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Video: Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Says It’s “shocking…we have 155 people voting for an election denier as actual Speaker of the House”

See below for highlights and video of former Rep. Denver Riggleman, who used to be a conservative Republican member of the House GOP caucus. Riggleman really nails it on the total insanity and extremism of the House GOP – and really, huge swaths of the GOP in general, including here in Virginia. So – broken record alert! – just another reminder to VOTE Democratic, up and down the ticket, on or before 11/7!

  • “…it’s like monkeys flinging poo and screeching when you’re looking at what the GOP conference is right now”
  • I think people are forgetting you know how involved Jim Jordan was in this actual January 6 push…how do you have…in this in this time when everybody knows about January 6th, you could have a complete Republican leadership of all three – you’re talking about the Speaker, the majority leader and the whip – that all voted to overturn the election or were actively involved in trying to coordinate overturning the election?”
  • “And to me, knowing what I know about January 6th, about the data that we’ve seen, all the Meadows text messages, how Jordan actually was part of the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement, it’s just, you know, we had 155 on the second vote that voted for Jim Jordan for Speaker…as the nominating portion of that. And I think…it’s shocking to me seeing what I’ve seen that the GOP has gone this far. I knew it was going to get worse; I didn’t think it would get this bad. We have 155 people voting for an election denier as actual Speaker of the House.”


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