Friday News: “On the cusp of climate talks, UN chief Guterres visits crucial Antarctica”; “Agreement to release the hostages was sealed with help from President Biden”; “Why are U.S. courts afraid of the 14th Amendment?”; “Virginia election: Do key issues trump scandal?”

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, November 24.

  • CO2 readings from Mauna Loa show failure to combat climate change
  • On the cusp of climate talks, UN chief Guterres visits crucial Antarctica
  • The EU Overhauls Its Law Covering Environmental Crimes, Banning Specific Acts and Increasing Penalties (“The European Parliament is expected to approve the new directive early next year. It’s not clear whether the emission of greenhouse gasses at certain levels could constitute crimes.”)
  • Revealed: how top PR firm uses ‘trust barometer’ to promote world’s autocrats (“Edelman, world’s largest public relations company, paid millions by Saudi Arabia, UAE and other repressive regimes”)
  • War in Ukraine triggered unique phase in renewables history
  • Russian and Chinese executives discuss Russia-Crimea tunnel project (“Talks about building a tunnel between Russia and Crimea were triggered by Russian concerns over the security of an 11-mile bridge across the Kerch Strait”)
  • Ukraine’s Struggle for Arms and Attention Gives Putin an Opening
  • CNN Exclusive: Inside Ukraine’s fight for the Dnipro River
  • Cease-Fire Won’t End Israel’s War on Hamas But Might Change It
  • Inside the Secret Israel-Hamas Negotiations to Release 50 Hostages (“Agreement to release the hostages was sealed with help from President Biden and survived last-minute problems”)
  • Truce between Israel and Hamas appears to be holding
  • Hostages Expected to Arrive in Israel at 6 P.M.; Humanitarian Aid Enters Gaza
  • Israel-Hamas pause in Gaza fighting begins ahead of hostage release
  • The many, many times Israelis and Palestinians tried to make peace — and failed
  • Can the Palestinian Authority really govern Gaza after the war?
  • Gaza has become a moonscape in war. When the battles stop, many fear it will remain uninhabitable
  • US Navy Warship Shoots Down Drones Fired From Yemen Rebel Zone
  • Foreign ministers of S.Korea, China, Japan to discuss trilateral summit
  • China ties on the line as Taiwan opposition splits in dramatic feud
  • French foreign minister holds talks in China on climate and global tensions
  • Trump tells Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei he plans to visit Buenos Aires (Disturbing.)
  • Geert Wilders’ victory confirms upward trajectory of far right in Europe (Horrifying.)
  • Violent clashes break out in Dublin after knife attack
  • Garland ‘grateful’ for Mexican counterparts that captured suspected cartel security chief (“… we allege that he and his security forces murdered, tortured, and kidnapped rivals, witnesses, and others who opposed the Chapitos.””)
  • South African ‘Blade Runner’ Pistorius granted parole a decade after killing girlfriend
  • US coal power plants killed at least 460,000 people in past 20 years – report (“Pollution caused twice as many premature deaths as previously thought, with updated understanding of dangers of PM2.5”)
  • What’s That on Top of the Building? A New Solar Water Heating System Goes Online as Its Developer Enters the US Market (“Solar thermal energy could be a ‘sleeping giant’ in the push to reduce emissions from heating and cooling.”)
  • Why are U.S. courts afraid of the 14th Amendment? Because it’s radical. (“The latest Trump decision is another case of the courts stripping the 14th Amendment of its power.” In short, these judges are blatantly ignoring the plain, clear language of the U.S. constitution.)
  • Many Voters Feel American Dream Is Out of Reach
  • ‘Pipe down’: Biden allies step up calls for Dems to rally around president
  • Trump Has a Plan for Massively Increasing Inflation
  • The Secret Megadonor Behind the MAGA Movement’s ‘Nerve Center’ (“In the aftermath of Jan. 6, one conservative group has been buying up real estate around Capitol Hill and growing its influence. Much of that is thanks to this one secret donor.”)
  • Tuberville blockade keeps first female superintendent from Naval Academy
  • What Happened to the Great Lakes Offshore Wind Boom? (“What are we waiting for? I don’t want to be 185 years old when these things come to fruition. So we need a policy to make it happen. We need action. Things don’t just happen. You have to do something.”)
  • Judge rejects attempt to enshrine abortion rights on Nevada ballot
  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams Accused of Sexual Assault in Legal Filing
  • Why Turkey Might Have Seen an Opportunity to Prey on Eric Adams (Adams is a hot mess.)
  • Commentary: Want to solve Virginia, and America’s, fiscal proglems? Fix health care
  • Worries over secrecy grow as state officials shield records from the public
  • The bar to sue an employer for damages in Virginia is high. Here’s how it got there.
  • Virginia election: Do key issues trump scandal?
  • The relationship between the new House speaker and the governor got off to a rocky start
  • Elections bring change to Virginia county torn over Confederate statue (“Mathews County residents took an unexpected stand against divisive politics in the Nov. 7 elections, but the fate of a Confederate statue remains unclear.”)
  • Cellphone ban coming to 6 RPS schools following safety concerns
  • D.C.-area forecast: Today’s as mild as it gets for the next week or more

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