Quillbot: Worth It? In-Depth Writer Review

You’re having a busy work week, trying to meet client expectations, juggling multiple content writing tasks, and managing a heavy workload. As a modern writer, you’re likely familiar with this balancing act. When time is valuable, tools like Quillbot, which uses AI, can help save minutes. Is Quillbot worth the hype? Can it benefit both writers and businesses? Let’s discover this in this detailed Quillbot review.

Great! AI is now everywhere, spreading rapidly in the technology sector. Many AI tools are available for content creators to help improve their work and make their workload more manageable. We tested Quillbot AI to see if it meets your expectations. We were curious about Quillbot’s capabilities, features, and pricing because it is an AI-powered tool. This Quillbot review shares our experience using the tool and decides whether you should try it.

What Is Quillbot?

QuillBot is an AI-powered tool that helps users rewrite content to make it unique and original. It uses advanced techniques to help users improve their writing by making it more transparent and higher quality. It also allows users to find new ways to present their content.

QuillBot is excellent for writers, students, and professionals who want to avoid plagiarism, simplify complex words, or find new ways to express their ideas. Contrary to popular belief, QuillBot doesn’t just swap words with synonyms. It considers the context to ensure the rephrased sentence makes sense and keeps the original meaning intact.

This tool helps improve writing fluency and clarity by considering grammar, sentence structure, and context. QuillBot has different writing modes and features, like summary, grammar check, word suggestions, and paraphrasing.

How Does Quillbot Work?

Quillbot’s paraphrasing may seem like magic to some, but there is a scientific process behind it. The platform uses deep learning algorithms and advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) for paraphrasing and writing assistance.

Quillbot is a tool that helps users. It works by assisting in various ways. QuillBot analyzes and understands the user’s text using NLP techniques. The tool breaks down the text into words, finds their relationships, and understands the overall meaning.

1. Replacing Words

QuillBot uses an extensive collection of word options and sentence structures to suggest different ways of writing. The tool takes into account more than just direct synonyms. It also considers the context and meaning to ensure the output keeps the original intent.

2. Adapting Grammar and Syntax

QuillBot focuses on sentence structure and grammar rules when paraphrasing. Rewrite the user’s text to make it shorter and easier to read without adding new information.

3. Understanding the Context

QuillBot recognizes the original text and generates effective paraphrases. The system considers the content’s words, sentence structure, and overall context to create better and more relevant results.

4. Learning from Feedback and Iteration

QuillBot recognizes the original text and generates effective paraphrases. The system considers the content’s words, sentence structure, and overall context to create better and more relevant results. QuillBot learns and improves with user feedback. Users can provide comments to the QuillBot team if they find any errors or inconsistencies in the output. The team can use these comments to improve the system.

QuillBot’s algorithms are trained on a large amount of data to ensure high-quality, paraphrased outputs. Based on our experience and research, Quillbot is only sometimes perfect, so relying solely on this AI tool is unreliable. To make sure the paraphrased text is accurate, it’s a good idea to review it and make changes if needed to fit your needs.

Is It Legal and Safe to Use Quillbot?

Quillbot is a legal tool that can be used if you abide by its terms and conditions and use it responsibly. Paraphrasing tools are made to assist you in expressing your thoughts and ideas more effectively by rephrasing and enhancing your writing. Using Quillbot or other paraphrasing tools to improve your writing is not considered cheating.

Using a paraphrasing tool to copy someone else’s content and passing it off as your own is illegal. Remember, using a paraphrasing tool may make the text appear different enough to avoid plagiarism detection, but it’s still considered cheating. Even if the words are changed, the message and idea belong to someone else, not you.

A Complete Overview of Quillbot Features

Quiltbot offers many features for writers, in addition to paraphrasing. Now, let’s examine them.

1. Quillbot Paraphrase Tool

Quillbot AI has a paraphrasing tool. Writers can benefit from altering their text while preserving the main idea. This tool is perfect for students and aspiring writers. Plus, you don’t have to create an account to use it. Users can choose between ‘Fewer Changes’ or ‘More Changes’. Premium users receive the most alterations.

