are Some Amazing Images of the “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse
  • A Recession Is No Longer the Consensus (“Economists are turning optimistic on the U.S. economy. They think the Fed is done raising interest rates and inflation will continue to ease.”)
  • Jim Jordan faces grim prospects in speaker’s fight after whirlwind week for House GOP
  • Will Jim Jordan bully his way to the speakership?
  • Jordan Activates Right-Wing Pressure Campaign in Push to Win Speakership
  • Analysis | Some House Republicans try to change the rules so losers become winners
  • Tanya Chutkan, an Unflinching Judge in the Trump Jan. 6 Trial (“Judge Chutkan grew up in a prominent Jamaican family and has extensive trial experience. Now in the limelight, she shows no sign of being intimidated.”)
  • Dating Websites and Furry Forums: The Volunteer Army of Online Investigators Who Helped the FBI Track Down January 6 Perpetrators (“How a group of online sleuths tracked down the people who stormed the Capitol on January 6.”)
  • Inside Trump’s Backroom Effort to Lock Up the Nomination (“As the former president dodges debates, it can seem as if he’s bypassing the primary. But he and his team have been working quietly to twist the delegate rules in their favor.”)
  • Candidate Trump’s claims complicate legal strategy for defendant Trump
  • Mounting debt threatens Mike Pence’s campaign
  • Republican Jeff Landry Wins The Louisiana Governor’s Race, Reclaims Office For GOP (Massive downgrade for Louisiana.)
  • DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison campaigns for Virginia Democrats, blasts Glenn Youngkin
  • Editorial: Errant voter purges cast doubt on Youngkin’s leadership on elections
  • What Virginia Early Voting Tells Us So Far (“Ultimately who wins the elections on 11/7 will come down to the exact combination of in-person early, mail, and election day votes.”)
  • Virginia leads the nation in removing Confederate symbols, but many remain
  • Virginia candidates, including Chesapeake incumbent, face questions about residency requirements
  • CASEY: Do local government medical marijuana policies conflict with state law?
  • Meet the candidates vying to represent Virginia Beach in the House of Delegates
  • D.C.-area forecast: Drying out today with a cool breeze, remaining cool tomorrow

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