How to Transmit Message in Lethal Company? Message Transmitter in Lethal Company

How to Transmit Message in Lethal Company? Message Transmitter in Lethal Company

Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a cool game made by Zeekerss. It’s all about survival horror, and you can play it on your computer if you have Microsoft Windows. The game was launched on October 23, 2023, but it’s not fully ready yet – it’s in what they call “early access.”

In Lethal Company, you get to dive into a retrofuturistic world after an apocalypse. Your job? You’re one of the Company’s hired hands, sent to these abandoned moons to gather scrap. But it’s not a walk in the park. You’ve got three days to collect enough stuff to make your bosses happy and meet the Company’s profit goal.

The game is not just for playing solo; you can team up with others because it offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. As you roam around, you’ll need to watch out for traps, deal with environmental problems, and avoid scary monsters. It’s a bit like being in a movie where you’re the hero trying to survive against all odds.

Even though the game is already out there, the full version is still on its way. So, if you’re into survival horror and like the idea of exploring a post-apocalyptic universe with your friends, Lethal Company might be a game to keep an eye on!

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How to Transmit Message in Lethal Company?

To send messages in Lethal Company, you can use the Signal Translator on your ship. This nifty tool helps you communicate with your party members, keeping them informed about important things like monster sightings or potential dangers. Follow these simple steps to transmit messages:

Get the Signal Translator:

  • Head to the ship’s console.
  • Type ‘signal’ into the terminal.
  • Purchase the Signal Translator for ‘255.

Crafting Your Message:

  • Once you have the Signal Translator, think about what you want to say.
  • Keep it short and clear. For example, warn your teammates about a trapped monster or mention a Forest Keeper outside the ship.

Sending the Message:

  • Use the Signal Translator interface to type your message.
  • Be quick and precise to convey urgent information.
  • Consider the safety of your team when transmitting crucial updates.

Confirm Delivery:

  • Make sure your message is sent successfully.
  • Check for confirmation signals to ensure everyone in your party received the information.

Update as Needed:

  • Keep using the Signal Translator to share updates.
  • If the situation changes, send new messages to keep your team informed and coordinated.

Using the Signal Translator in Lethal Company is a crucial part of teamwork and survival. It helps everyone stay on the same page, especially when facing challenges or unexpected events. So, make sure to grab your Signal Translator, type those messages, and keep the communication lines open for a successful adventure!


Lethal Company Gameplay

Lethal Company immerses players in a first-person perspective, challenging them to collect scrap from industrialized moons within a tight three-day deadline set by the Company. The routine begins each day at 8:00 AM upon landing on a new moon.

Successfully meeting profit quotas advances players to more demanding missions, but failure results in a harsh expulsion into space. The game balances exploration, survival, and strategy, offering a realistic and intense atmosphere with potential encounters ranging from monster chases to evading auto-turrets.

To succeed, players must manage stamina and monitor carried weight visible on the heads-up display. Earned company credits from scrap sales allow purchasing items through a terminal console, although some items can be found during missions.

Tools include flashlights, melee weapons, stun grenades, a “zap gun” for temporary immobilization, a walkie-talkie for communication, and ship decorations like a teleporter.

With seven hazard levels based on the moon, each influencing the type and number of enemies, players face escalating danger as in-game days progress. The game also incorporates a rank system reflecting player skill and mission success. In Lethal Company, strategic choices and resource management are vital for survival in this challenging co-op survival horror game.

Lethal Company Trailer

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