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Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Creators Share Future Plans for the Series


  • The animated adaptation of Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, brings a fresh perspective to the beloved characters and their adventures.
  • Creator Bryan Lee O’Malley emphasizes a flexible approach to the universe and incorporates a mini-musical into the show based on fan queries.
  • The show prioritizes storytelling and character development over commercial ambitions, offering a refreshing perspective in the profit-driven entertainment industry.

WARNING! This article contains Scott Pilgrim Takes Off spoilers.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, the animated adaptation of Scott Pilgrim, recently premiered on Netflix, attracting fans of both the original graphic novels and the preceding feature film. This new iteration, brought to life by the renowned anime studio Science Saru, has offered a fresh perspective on the beloved characters and their adventures. In an interview with ComicBook, Bryan Lee O’Malley, the original creator, and BenDavid Grabinski, the showrunner, discuss what’s next for the series.

When asked about the future of Scott Pilgrim, O’Malley expressed a relaxed approach. He emphasized his openness to exploring the universe as it evolves, without adhering to any rigid plans. This flexibility has led to creative choices, such as incorporating a mini-musical into the show, a playful nod to fans’ queries about a musical version. O’Malley’s stance reflects a desire not to constrain the narrative within pre-set boundaries but to allow it to grow organically. O’Malley revealed:

“I like to take the universe as it comes so I don’t have any specific plans. It’s actually why we put a musical in the show, because so many people would joke with us, ‘Well where’s the musical?’ That was fun to do a baby version of a musical. Where’s the theme park? Where’s the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game? I don’t know! Maybe all to come. I don’t have any empire building ambitions.”

Grabinski echoed this sentiment, humorously noting that if they were to build an empire around Scott Pilgrim, it would be more of a serendipitous outcome rather than a deliberate endeavor. “If we ever build an empire, it will be by accident,” Grabinski said. This approach underlines a commitment to storytelling and character development over commercial ambitions, a refreshing perspective in the often profit-driven entertainment industry.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off takes a different route than what fans might expect, showcasing an alternate storyline where Scott loses his battle against Matthew Patel. This twist leads to the world believing Scott is dead, sparking Ramona to embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind his disappearance. This narrative shift not only adds a layer of intrigue but also expands the universe in new and unexpected ways. The first season concludes with a post-credits scene that intriguingly sets the stage for future developments, though a second season remains unconfirmed.

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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on Netflix: A Fresh Chapter in the Beloved Saga


The arrival of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on Netflix has been met with curiosity and excitement. The series synopsis, as provided by Netflix, succinctly captures the essence of the story: “Scott Pilgrim meets the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers, only to find out her seven evil exes stand in the way of their love.” This brief description hints at the classic elements of the Scott Pilgrim saga while promising new twists and turns.

The animated series has drawn keen analysis from fans of the original novels and movie, receiving acclaim for its originality. The show maintains the original’s endearing qualities and idiosyncrasies, adding new components to stay refreshing and compelling.

The future of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off remains a topic of much speculation among fans and critics alike. The prospect of a second season, along with the universe’s expansion, is filled with promising potential. The casual, flexible style of O’Malley and Grabinski in developing the series indicates any future direction will stem from their deep affection for the narrative and characters.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off represents a new chapter in the beloved franchise, one that respects its roots while daring to explore new horizons. The creative freedom and playful experimentation displayed by O’Malley and Grabinski not only enrich the narrative but also offer a template for how beloved series can be reimagined in today’s rapidly evolving entertainment landscape.


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