Is Jitsu Squad Online Coop? Jitsu Squad Wiki, Gameplay and More

Is Jitsu Squad Online Coop? Jitsu Squad Wiki, Gameplay and More

Jitsu Squad

Jitsu Squad, a Tanuki Creative Studio creation released on March 29, 2022, is a highly acclaimed 4-player co-op beat ’em up game that combines the accessibility of classics like Streets of Rage with the speed of Marvel vs. Capcom II. Its TAG TEAM MODE allows players to seamlessly switch between characters, offering diverse and satisfying combo possibilities. Collecting soul orbs activates the ULTIMATE ARMOR, providing temporary invincibility and supercharged attacks.

The game features epic super specials, 500+ chain-combos, in-game character transformations, and crossover assist characters. The no-walking rule adds intensity, allowing players to run or dash. With a diverse array of enemies and stages, up to 4-player co-op, and unique secondary weapons for each character, Jitsu Squad offers an engaging experience. An upgrade system, infinite juggles, parrying/counters, TAG TEAM MODE, FURY MODE, and promised future content enhance replayability. Despite mild cartoon violence, the game caters to a broad audience. With its fast-paced action and a mix of classic and modern elements, Jitsu Squad promises an accessible and enjoyable beat ’em up adventure for players.

Is Jitsu Squad Online Coop?

Yes, Jitsu Squad supports online co-op gameplay. In this game, you can team up with friends and play together online, joining forces in the 4-player co-op beat ’em up action. Whether you’re on a single quest or teaming up with a friend, the online co-op mode allows players to experience the fast-paced cartoony action and chaotic battles with the Jitsu Squad characters. 

You have the flexibility to switch between playable characters, and each player can control two characters, opening up a variety of combo possibilities for satisfying gameplay. Additionally, the game features epic character transformations, powerful in-game special moves, and the ability to collect soul orbs for temporary invincibility with the ULTIMATE ARMOR. With online co-op support, players can enjoy the game’s unique features and exciting combat with friends over the internet.

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Jitsu Squad Gameplay

“Jitsu Squad” is a four-player beat ’em up game with exciting gameplay, and there’s a lot of footage available, with over 30 minutes of gameplay shared on December 18, 2022. In the game, you embark on a quest involving the legendary Kusanagi Stone, a hidden artifact with the soul of a powerful demon. This stone can grant incredible powers to those who awaken it. However, a wicked sorcerer named Origami has summoned and cursed ancient warriors to find the stone for him.

The game features four main characters – Hero, Baby, Jazz, and Aros – who come together as the Jitsu Squad to take on this quest. Players can control the entire Jitsu Squad in single-player mode or team up with a friend for local couch co-op. What’s interesting is the tag team mode, allowing local co-op with one friend, where each player gets to choose and control two characters.

The gameplay involves battling enemies, using special moves, and navigating through various challenges. The video footage provides a detailed look at how the game plays, showcasing the characters’ abilities and the dynamic co-op experience. “Jitsu Squad” is available both physically and digitally on the Nintendo Switch, with English as the supported language.

Jitsu Squad Trailer

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