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Who Is Ensign Sito Jaxa & What Happened To Her?

Many “Star Trek” fans have not forgotten about the fallen ensign and were more than excited to see Sito Jaxa in the Season 4 finale of “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” pleased with the classic casting choice. Redditor u/AeroPilaf posted, “Shannon Fill coming back for a brief time to reprise Sito was a delightful surprise.” 

Others, while glad to get another glimpse at her days at the academy, were hoping she would still be alive, like u/jjj585, who wrote, “I thought we were going to have a redeemed Locarno team up with Becket[t] to rescue not-dead Sito Jaxa. The episode was great, but I wanted a rescue.” 

But that wasn’t the consensus, because some were glad that any route resembling that outcome wasn’t taken, such as u/MaskedMagi1, who posted, “I loved that they found a way to bring Sito back without invalidating the significance of her death.”

While many people voiced their opinions, some fans went a bit deeper with their reasoning for why bringing back Sito for “Lower Decks” was a significant moment. Redditor u/Stingra87 put it best in a stirring post, saying, “Ensign Sito was one of the original Lower Deckers of the franchise, and having her still matter, after all these years, is just a love letter to how important those characters are to us.” Thanks to the honored legacy of great ensigns like Sito Jaxa, fans will never forget the efforts and sacrifices made by the heart of Starfleet — those who serve on the lower decks.


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