In addition, there are different ways to rephrase the content, such as;

2. Standard Mode

The default setting changes the text to make it more transparent and easier to read without changing the original meaning. The text is now polished and easy to read, with a natural flow.

3. Fluency Mode

Fluent Mode ensures the text is grammatically correct and easy to read. It makes small changes, mostly correcting grammar and providing the text sounds natural. It replaces some words with synonyms but keeps the same meaning.

4. Formal Mode

Formal Mode is ideal for academic or professional settings. The text is modified to have a more polished and sophisticated tone, making it suitable for business reports, academic papers, and formal documents.

5. Academic Mode

Academic Mode is a helpful choice for academic writing. Unlike the other modes, it does not have a Synonyms bar. Instead, it provides additional information and incorporates terminology suitable for an educational context.

6. Simple Mode

Simple Mode makes the text easier to understand and accessible to more people. It’s an excellent option for clear and direct communication.

7. Creative Mode

Creative Mode is an excellent tool for unlocking creativity and generating fresh content. This mode changes the text a lot, possibly changing the meaning. It’s a helpful tool for writers who want to add a new twist to their content.

8. Expand Mode

Expand Mode is perfect for people who want to make their text longer. It helps to increase the word count in projects without changing the original meaning, which is helpful for assignments that require more words.

9. Shorten Mode

Use Shorten Mode to reduce word count while maintaining the essence of your text. It simplifies your content by removing unnecessary words and phrases, making it shorter and easier to read.

10. Quillbot Grammar Checker

Quillbot AI offers a free and user-friendly Grammar Checker that doesn’t need registration. The tool scans your text and highlights grammatical mistakes in red, like punctuation and spelling. To quickly fix multiple problems, you can use the Fix All Errors option.

Improve your writing accuracy and clarity with this Grammar Checker. It helps you find and fix mistakes right away. This feature enables you to save time and write more efficiently.

11. Quillbot Summary Tool

Quillbot AI has a summary tool that can turn long texts or articles into short summaries. It’s helpful for students, researchers, and professionals. Choose between Short and Long summary options to control the level of detail.

The summary is a quick overview for getting the main points or quickly browsing through multiple articles. The Long summary provides a detailed outline for deeper analysis and a better understanding of the text.

The Quillbot AI’s Summary Tool uses natural language processing to extract meaningful information while maintaining the original meaning. There are two types of summaries: Key Sentences and Paragraph modes.

12. Quillbot Citation Generator

Quillbot’s Citation Generator is a valuable tool for accurately citing sources in academic and professional writing. Users can choose from various citation styles and formats, which adhere to specific rules and standards. This feature helps users avoid the trouble of properly acknowledging sources.

The tool supports popular citation styles like MLA, APA, and Chicago. It covers various reference types such as books and websites. The interface is easy to use and it generates citations quickly. You can create in-text and full citations, label them, and export them to Microsoft Word.

13. Quillbot Plagiarism Checker

Quillbot AI has a premium feature called the plagiarism checker. It removes the need for additional tools to check if the content is original. Premium users can quickly check the uniqueness of their content by pasting it into the checker. They will receive results within minutes, indicating whether the content is original or copied.

The plagiarism checker is unique because it lets you check research papers for plagiarism. You can scan up to 20 pages, about 5000 words, every month. It is a helpful tool for essayists and academic writers, ensuring the quality of their work.

14. Quillbot Translator

The Quillbot Translator is a helpful feature that allows you to convert text into various languages. It makes it convenient for you to research and write in any language you choose.

Translate up to 5,000 characters at once with no ads. Enjoy different writing tools and receive quick and precise translations. The best part is that it’s free to write and research in any language quickly.

15. Quillbot Co-writer

The Co-writer is a convenient platform that combines all of QuillBot’s tools in one place. With it, you can paraphrase, summarize, cite sources, and write your essay without switching between different products. Additionally, you can enjoy convenient writing and research with online research tools, note-taking capabilities, and AI-powered autocomplete without having to navigate away from the page.

Is Quillbot a Free or Paid Service?

