Saturday News: “The climate crisis is a health crisis”; “Voters Are the Last Line of Defense Against a Trump Dictatorship”; “3 years later, Jan. 6 lies aid and abet Donald Trump”; “Jan. 6 anniversary falls as experts sound alarm over risks to American democracy”

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, January 6.

  • How the Dire Health Implications of Climate Change Are Unfolding Globally (“The climate crisis is a health crisis.”)
  • Oil industry veteran to lead next round of Cop climate change summit (“Mukhtar Babayev is named president-in-waiting of UN climate summit to be held in November” UGH.)
  • An Ecology Minister With an Oil Pedigree Will Lead Global Climate Talks
  • African elephant populations stabilise in southern heartlands (“Scientist say animals still need protecting and also connecting to restore habitats fragmented by human activities”)
  • How the Russian and Ukrainian War Efforts Compare (“Russian President Vladimir Putin is betting he can outlast the West’s support for Ukraine, if he can keep Russia’s war machine running.”)
  • Ukraine Says It Destroys Russian Post at Saky Air Base in Crimea
  • Danish F-16 Jets to Ukraine Will Be Delayed, Berlingske Says
  • Israel, Hezbollah exchange fire across Lebanon border amid concern over Gaza war spillover
  • Many ideas, but little agreement, over what a postwar Gaza could look like
  • Inside Israel’s plan to quash South Africa’s Gaza genocide case
  • Hezbollah fires rockets at Israel in ‘initial response’ to killing of top leader from allied Hamas
  • Hezbollah Fires Rocket Barrage Into Israel as Blinken Mounts New De-Escalation Push
  • As Middle East crisis grows, does Iran have control of its proxy forces? (“Chances of a regional flare-up rest on the unclear intentions of Tehran and the groups it has nurtured”)
  • The Islamic State took responsibility for deadly bombings in Iran. Why is the government blaming Israel?
  • Exclusive: US intelligence confirms Islamic State’s Afghanistan branch behind Iran blasts
  • Washington Heats Up Nuclear Energy Competition With Russia, China
  • Death toll from western Japan earthquakes rises to 126 as rain and snow imperil already shaky ground
  • Four Legal Battles Affecting Our Climate Future
  • F.D.A. Issues First Approval for Mass Drug Imports to States From Canada
  • President Biden: “This morning’s [jobs] report confirms that 2023 was a great year for American workers.” (“The strong job creation continued even as inflation fell to the pre-pandemic level of 2 percent over the last six months, and key prices have fallen over the last year”)
  • US economy cranks out jobs at brisk clip in December; wages increase
  • U.S. payrolls increased by 216,000 in December, much better than expected
  • Job Gains Picked Up in December, Capping Year of Healthy Hiring
  • Economy added 216,000 jobs in December, capping off a year’s worth of solid gains
  • The Job Market Can Stay Strong Without Rekindling Inflation
  • Hospitals revive mask mandates as respiratory viruses surge
  • National TV news largely ignored FBI report showing crime rates declined significantly in 2023
  • Supreme Court allows Idaho to enforce its strict abortion ban, even in medical emergencies (That’s completely f’ed up.)
  • Supreme Court to decide if U.S. law requires some emergency room abortions
  • Statement from President Joe Biden on Supreme Court Order on Idaho’s Abortion Ban
  • The Supreme Court’s new, nightmare abortion cases, explained (“The Court blocked a lower court order enforcing a federal law that protects patients who require medically necessary abortions.”)
  • Supreme Court agrees to weigh whether Trump can be kicked off ballot in Colorado
  • You can bet on the Supreme Court’s abject partisanship
  • John Roberts Has Entered His Own Personal Hell
  • The Supreme Court arguments for (and against) removing Trump from the ballot, explained (“The Constitution has a right to defend itself, but Trump also has a right to due process.”)
  • Video: Near Valley Forge, President Joe Biden Declares That “Whether democracy is still America’s sacred cause” Is “what the 2024 election is all about” (“We don’t believe America is failing. We know America is winning. That’s American patriotism.”)
  • Jan. 6 anniversary falls as experts sound alarm over risks to American democracy
  • Three years later, beware dangerous revisionism of Jan. 6
  • On eve of Jan. 6 anniversary, Biden hits Trump hard as a threat to democracy
