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Elliot Page’s 16 Best Movies and TV Shows, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Elliot Page has been working in the industry for nearly two decades. From Juno, and Inception, to most recently, The Umbrella Academy, Page has shown their incredible acting range through and through, being nominated for countless accolades, including an Academy Award. In celebration of one of Hollywood’s most talented actors, here are Elliot Page’s sixteen best movies and TV shows, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes.

16 The Tracey Fragments (2007) – 42%

Fox Searchlight Pictures

One of Elliot Page’s earlier works, The Tracey Fragments has them portraying a tormented teenager, Tracey Berkowitz. Told in a non-linear manner, The Tracey Fragments follows Tracey’s journey as their home, school, and social life are torn apart. Tracey’s parents are neglectful, their psychiatrist, Dr. Heker, undermines their view of the world, deeming Tracey the problem, and Tracey often daydreams about their crush, Billy Zero. As Tracey and Dr.Heker grow closer, questions regarding Tracey’s mental health and perception of reality arise.

A tale of grief, whimsical escapes, and facing mortality, The Tracey Fragments is a treat for fans of movies such as Pan’s Labyrinthand Donnie Darko.

15 An American Crime (2007) – 43%

Elliott Page trapped in a brick walled room in An American Crime

Arguably the most disturbing film on this list, this 2007 crime horror flick is based on one of the most horrific documented American crimes. Its plot follows Sylvia Lykins and her younger sister, Jenny, as they are sent to live with Gertrude, a family acquaintance and seemingly friendly neighbor, while their parents travel on a circus tour for work. Unbeknownst to the Lykins family, Gertrude is evil incarnate, subjecting Sylvia to unimaginable abuse while under her care.

True to its real-life inspiration, An American Crime has a cruel, tragic finale, alluding to Sylvia’s escape, but in reality, Sylvia perishes while in captivity, instead observing Gertrude’s trial as she is punished for her crimes. A disturbing tale through and through, AnAmerican Crime is one Page’s most unsettling films to date.

14 Peacock (2010) – 48%

Cillian Murphy (1)
Mandate Pictures

Paired alongside Oppenheimer’s Cillian Murphy, Elliot Page and Murphy give electrifying performances in Peacock. Peacock follows the story of John Skillpa (portrayed by Murphy), an introverted banker who lives a secluded life to keep his mental illness a secret from the rest of his community. John’s dissociative disorder has him transforming into Emma during the day, a secret that is discovered one day when a train crashes into John’s backyard. Afraid to reveal his secret to his community, John pretends his personality as Emma is actually his wife, a secret that leads to further complications when a young, single mother, Maggie, comes to John’s home to seek out his mother.

As Emma and Maggie connect, more of John’s secrets come to the surface, leading to a series of catastrophic events as John tries to help Maggie and her son have a better life, in turn coming to terms with his own repressed feelings of guilt and sorrow. Peacock is a cinematic gem, and unfortunately, one of Page and Murphy’s most underrated works.

13 Super (2010) – 49%

super elliot page head smash
This Is That Productions

This dark comedy superhero flick has Elliot Page paired alongside The Office’s Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, and actor/director James Gunn to bring forth a riveting, action-packed, and utterly hilarious story. Super has Rainn portraying Frank Darbo, a cook who leads a rather uneventful life. Nonetheless, Frank’s life changes in the blink of an eye when he meets The Holy Avenger during a bout of delirium, inspiring Frank to take the law into his own hands. Creating a superhero suit and taking inspiration from his favorite superheroes, Frank assumes the alter ego ,The Crimson Bolt, and starts cleaning up his city of dangerous criminals. Not possessing any actual superpowers, Frank is one day severely injured by Jacques, the criminal mastermind that Sarah, Frank’s wife, is involved with.

Frank eventually crosses paths with Libby, a store clerk who takes a quick admiration for Frank and insists on becoming his sidekick. As The Crimson Bolt and Boltie, Frank and Libby continue fighting crime in hopes of making the city a better place, saving Sarah, and finding a sense of fulfillment in their otherwise bleak existences. Super ends on a bittersweet note as Libby perishes while fighting Jacques, leaving Frank alone to deal with his grief and a new sense of purpose, a testament to the superhero genre’s power to evoke strong emotions in viewers aside from temporary adrenaline rushes.

