Strange Things Everyone Ignores About Prince Albert Of Monaco

Strange Things Everyone Ignores About Prince Albert Of Monaco

Before Prince Albert ever met Princess Charlene, he was known for going out with a lot of different women. In fact, Albert’s dating history includes a wide range of ex-lovers, ranging from models like Claudia Schiffer and Brooke Shields to musicians, like Michele Freeman. At one point, he was even linked to French actor Catherine Alric — although, from what we can tell, that romance did not go particularly well.

According to “Grace of Monaco: The True Story” by Jeffrey Robinson,” Albert and Alric did not have a particularly healthy romance. Apparently, the dashing young prince was unfaithful to his gorgeous French paramour — and Alric was furious. In attempt to save the relationship, Albert was said to have given Alric what Robinson described as “apologetic flowers.” Unimpressed, the gorgeous actor apparently sent the gift right back to the prince. As if that was not enough, Alric also sent Albert his belongings and a note that read, “Love without faithfulness is like a flower without sun.” The relationship was over.

Interestingly, Albert has spoken out about his previous struggles to settle down and commit to one partner. In a conversation with Robinson, the prince explained, “It’s a question of timing. You don’t feel ready, or you don’t feel confident, or you haven’t met the right person. Maybe it’s my desire to be independent that has also prevented me from having a steady relationship.”

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