Maya Rudolph and Joel Kim Booster Unpack Season 2 of Loot

Thankfully, the wonderful Loot has found itself in Season 2. The hilarious Maya Rudolph-led comedy series feels more lived-in this season and manages to dole out the laughs and charm in equal measure. If we had our way, Apple TV+ would renew the hit show for another two seasons. (More on that later.)

Season 2 picks up one year after Molly Wells (Rudolph) settles her tabloid-laced divorce from tech billionaire John Novak (Adam Scott). These days, Molly is loving her role as the head of the Wells Foundation, her philanthropic organization. Now focused on charity work, Molly also swears off men. (But how… with guest star Benjamin Bratt as a potential love interest?) Romance blooms elsewhere with Sofia (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez), and nearly every other main character is given an engaging story arc this season.

Created by Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard, the series also stars Joel Kim Booster (Fire Island), Ron Funches (Harley Quinn), and Nat Faxon (The Conners). In addition to Bratt, Season 2 guest stars include Ana Gasteyer (American Auto) and O-T Fagbenle (The Handmaid’s Tale). In this exclusive MovieWeb interview, Maya Rudolph, and Joel Kim Booster playfully fill us in on Season 2 and more. Dive in.

On Benjamin Bratt and Joel Kim Booster


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June 24, 2022


Matt Hubbard, Alan Yang

One of the biggest Loot questions fans have revolves around the potential romance the series teased between Molly and Arthur (Faxon). It appears Arthur has moved past his feelings for his boss, but he’s nowhere near the level of confidence he’d like to be operating at. One overall season arc is that the Wells Foundation posse — including Rhonda (Meagen Fay) and Ainsley (Stephanie Styles) — must work together so that Molly can live up to her promise of giving away her massive fortune.

It’s great fun watching all this play out and creators Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang keep the comedy steadily flowing in Season 2, particularly with all the guest stars, and the humorous work banter between Molly and assistant Nicholas (Booster). So, what was the best thing about those steamy scenes Rudolph shared with guest star Benjamin Bratt (Poker Face), and what do we really need to know about working alongside Booster, her most candid costar?

“Okay, so that’s a two-parter [question]. So, the first part about Double B is he is a dreamboat — for real. And like the most delightful, the hottest, sweetest… [he] came ready to play, and like just full-on ‘Best Guest Supreme.” Perfect. He’s perfect. I’ll have him back any anytime.”

That’s good news, but look for a twist in how all that lands in an upcoming episode. In the meantime, it must be fun working alongside the comic genius that is Joel Kim Booster. “The list does not end as well,” Rudolph jokes about Booster, before adding, “This little flower next to me is the wittiest, funniest, fastest, quickest. Anytime we go for a quick little improv line, he’s got just a beautiful little button that he puts on there… that I wish was in every single episode. And sometimes they are. Sometimes.”

Maya Rudolph wearing a colorful shirt and hat standing in front of a private jet in Loot
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“But I also just really love playing with him and I love what we’ve established,” she added. “We figured out this ‘Molly and Nicholas game,’ that’s only grown and continues to grow. I feel like we both know it so well. We’re having so much fun with the different roles that we play within the relationship. Joel calls it ‘Mommy/Baby, Baby/Assistant and sometimes it flips and there’s just this love affair we get to play with them that knows no end. And that’s probably the goofiest I get to be on the show and some of my favorite stuff.”


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Lessons Learned From Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph and Joel Kim Booster look around a doorway in Loot
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Nicholas may exhibit some deeper emotion this season — in between barbs, of course. We wanted to know how much of Joel is in Nicholas and vice versa? “Nicholas is way more confident than I am,” Booster admitted. “As a general rule… he walks into a room and there’s a gravitas that Nicholas has that I don’t know that I necessarily possess… I would say some of the things Nicholas says in the group chat, but not in real life, probably. So, there’s a lot of that. I think we are similarly damaged in a lot of the same ways. “


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We also asked Booster one of the most interesting things he learned from working alongside Maya Rudolph.

“To echo a lot of what she says, getting to play with her is a masterclass for me. And watching someone make big choices fearlessly. That is the big thing for me. I’m very analytical, the way I approach comedy is so analytical
as a writer and as a standup
. What I’ve really learned from Maya is to let go of some of that and just, like… have it come from here [the heart], which is really amazing.”

He paused before adding, “And I’ve learned a lot about renovations and home improvement from Maya. I’ve been on a journey, and we’ve been really speaking openly about it.”

Season 3 Possibilities

Maya Rudolph, Joel Kim Booster, and Michaela Jae Rodriguez sit at a table in Loot
Apple TV

Loot isn’t the first series to explore the wealthy. Palm Royale recently debuted, and while both series offer outlandish premises, Loot manages to stay grounded amid the chaos. The series also boasts a great deal of heart, and much of that comes from Rudolph’s terrific portrayal of Molly Wells. Looking ahead, what would the star and executive producer love to see happen should Loot be renewed for a third season?

“Oh, I really want the Wells Foundation to explore the world. I want them to travel. I want them to get out of their bubble… Los Angeles is a big city but it’s not the whole world and I feel like it’s time it’s time to shine. It’s time to move, and I feel like maybe they’ve outgrown their little pot. So, I can see them seeing the world together. Because I feel like, I’m going to guess Sofia hasn’t traveled much. And I think it would be fun to see Sofia in Paris. So, [the show] on location, let’s put that on record right now.” Season 2 of Loot hits Apple TV+ April 3. Watch the trailer below:


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