Sunday News: “Three months in, Western diplomats try to stop Gaza war’s spread”; “Trump is not of sound mind,” Won’t Pledge “not to ‘advocate the overthrow of the government’”; “Freedom Is on the Ballot”; “Va. General Assembly girds for fights over arena, taxes, schools and more”

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, January 7.

  • Boeing Max Grounding Goes Global as Carriers Follow FAA Order
  • Pentagon’s Ukraine Coffers Run Dry, Threatening Kyiv’s Grip on Its Territory
  • Ukraine racks up wins against Russia in the Black Sea
  • Blinken Calls Gaza Situation ‘Dire’ as Risks Grow of Wider War
  • Scoop: Qatar tells hostages’ families that getting deal harder after Hamas leader’s killing
  • Israel signals it has wrapped up major combat in northern Gaza as the war enters its fourth month
  • Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Iran … how far could war in the Middle East spread?
  • Blinken puts pressure on Middle East countries to contain Gaza conflict
  • Longtime Israeli-Palestinian friendships fracture after Oct. 7 attack
  • Three months in, Western diplomats try to stop Gaza war’s spread
  • Israel-Palestinian bitterness deepened by Hamas attack and war
  • Hamas command in north Gaza destroyed, Israel says (“Three months into the Gaza war, the militants are ‘without commanders’ in the area, the IDF say.”)
  • Three months on, Israel is entering a new phase of war. Is it still trying to ‘destroy’ Hamas?
  • What Houthi attacks in the Red Sea mean for global shipping — and conflict
  • US Intelligence Shows Flawed China Missiles Led Xi to Purge Army
  • Taiwan braces for ‘big deal’ presidential election as China’s shadow looms (“Corruption and the cost of living have trumped concerns about a belligerent neighbour in close race for the presidency”)
  • The US sees a drop in illegal border crossings after Mexico increases enforcement
  • Why fears over a ‘tripledemic’ are surging
  • Three Years Since the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol
  • A second Trump presidency is an existential national security threat to our democracy
  • Trump tries reappropriating ‘insurrection’ on Jan. 6 anniversary
  • Donald Trump didn’t sign loyalty oath for Illinois ballot that pledges not to ‘advocate the overthrow of the government’
  • Fanone says GOP lawmakers attempt to ‘whitewash’ Jan. 6 due to ‘politically inconvenient’ reality
  • Trump downplays Jan. 6 on the anniversary of the Capitol siege and calls jailed rioters ‘hostages’ (Pure evil.)
  • How the GOP’s rewriting of Jan. 6 paved the way for Trump’s comeback (The entire GOP is complicit. F*** ’em.)
  • Obama, worried about Trump, urges Biden circle to bolster campaign
  • A tense new Jan. 6 video shows Republican congressmen admonishing rioters trying to enter House chamber
  • Trump Doesn’t Actually Speak for the Silent Majority
  • Trump mocks Biden over stutter (DISGUSTING.)
  • Trump says Civil War ‘could have been negotiated’ (Totally insane and compeletely ignorant.)
  • Trump Says ‘J6 Hostages’ Have ‘Suffered Enough’ On Anniversary Of Deadly Capitol Attack (Deranged.)
  • How Trump Taught America to Tolerate Brazen Corruption (“At least when it’s his.”)
  • A Warning About Donald Trump and 2024
  • Lots of People Will Vote This Year. That Doesn’t Mean Democracy Will Survive. (“Dictators and even voters can turn elections into mere pageantry.”)
  • How Republicans Learned to Love January 6 (This entire party is a disaster.)
  • Meghan McCain praises late father, slams Trump on Jan. 6 anniversary
  • Here are the key right-wing media figures who rewrote the history of January 6 (“For the past three years, Tucker Carlson, Darren Beattie, Julie Kelly, Steve Bannon, and others have pushed a revisionist counternarrative that has undone the initial consensus about the attacks”)
  • Trump and his MAGA allies turn their fire on Haley
  • Trump the Confederate
  • House Speaker Johnson invites Biden to deliver State of the Union address on March 7
  • Biden to deliver the State of the Union address in a ‘moment of great challenge’ for the US
  • Hospitalized Pentagon Chief Was in Intensive Care Unit (“Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin remains hospitalized, but has resumed his full duties, officials say”)
  • Biden ