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Best Series on Prime Video to Watch Right Now

Over the past decade, streaming services have crept into our lives, slowly replacing traditional cable or satellite TV and even video store rentals. In most homes, the appeal is being able to access multiple episodes at one time without the hassle of commercials or having to wait a week for the next installment. One of the most popular streaming services is Prime Video. Not only do you get free next-day delivery with Amazon Prime, but you also gain access to some great content that is lacking on other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Including both film and TV, there’s a massive library of media to choose from, featuring everything from award-winning shows that have been off-air for years like Bates Motel to some exclusive Prime Video originals like the new epic series The Wheel of Time. With so much to choose from, here are the best series on Amazon Prime to watch right now.

Updated on Mar. 1, 2024, by Soniya Hinduja: This article has been updated with additional content to keep the discussion fresh and relevant with even more information and new entries.

30 Hannibal (2013-2015)


Release Date
April 4, 2013


Adapted from characters appearing in Thomas Harris’ novels, Hannibal is an elegant psychological thriller consisting of three seasons. Developed by Bryan Fuller for NBC, it stars Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist by day and cannibal by night, who works with FBI profiler Will Graham (played by Hugh Dancy) to solve murders and get inside the mind of the killers. As Lecter and Graham form an unlikely partnership, the darkness within the former also puts the latter’s mental well-being at risk.

Gruesome and Gripping

Filled with shocking twists and stylish violence, Hannibal infuses Harris’ complex characters and stories with a gothic tone and atmosphere. Mikkelsen and Dancy are as terrifying as they are brilliant, their cerebral characters forever locked in a deadly dance of manipulations and unsettling trauma. The series also has a lavish production design to bring the murders to life. The gore is sometimes disturbing but always thrilling. Overall, Hannibal is a thought-provoking drama that redefines crime television with its unmatched storytelling.

29 Frasier (1993-2004)



Release Date
September 16, 1993


A character from Craig Safan’s beloved sitcom Cheers​​​​​, Frasier Crane, was so adored by fans that he returned in this spin-off series that centers around his person. In Frasier, we see the psychiatrist return to his hometown of Seattle and start a radio talk show where his sympathy and attitude help people get out of their troubles. Meanwhile, Crane tries to adjust to the changes in his personal life and rehash the bond with his father and brother, who surround him daily.

An Iconic Sitcom for Good Reason

Frasier brings emotional depth to the screen and probes questions about existential themes like aging, loneliness, and human desires. Kelsey Grammer nails the character of a fussy, pompous, and sometimes vulnerable protagonist. Paired with David Hyde Pierce’s Niles and John Mahoney’s Martin, the family dynamic feels genuine and heartfelt. The series also has some subtle humor to add, which is why it endures as a cult classic in the sitcom medium. A total of 11 seasons and 264 episodes make this show a hit.

28 Murder, She Wrote (1984 – 1996)

Set in the fictional town of Cabot Cove, Maine, Murder, She Wrote centers around the character of Jessica Fletcher, a successful mystery writer, retired English teacher, and amateur detective. When she finds herself embroiled in a real murder case, she uses her persistence and intelligence to find clues and help the small town’s Sheriff Mort Metzger solve cases. Her keen observational skills and ability to ask strange questions lead her closer to finding the killer.

A Murder Mystery Delight

Back when Angela Lansbury’s writer-turned-detective arrived on the small screens, there weren’t many female-led crime dramas. So Murder, She Wrote became not just a delightful and cozy escape for viewers, but it also portrayed women, especially senior citizens, as dynamic contributors to the premise and society as a whole. Her charm and compassion paired with endlessly clever deductions made every episode a thrill to watch. Moreover, the drama itself is well-written. It infuses enough intrigue and red herrings to keep guessing till the very end.

27 Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2024)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Release Date
February 2, 2024

Francesca Sloane, Donald Glover


Read Our ReviewNot very far in its premise and production from the 1996 TV series and the 2005 film of the same name, Prime Video’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith follows two strangers who are offered jobs with a spy agency that promises enthralling missions, abundant wealth, and lots of travel. Both competitive, independent, and funny, they find an explosive journey awaiting them when their new mission demands they assume the identity of John and Jane Smith, a suburban couple in an arranged marriage.

Packed With Action, Humor, and Emotion

With a plot as subversive and snappy as this, it is natural that the series would evoke laughter, emotion, and adrenaline. Mr. & Mrs. Smith stars Donald Glover (who also co-created the show with Francesca Sloane) alongside Maya Erskine. The two have immaculate chemistry and a witty sense of humor. Watching them bicker while trying not to murder each other is refreshing. Compared to other R-rated action-comedy franchises, this one keeps you on edge with its stunning fight scenes and relationship drama.