In this part of the Quillbot review, we’ll discuss the pricing and plans for using the platform. Quillbot offers a free plan that lets you use the paraphraser with some limitations. You can input up to 125 words per query. You can use the summarizer, grammar checker, citation generator, co-writer, and translator for free, but there are some restrictions.

To unlock Quillbot’s full potential, upgrade to the premium plan. The excellent plan gives you unlimited access to the paraphraser in all seven writing modes. It also includes advanced features such as tone detection, fast processing speed, history, and a plagiarism checker. The premium plan has three payment options: $9.95 per month, $6.66 per month for six months, or $4.17 for 12 months.

Does Quillbot have an App?

The Quillbot app has yet to be launched. You can still use Quillbot on your phone or tablet by going to its website, which is mobile-friendly. You can access all of Quillbot’s features on your mobile browser. It includes the synonym slider, custom mode, and the eight predefined modes.

We tried Quillbot on our phone and found it very user-friendly and convenient. The website is quick and easy to use, and the paraphrasing is excellent. We want Quillbot to have a mobile app in the future, but for now, we’re happy to use the website on our mobile device.

Pros and Cons of Quillbot

Pros  Cons
No registration required for the free plan. The free version only has 2 writing modes.
You can install Quillbot extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and macOS too. There is currently no AI detection tool available.
Get a free tool for translating languages.
Get a free content summarizer that you can use.
The Grammar Checker app is now available.

Top 10 Quillbot Alternatives to Watch Out for in 2023

You might be mistaken if you believe Quillbot is the only paraphrasing tool available. Many alternatives to Quillbot can give more accurate results. Now, let’s check out our top 10 picks.

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a powerful tool that uses AI to create content. It is known for being accurate and producing high-quality short or long-form content. You can use Boss Mode to create longer content or Jasper Chat to talk to an AI chatbot. With its AI Art feature, you can create thumbnails and illustrations. It also integrates with SurferSEO to optimize your content for keywords. Additionally, you can check your grammar using Grammarly integration.

2. Frase

Frase is a tool that combines SEO research and AI-powered content creation. This tool scans the internet for information and creates a brief quickly. The tool has a user-friendly interface that helps writers rapidly see all the essential details on their research topic. Frase values both SEO and content creation. Its feature allows you to compare your content with the top-ranking pages for your target keyword. Frase is a tool that helps you quickly and easily generate content.

3. Wordtune

Wordtune is not just a writing tool. It’s an intelligent assistant that can help you with editing, proofreading, tone-checking, translating, and finding synonyms. This tool uses AI to fix sentences and suggest better words, making it great for writers who want to improve their grammar and spelling. Wordtune is unique because it can be used with any writing platform using a browser extension or desktop app.

4. Writesonic

Writesonic is a flexible tool with many useful features. It has customizable templates, lets you upload multiple articles to social media, and has a user-friendly interface. It’s great for struggling with writing or wanting to improve it. Writesonic is a helpful tool for content creators and marketers. It uses AI to provide suggestions and ideas and can even recommend SEO-friendly keywords.

5. Speedwrite

Speedwrite is a fantastic tool that can rewrite articles and create unique versions of existing content. It is great for building links and marketing. Speedwrite allows you to add line breaks for better readability, making it unique among other AI content generators.

6. Copysmith

Copysmith is an AI tool that helps create content quickly with many templates. This tool is an excellent alternative to Quillbot. It can help you quickly transform your rough blog post ideas into polished content pieces. Some of its key features include a content rewriter, a product description tool, and Facebook ad templates. Additionally, the tool offers a Chrome extension and provides helpful tutorials for user convenience. Copysmith is a valuable tool for content creators and marketers despite a few drawbacks in its interface and content generation.

7. WordAi

WordAi is a tool that can automatically rewrite and rephrase any text. This tool uses advanced NLP techniques to understand words and their context, generating natural and precise rewrites. This online alternative to Quillbot may need help with complex or specialized topics, but it produces high-quality content indistinguishable from human writing.

8. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a helpful tool for creating engaging and personalized content. It can be used for sales copy, cold emails, blog posts, and more. This alternative to Quillbot offers an AI chatbot, pre-made prompts, and the ability to customize the generated content to fit your brand’s style. Copy.ai is an excellent tool for AI content creation. It’s flexible and has good community support. However, it may repeat phrases in long content and doesn’t have a plagiarism checker in the free version.

9. Copymatic

Copymatic is a free alternative to Quillbot. It helps you create engaging and error-free content quickly. It uses advanced technology to create unique and imaginative content using language processing and machine learning. Copymatic AI can help you create original and engaging content by rephrasing and reorganizing your input, making it unique and attention-grabbing.

10. Anyword

Anyword is a fantastic AI tool that helps you create great content by giving high-quality suggestions relevant to your needs. The AI chat is powerful and can easily understand natural language, user intent, and context. This feature ensures that the responses are correct and customized for your situation. The app allows you to select words and customize the tone and style of your writing, ensuring it aligns with your brand’s voice.

Is Quillbot the Right Paraphrasing Tool for You?

Quillbot is a helpful tool for rephrasing text, but it has its limitations. This tool can rephrase text in various ways, but it might change the meaning, quality, or style of your text. Quillbot is not a replacement for your writing skills, but rather a tool to help improve them.


Quillbot is an excellent tool for creating different versions of your content. It’s been reviewed in detail and found to be remarkable. Quillbot can quickly and efficiently rewrite articles, research papers, and blog posts.

Additionally, this tool can assist you in avoiding plagiarism problems by making significant changes to the original content. It can improve your content by making it easier to read and more engaging than other free and paid AI rewriter tools.

Overall, Quillbot is a useful tool that can help writers, students, and content creators in many ways.


1. How Trusted is QuillBot?

Millions of students, writers, and professionals worldwide trust QuillBot to enhance their writing and save time.

2. Is QuillBot Worth Paying for?

QuillBot has a free plan with limited features. You can upgrade to a Premium plan if you want more modes, integrations, and words per use. According to many users, QuillBot is worth paying for because it provides the best results.

3. Is QuillBot Safe and Free?

QuillBot is both safe and free for users. This service doesn’t store or share your data and uses encryption to keep your privacy safe. QuillBot is available for free with certain limitations. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Premium plan to access additional features.

4. Can AI be Detected after using QuillBot?

QuillBot uses advanced AI to rewrite your text, but it cannot guarantee that the output will be free of plagiarism or undetectable by other AI tools. Always review and edit the output before using it for anything.

5. Does QuillBot Steal Your Work?

QuillBot does not steal your work. It simply changes your text to help you enhance your writing. It doesn’t own or control your content, and it doesn’t save or distribute your data.

6. Is Grammarly Better than QuillBot?

Grammarly and QuillBot are two separate tools with distinct purposes. Grammarly is a tool that checks for grammar and spelling mistakes and helps improve your writing style. QuillBot is a tool that uses AI to help you rephrase and condense your text. It can be used for paraphrasing and summarizing. Using both tools together will yield the best results.

7. Is it Quiltbolt or Quillbot?

The correct name is QuillBot, not Quiltbolt. Many people are searching for variations of the Quilibot, such as Quilbo, Quilbott, Quillbolt, Quillibot, and Qulbot. That could be because of a typo.

8. Is Using AI to Paraphrase Cheating?

The effectiveness of the AI tool and its purpose depend on how you use it. Using rephrasing to express your thoughts and prevent plagiarism is not considered cheating. Using someone else’s work and claiming it as your own is considered cheating. Remember to cite your sources and use AI tools ethically.

9. What is the Disadvantage of QuillBot?

QuillBot is a helpful tool for rephrasing and enhancing your writing, but it does have a few limitations. QuillBot has a few drawbacks. It might need to completely understand what you’re trying to say, especially with subtle details and context. You may need to review and edit the output manually. Additionally, there is a character limit for both free and paid plans.

10. Is QuillBot Better than ChatGPT?

QuillBot and ChatGPT are AI tools with unique strengths and weaknesses. QuillBot is excellent for making your writing more precise and concise, while ChatGPT is better for generating high-quality content on various subjects. The right tool for you will depend on what you need and what you like.


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