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The Ones Who Live Teaser Sets Release Date for Rick Grimes’ Return


  • The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will bring back Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira’s Michonne in a new limited series now set to debut February 25 on AMC and AMC+.
  • The spin-off shows have revitalized the franchise by exploring familiar characters in new situations and locations.
  • Originally planned as a movie, Rick Grimes’ story will now continue in the series, and a new teaser trailer has been released.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will bring Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes back to AMC’s zombie series following his departure in season nine. Late Sunday night on Nov. 19, AMC released a sneak peek at the new series and revealed exactly when fans will get to catch up with Rick and Michonne on their new Walking Dead adventure — Feb. 25, 2024. You can watch the brand-new sneak peek teaser for The Ones Who Live below:

The Walking Dead has been expanding in new directions since the end of the flagship series last year after 11 seasons of guts, gore and some frustratingly drawn out storylines. However, unlike the unmistakable sense of decay that set in during the final seasons of The Walking Dead, the latest spin-off shows have revived the franchise by turning the focus on familiar favorites being thrown into new situations and locations.

After years of teasing, The Ones Who Live will finally pay off the promise of Rick Grimes’ story continuing beyond the main story of the series. While this was originally meant to happen in a movie, that evolved into the series that we now know will hit AMC in February 2024.

The Walking Dead Has Been Brought Back to Life


The Walking Dead has produced several spin-off series over the last decade, from the long-running Fear The Walking Dead to the more limited release of Walking Dead: World Beyond. The latest branches of the expanding Walking Dead universe have surprisingly been some of the most popular of the entire franchise, although perhaps it is not that shocking given that they feature the flagship show’s most popular characters.

The Walking Dead: Dead City kicked off the new wave of spin-offs with a very positive response and a story that saw the best of enemies, Negan and Maggie, being forced to work together on the mean – and zombie-filled – streets of New York following the abduction of Maggie’s son, Hershal. As The Walking Dead’s greatest villain-turned-anti-hero, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s return as Negan gave the character his time to shine again after almost becoming a supporting character in the final seasons of the series.

The surprisingly good The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon followed soon after the conclusion of Dead City, sending everyone’s favorite crossbow-wielding biker across the world to France. The series delivered another completely different feel and story, and one that has connections to the previous spin-off, World Beyond to boot. Having received some of the highest ratings of any Walking Dead show, it is not hard to see why AMC have already renewed both of these shows for another season.

Now The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live has a tough act to follow, but there are few fans of The Walking Dead who have not been anticipating the return of Rick Grimes to the franchise. There are still three months to go before we see Andrew Lincoln’s Walking Dead journey continue, but it certainly seems to be shaping up to be another guaranteed hit for the horror series. Back in October at New York Comic Con, the very first teaser was released for the show, and you can watch that below:


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