26 Expats (2022)

Expats poster


Release Date
January 26, 2024

Lulu Wang


Expats is a limited series that only recently premiered on Amazon Prime Video. It centers around three women living in a close-knit expatriate community as they navigate matters of the heart and everyday challenges of life in a country away from home. While the unfamiliar culture by itself is a storm to weather, things get more overwhelming when Margaret’s youngest son, Gus, disappears and her marriage begins to disintegrate.

A Hugely Underrated Miniseries

An exquisitely shot drama miniseries, Expats captures the beauty and loneliness of expatriate life with poise. Under the compassionate and precise direction of Lulu Wang, the talents of its cast, which includes Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue, and Ji-young Yoo, come out as diverse, multi-dimensional, and refreshingly real. Moreover, the series is set against the backdrop of the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests in Hong Kong, which adds to the culpability and depth of its narrative. Laced with enough emotion to fill a boat, Expats is a must-watch.

25 Gen V (2023-Present)

Gen V

Gen V

Release Date
September 29, 2023

Evan Goldberg, Eric Kripke, Craig Rosenberg


Read Our ReviewServing as an incredible spin-off to Prime Video’s The Boys, Gen V introduces us to a future where humans and superheroes live side by side. This particular story is about a group of teen superheroes attending Godolkin University, an elite academy that trains second-generation heroes to harness their powers and become the next guardians of mankind. As hormonal teens, these characters navigate their identity, sexuality, strengths, and friendships.

Not Just Any Old Superhero Show

Gen V brings forward an unconventional concept and breathes brand-new life into overused superhero tropes. The cast is diverse, and their stories are endlessly entertaining. With breathtaking fight sequences and jaw-dropping stunts, each episode emerges like an independent adventure movie. Yet beneath all the spectacle is a story about belonging, purpose, and what it really means to be a superhero. Specifically, for its LGBTQ+ representation, the series is a must-watch.

24 Good Omens (2019-2023)

Good Omens

Good Omens is based on a series of books written by Neil Gaiman in collaboration with Terry Pratchett. It centers around an angel and demon, who have resided on Earth for so long that they’ve grown way too comfortable and close to pay attention to an upcoming Apocalypse. But when the Antichrist goes missing, both Aziraphale and Crowley must embark on a quest to find it. They’re joined by an 11-year-old boy who is unwittingly a significant part of this mission.

Chaotic and Charming

From visuals of present-day Britain to going back 6,000 years through flashbacks, with complex characters and an intriguing tone, the series stays clever throughout. But its brain-racking storyline isn’t the only thing going well. Good Omens has sharp-as-daggers humor that comes in handy when you want to get past the philosophical musings and religious ponderings of the characters. Michael Sheen and David Tennant are absolutely perfect as foes-turned-friends, and the show even boasts a grand supporting cast that includes John Hamm, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Frances McDormand.

23 Psych (2006-2014)



Release Date
July 7, 2006


Combining the beloved elements of crime dramas and buddy comedies, Psych arrives as a highly addictive detective comedy. The main character of the show is a consultant named Shawn Spencer, who often takes it upon himself to offer alternative predictions and solutions to crimes he believes cannot be solved by procedure and intuition alone. The catch here, however, is that Shawn has no special abilities and isn’t qualified for the role. But his results are so accurate that the entire police force believes that he’s a psychic.

An All-Time Great Procedural

Crime dramas are often brimming with plot twists and an integral mystery that binds them all together. The only way out of the labyrinth is to use keen observational skills and unparalleled knowledge. Psych does all that but makes sure it never takes itself too seriously. James Roday Rodriguez’s charming portrayal of a simple man solving brainy cases hurtles the show towards entertainment and adds a lot of emotionally nuanced moments to it. With eight seasons, the show is hugely rewarding for fans.

22 Friday Night Lights (2006-2011)

Taking you to the fictional small-town Dillon in rural Texas, Friday Night Lights directs all its focus on one sport. Because in Dillon, football is more than just a game – it is a way of life. Friday nights throughout autumn are defined by the triumphs and defeats of the local high school’s team. Amid it all is the ambitious coach Eric Taylor, who mentors the players and infuses in them hope to win. The show also navigates the personal lives of these players beyond the glory of the game.

