Maine Massacre Victim’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Asks ‘Daddy, Where Are You?’

Maine Massacre Victim’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Asks ‘Daddy, Where Are You?’

Two-year-old Elle Karina Brewer-Ross lost her father in the Maine massacre last week and is still grieving.

Peyton Brewer-Ross was one of the 18 dead in Wednesday’s mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine. 

Now, in a new interview, Ross’s finance is explaining his daughter’s heartbreaking questions along with  “having moments where she is very quiet and contemplative.”

Two-Year-Old Daughter Struggles With Loss Of Father In Maine Massacre


Law enforcement has confirmed that 40-year-old Robert Card, the main suspect in killing 18 individuals, was found dead Friday evening after a massive manhunt took place over 48+ hours. He was reportedly found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

One of those individuals was Peyton Brewer-Ross, who was at his weekly cornhole tournament at a local bar Schemengees Bar and Grille Restaurant.

Peyton’s fiancée Rachael Sloat is speaking out, telling the world he was the “most charismatic and loving person.”

“If you ran out of gas in the middle of the night at 2 a.m. and called him, he would be there as soon as he could, he would drop anything he was doing to help out a friend,” Sloat told PEOPLE.

Maine Mass Shooter Remains At Large As Massive Manhunt Is Underway

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But one of the most heartbreaking things Rachael has to witness is the fact that their daughter is “having moments where she is very quiet and contemplative” when she looks around for her father.

Sloat notices it most when they are getting ready for bed because their two-year-old waits for her father to come in and do their evening ritual. “They used to play a game when she would get ready for bed…and we’d stand at the top of the stairs and call down to him and say ‘Daddy, where are you?’” she told the publication. “He’d pop out at the foot of the stairs and go: ‘Here I am!’”

“That’s still part of her normal, it’s still part of her routine to want to do that,” she continued, “and she’s calling for him and he’s not popping out and she doesn’t understand why.”

The two-year-old just wanted her father to be her “hero”, as the fiancé continued to explain, “Superman is what he wanted to be for her. He wanted to be her hero, and he already was, it wasn’t a title that he had to earn.”

Maine Gunman Confirmed To Have Died By Suicide

Maine Mass Shooter Remains At Large As Massive Manhunt Is Underway

At 7:45 Friday evening, Robert Card, the suspect in the Maine mass shooting that occurred Wednesday evening, was located deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Before discovering the body, the FBI located a note in the home, which was believed to be owned by Mr. Card. More details were released regarding the note found in Mr. Card’s home, explaining that it was a paper-style note addressed to a loved one. The note reportedly stated, “This is the passcode for my phone; this is the bank account number.”

Although law enforcement did not describe it as an explicit suicide note, they did state that the note indicated that Mr. Card would not be around for much longer, and wanted this loved one to know about these personal details. The police do have a search warrant for Mr. Card’s cellphone and will release more details as law enforcement continues their investigation.

A motive for the shootings is still being evaluated and investigated.


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