12 Smart People (2008) – 50 %

Grosvenor Park

Paired alongside Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker, Smart People has Elliot Page portraying Vanessa Wetherhold, the intelligent, family prodigy that is destined for great things… if their family gets their life together first. Despite their straight-A streak and an early college acceptance, Vanessa is preoccupied with keeping their dad, Lawrence, from falling completely apart as he starts dating doctor Janet Hartigan, a situation that becomes further complicated when Lawrence tries to reconnect with his estranged son, James. Page gives a relatable performance as Vanessa, showing the emotional toll carried by a dysfunctional family.

11 Freeheld (2015) – 50%

Summit Entertainment

Freeheld is a tough watch all across the board. Starring Elliot Page and Julianne Moore, the plot revolves around Moore’s Laurel Hester (based on the real-life Laurel Hester), a police detective with a terminal illness, fighting against the legal system in order to ensure her partner (portrayed by Page) gets their pension and other assets when they pass on. This realistic biopic is one of Page’s most nuanced performances.

10 X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) – 57%

Elliot Page as Kitty Pryde in X-Men The Last Stand
20th Century Fox

Elliot Page’s introduction to the X-Men franchise, X-Men: The Last Stand, has Page sharing most of their screen time alongside Shawn Ashmore’s Bobby Drake/ Ice-Man. When Rogue’s powers put a strain on her relationship with Bobby, he becomes closer to fellow mutant, Kitty Pryde (portrayed by Page).

As the plot thickens, Bobby and Kitty work alongside the remaining X-Men to defeat Magneto and Phoenix, facing Juggernaut head-on. Despite being in a seeming disadvantage against the gargantuan secondary villain, Kitty proves resourceful through their intangibility, getting the upper hand on Juggernaut and saving the fellow X-Men from certain death. X-Men: The Last Stand paved the way for Page’s varied roles in the superhero/action genre.

9 Hard Candy (2005) – 67 %

Elliot Page in Hard Candy (2005)

Elliot Page’s breakthrough role, Hard Candy has Elliot paired alongside Patrick Wilson in a game of cat and mouse between hero and villain, Haley and Jeff. After meeting through an online chatroom, photographer Jeff has teenager Haley meet in person and brings her to his home. In an unexpected plot twist, Jeff is held prisoner within his own home by Haley, who reveals that she initiated their chat in order to expose him as a predator and murderer. As Haley psychologically tortures Jeff, audiences are left to ask themselves; is there even a hero in this movie? Thrilling and disturbing, Hard Candy set Elliot Page on the road to success in Hollywood.

8 Into the Forest (2015) – 76%

Into the Forrest

This 2015 indie flick has Elliot Page and Evan Rachel Wood keeping audiences on the edge of their seats as their characters attempt to survive the apocalypse. Into the Forest follows the story of sisters Nell and Eva (portrayed by Page and Wood), who must learn to survive alone after a worldwide power outage. As the months go by, the graveness of their situation sets in as both nature and humans threaten their lives at every moment. This survivalist tale is a non-stop thrill ride for fans of post-apocalyptic films.

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7 Tales Of The City (2019) – 82%

Tales-Of-The-City-Netflix (1)
Sweatpants Productions

Adapted from Armistead Maupin’s book series, Tales of the City, this 2019 miniseries has Elliot Page starring alongside Academy Award nominee Laura Linney to bring forth a suspenseful and heartfelt drama. Using San Francisco as its backdrop, Tales of the City follows Mary Ann Singleton (portrayed by Linney) as she moves back to San Francisco after more than 20 years.

As Mary Ann reconnects with old friends, she realizes that she must make amends with her daughter, Shawna (portrayed by Page), whom she abandoned years ago in favor of a career opportunity. In the process, Mary Ann learns to fully embrace her sexuality, motherhood, and relationship dynamics. Page and Linney’s onscreen chemistry enhances every scene they share together, making Tales of the City a gem worth revisiting time and time again.