A Hilarious Sports Drama

As far as sports television series go, Friday Night Lights is a timeless success. It focuses all its energy on football, yes, but in the process, the show manages to resonate with a community-wide audience by showcasing familiar struggles of growing up and competing for success. Apart from the premise, the ensemble acting and fast-paced narrative also add weight to the show. Across five seasons, it proves that victory matters way less than values and purpose.

21 Citadel (2023-Present)

Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra in Citadel
Amazon Prime Video

In Citadel, London is rampant with crime. Its primary and global spy agency has fallen, leaving the agents with no recollection of their purpose or memories. Amid it all, underground criminal syndicates are rising in power. Citadel agents must not only uncover a sinister multi-layered conspiracy but also embark on a quest for answers about their memories. Citadel is an action spy series that follows this high-tech game of cat and mouse.

A Thrilling Spy Caper

With an Amazon Studios budget and massive expectations, Citadel unleashes grand production values and spins the spy thriller premise on its head. Its slick futuristic visuals and modern intrigue make it quite promising. The ensemble cast consists of Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra, Stanley Tucci, and Ashley Cummings. The main question that the show raises is this – how do we stay safe in a world that is revolutionizing so fast? Beyond the exciting plot and charming leads, the show’s exploration of the science fiction genre is also worth praising.

20 The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022-Present)

Playing out mainly in the beautiful town of Cousins, The Summer I Turned Pretty follows Belly Conklin through recurring summers where her family spends the holidays staying with the Fishers at their beach house. But this summer is different. Belly is turning 16, and she might finally act on her feelings for one of the Fisher brothers.

Idyllic Teen Romance

After her remarkable success in Netflix’s To All The Boys trilogy, author Jenny Han returned as a creator for this Prime Video series that has fans divided into two teams – Team Conrad and Team Jeremiah – and rooting for the main characters’ happiness. Through complications and life’s pondering, the series cruises us along first love, first heartbreak, and everything in between. Lola Tung glows as our heroine, who is discovering herself amid summer’s bittersweet magic.

19 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017-2023)

Our powerful and hilarious protagonist here, Miriam “Midge” Maisel, subverts every expectation society had for women and emerges as a stand-up comedy star in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Midge has the perfect life; a loving husband, two children, and a beautiful apartment in New York’s Upper West Side. But one night, after Joel messes up his set at their regular nightclub downtown, he returns home and announces that he wants a divorce, sending Midge’s world crashing down. But on the same night, Midge discovers her talent for the art and sets the stage on fire, gets arrested and then scouted, and thus begins her journey of making it big in a profession that is heavily dominated by men.

A Witty and Emotional Ride

While stand-up and feminism are more prevalent today than ever, back in the 1950s, this combination was frowned upon. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls, skewers the same subject in a wildly entertaining and hilarious series that is not only clever but also full of heart. From Rachel Brosnahan’s incredible comedic timing to the many pretty hats she wears, the series has intricacies that make this period comedy series an absolute hit.

18 Black Snow (2022-Present)

In 1994, a 17-year-old high school girl named Isabel Baker was murdered, but the case never got solved. But four weeks before the murder, someone buried a time capsule with hidden clues in the small Australian town of Ashford. Now, almost twenty years later, when the time capsule is found, the whole town time travels to 1994, and we’re thrown in the middle of a mystery waiting to be dug up.

Hugely Compelling and Unique

Set in two timelines – one present day and one 1994 – this dark wintery story follows the appearance of a time capsule that rocks an entire town into wake. Its atmospheric setting is part of the reason why the show is so mesmerizing to watch. Black Snow may be a thriller on the surface, but it stands out in its eerie locations and exploration of Australian culture and history.

17 Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018-2023)

Winning himself a standalone episodic series, the hero returns to the small screens in a highly addictive and phenomenally told narrative where he plays an up-and-coming CIA analyst. When the thrill of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan begins, Ryan is tasked with a perilous field assignment, but along the way, he realizes a bigger conspiracy is at play and starts to uncover major secrets about terrorist communication and the man controlling it all.

An Action Drama that Packs a Punch

Because of the sprawling expanse of its content — from the original book series authored by Tom Clancy to the several movies starring various actors — Jack Ryan’s adventures have created a “Ryanverse.” John Krasinski launches himself into the action genre quite effortlessly. Paired with the show’s many plot twists, pulse-pounding action, as well as intelligent revelations, Krasinski truly steals the show for himself.


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16 Interview with the Vampire (2022-Present)

Centered around a 200+-year-old vampire named Louis de Pointe du Lac, the series follows him as he recounts his experiences, his found family and vampire friends, as well as the centuries’ worth of drama that unfolded in his relationship with another vampire, Lestat du Lioncourt. Starting from the early 20th-century life in New Orleans, this flamboyant yet tortured vampire has seen eternal darkness and little bouts of light.