  • Voters Are the Last Line of Defense Against a Trump Dictatorship (“Holding the ex-president criminally liable might not be enough to save American democracy. We all have a responsibility to stop him once and for all.”)
  • Biden speech: Trump’s “lies brought a mob” to D.C. on Jan. 6
  • Trump ‘Willing To Sacrifice Democracy,’ Biden Declares In Forceful Speech
  • Biden Will Keep Talking About Democracy to Beat Trump (“It’s not only the move his campaign has been waiting to make, it’s also personal.”)
  • Biden in Pennsylvania: America must decide whether democracy remains its sacred cause
  • Raskin touts Biden’s Jan. 6 speech as ‘remarkable’ ahead of riot anniversary
  • The five truths Trump hopes you will forget about 6 January 2021
  • Three years after Jan. 6, Trump’s authoritarianism is on full display
  • Liz Cheney Warns That Voting for Trump in 2024 Could Be ‘Last Vote You’ll Ever Cast’
  • ‘January 6 never ended’: alarm at Trump pardon pledge for Capitol insurrectionists
  • Report: Trump received at least $7.8M in foreign payments during presidency
  • I was betrayed by the GOP after Jan. 6 (“3 years later, Jan. 6 lies aid and abet Donald Trump”)
  • Trump’s crowds don’t want to move on from Jan. 6. They want retribution for him.
  • 2023 was a massive year in the Jan. 6 probe. 2024 will be even bigger.
  • The Other Jan. 6 Tapes: Newly Obtained Videos Show Trauma Of Attack For House Democrats
  • Trump should pay $370m for financial fraud, says New York attorney general (“Letitia James said in court filing Friday that increase from original ask of $250m due to evidence presented at civil trial”)
  • Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and Politically Obtuse Plutocrats
  • Nikki Haley Defends Cringeworthy Civil War Comments by Declaring, “I Had Black Friends Growing Up”
  • GOP Candidates Have Nothing Useful to Say About Gun Violence
  • Sean Hannity’s response to Trump’s Chinese bribes shows staggering contempt for his audience
  • “Flood” of anti-LGBTQ bills shows GOP wants to “eradicate trans people from public life”: advocate (“State legislatures introduced a record 500+ bills in 2023. Advocates warn this year could be even more ‘horrendous’”)
  • ‘We have to get over it’: Trump responds to Iowa school shooting during speech (Sick.)
  • Trump wins back antiabortion movement as activists plot 2025 crackdowns
  • Hundreds of convictions, but a major mystery is still unsolved 3 years after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot
  • Court says even passive members of Jan. 6 mob can be convicted of disorderly conduct
  • Defense Secretary Hospitalized After Complications From Elective Procedure
  • Alaska Air Grounds Boeing 737 Max-9 Fleet After Fuselage Blowout
  • Wayne LaPierre Resigns From N.R.A. With Trial Set to Open (Definitely one of the worst people in America.)
  • Michigan Republicans to vote on ousting controversial leader Karamo
  • Sen. Tim Kaine Earns The Endorsement Of The National Committee To Preserve Social Security And Medicare (“Senator Kaine has been a staunch fighter for Virginia seniors in the U.S. Senate”)
  • Why efforts to remove Trump from Virginia’s primary ballot failed
  • Schapiro: History-making House Speaker could make a lot more (“The Democrat said he and Youngkin have had ‘some very honest conversations’ since the legislative elections that could force the fleece vest-wearing governor on the downhill side of his nonrenewable four-year term to seriously ponder his legacy.”)
  • State Democrats say Youngkin’s tax cut proposals aren’t happening (Dead on arrival, as Sen. Louise Lucas says.)
  • Kennedy sets up Virginia campaign HQ in Charlottesville (This guy is completely insane.)
  • Charlotte County refused to pay for new historical markers because they mention slavery (“The board chairman said taxpayers shouldn’t pay for something ‘to suit the woke people in the country.’ VDOT will now pay for the new signs.”)
  • Stoney says city sewer project could be less expensive than expected
  • Most RPS schools that reported mold haven’t been tested, according to documents
  • The race to save the Richneck teacher shot by a 6-year-old pupil
  • Newport News School Board files Workers’ Compensation claim for former Richneck teacher; her attorneys object
  • Office vacancy rate is leveling out but Arlington is not yet out of woods
  • D.C.-area forecast: Wintry mix quickly turns to another soaking rain today

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