6 Whip It! (2009) – 85%

whip it kristen wigg and elliot page
Flower Films

Whip It! has Elliot Page giving a powerhouse performance as Bliss Cavender, a teenager put in the spotlight of beauty pageants at a young age. Losing all interest in continuing with pageants, Bliss turns their attention to roller derby, finally finding their passion in life. When accepted into the underdog team, the Hurl Scouts, Bliss assumes the nickname Babe Ruthless, slowly but surely leading the team to success.

Nonetheless, Bliss learns a greater lesson in the process: being their most authentic self as they stand up to school bullies, pursue romance, and break free from their mother’s control. This quintessential early 2000s flick shows that Elliot Page can embody any character to give an unforgettable performance.

5 The Umbrella Academy – 86%

Elliot Page in The Umbrella Academy

Elliot Page’s most recent starring role, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has Page portraying Victor Hargreeves, a violinist who feels excluded from the rest of their adoptive siblings, all of whom happen to possess supernatural abilities while Viktor is simply a musically-skilled human. In reality, Viktor possesses one of the most useful skills from the bunch, the ability to control sound waves.

As Viktor navigates controlling their powers and learning to bond with their estranged siblings, they realize that there’s a fine line between forgiveness, hate, and good versus evil. The Umbrella Academy is a real treat for fans of Page’s work in the superhero genre.

4 Inception (2010) – 87%

Elliot Page Inception
Warner Bros. Pictures

Paired up alongside A-listers Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, and Tom Hardy, Page proves that they can carry a plot just as adequately as their seasoned co-stars. Starring as Ariadne, Page gives a complex performance as a college student who is neither a hero nor villain, but simply a victim of circumstance as they’re entangled in Saito’s plot to infiltrate the mind of his corporate competition. Inception is another box office hit by Christopher Nolan, reiterating the director’s ability to bring forth top-notch performances from any actor cast in his films.

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3 X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014) – 90%

Wolverine and Kitty time travel in X-Men Days of Future Past
20th Century Studios

Returning to the X-Men franchise after eight-years, Page reprises their role as Kitty Pryde, one of the few remaining X-Men after the Sentinels take over the planet. As Kitty helps Logan go back in time to stop the catalyst for the Sentinels uprising, they must watch the remaining X-Men perish as the apocalypse closes in. X-Men: Days of Future Past is Page’s most emotionally-driven performance in the franchise.

2 My Days Of Mercy (2017) – 90%


This time around, Elliot Page shares the big screen with Kate Mara to tell a heartbreaking story. Page portrays Lucy, who alongside their sister, fight for the acquittal of their father’s death sentence. During a protest outside a prison, Lucy meets Mercy, a woman with close ties to their father’s case who might be able to help turn the tides in the man’s favor.

Nonetheless, emotions and tensions unfold between Lucy and Mercy as they start a relationship. In a bittersweet ending, Lucy fails to save their father and relocates to a new town with their remaining family to start a new life, only to run into Mercy months later, rekindling their romance once again. Page and Mara give gut-wrenching performances as conflicted lovers that make their romance hit home with audiences.

1 Juno (2007) – 94 %

Elliot Page in Juno
Searchlight Pictures

There’s a reason Juno is number one on the list, it is a monumental film for Elliot Page, notably because it resulted in their first Academy Award nomination. Paired up alongside Michael Cera, Page portrays Juno MacGruff, a teenager who ends up pregnant after a one-time encounter with their classmate and budding love interest, Paulie Bleeker. As Juno contemplates the options involving their pregnancy, they settle on giving the baby up for adoption when meeting Vanessa and Mark Loring, a couple unable to conceive a child of their own.

This decision leads Juno into a whirlwind of trial and error, from second-guessing their decision, falling victim to Mark’s predatory behavior, and coming to terms with their feelings for Paulie. This heartfelt coming-of-age story evokes every imaginable emotion in viewers while showcasing Page’s incredible acting range.


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