How Matthew Perry Saved John Stamos During A Humiliating Friends Moment

How Matthew Perry Saved John Stamos During A Humiliating Friends Moment

“Friends” was known for its A-list guest stars. When Brad Pitt turned up for a Thanksgiving episode, “The One With the Rumor,” the audience erupted in cheers. Ditto for the Season 6 episodes where Bruce Willis guest-starred. In 2003, John Stamos appeared in the “Friends” episode “The One With the Donor”, playing Zack, a work colleague of Chandler Bing’s whom he eyes as a potential sperm donor for him and Monica. While his scene is funny –- Stamos’ character is grilled about his genetics, family history of mental illness, male pattern baldness, and his teeth -– the actor’s surprise at the lack of reaction when he enters the apartment is noticeable. In the end, Monica nixes the plan to ask Zack to be a sperm donor, simply because he isn’t her beloved Chandler.

In a 2021 video interview with “Access Hollywood,” Stamos described the moment when his character entered the scene. “I open the door and I walk in and … silence,” he said. “Matt just says the line, and then we move on. I remember being sort of heartbroken; they were all waiting for the people to clap in the audience and they didn’t. That’s what I remember.”

But while Stamos was a little hurt by the audience’s apathy, he later embraced his role. In honor of the “Friends” reunion in 2021, he posted a still photo of him and Cox from the episode on his Facebook page. “In honor of @friends reunion – ‘The Donor that got away’ Imagine what our kid would look like,” he wrote.


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