A Timeless Vampiric Tale

Interview with the Vampire is one of the best shows about vampires that has come out recently. With its focus on the narrative and characters, the show manages to spin a tale that is refreshing but also rewarding. Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid embrace their iconic roles with vulnerable nuance because the series takes a fresh take on a decadent world, it resonates with fans of other popular supernatural genres.

15 Daisy Jones & the Six (2023)

In Daisy Jones & the Six, Billy Dunne and the gang were happy in Pittsburgh, but their dreams of making it big wouldn’t get fulfilled in their hometown, so they set out to tour neighboring cities and eventually land in LA, looking for a label to sign them. Daisy, on the other hand, was a rebellious and neglected child with a gift for songwriting and a magical voice. Put together, they were riveting.

For the Fleetwood Mac Fans Out There

Giving you a rock n’ roll fever dream you didn’t think you needed, this rising miniseries captures the passion, euphoria, and dysfunction spurring the 1970s Los Angeles music scene. It’s based on Taylor Jenkin Reid’s 2019 novel of the same name, and the way the series is shot makes you feel like you’re walking among all the real people from this fictional story. Meaning, that it is told in the form of an interview that happens decades after the band’s astronomical rise to fame and their fated fallout.

14 Downton Abbey (2010-2015)

Downton Abbey explores the upstairs-downstairs dynamics of the Crawley estate with such intensity, wit, sophistication, and heart, that you get a full understanding of how such wealthy families function. At the core, however, is the story of Robert Crawley and his waning future after his only heirs die on the Titanic, controversial Cousin Matthew becomes the next in line to inherit the estate.

One of the Most Beloved Shows in Recent Years

As a stellar period drama, it has earned massive acclaim and a loyal fanbase, leading to two films told in continuation to the events of the main series. The beloved original transports viewers to the Edwardian aristocratic life they all wish they had a chance to experience just once. But this one does things differently. The outstanding cast paired with lavish costumes and sets makes each episode unfold with quality and warmth.

13 Freaks and Geeks (1999)

Created by Judd Apatow before he was the Judd Apatow that we know today, this cult gem perfectly captures the absurdity and sincerity of being an adolescent teen through the eyes of its two sets of school kids – the “geeks” who may be good at academics but are socially awkward to a fault and the “freaks” who may appear to be ditching school and getting into trouble but have their problems.

The Iconic Teen Show

For almost 15 years, Freaks and Geeks has made us feel two things: the urge to relive those awkward high school days, and the frustration over the show being canceled after just one season. Unfortunately, no devoted fan is ever going to stop mentioning that tragic loss. The characters all feel extremely real and relatable in their struggles of finding love, facing failure, and simply trying to figure it all out. Despite being cut out too soon, Freaks and Geeks put actors like Jason Segel, James Franco, and Linda Cardellini on the map.

12 The Night Manager (2016)

Adapted from the brilliant espionage novel written by British writer John le Carré, The Night Manager follows Jonathan Pine, an ex-British army soldier working harmlessly as a night manager at a Cairo Hotel. But when an intelligence officer shows up to recruit him for a secret mission, there begins a mesmerizing and wildly thrilling cat-and-mouse chase across Europe. The ultimate end? Locating and capturing Hugh Laurie’s formidable arms dealer.

Elegant, Gripping, and Action-Packed

A-list actors like Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, and Olivia Colman collaborate in this sexy spy thriller. Filmed in beautiful locations and with jaw-dropping production value, the series sure is a hit. Moreover, like every espionage-slash-crime drama story, this one is also filled with plot twists that have you guessing until the very end.

11 Modern Love (2019-2021)

Prime Video’s beloved, but criminally underrated anthology series, Modern Love, revolves around multiple tales of love in the modern world. Inspired by the New York Times column of the same name, it plays out in the form of standalone episodes, each telling a refreshingly new tale of matters of the heart.

A Romantic Anthology Hidden Gem

So far, there are two seasons developed by John Carney, and the ensemble cast includes names like Kit Harrington, Tina Fey, Dev Patel, Anne Hathaway, and Anna Paquin. From heartwarming romances to hilarious shenanigans, the directors infuse everyday relationships with a touch of technology and a wish of magic. Whether you’re laughing or sobbing, you will see glimpses of yourself in these stories because they never sugar-coat the truth and the messiness of falling in love. But eventually, you will also feel hopeful.


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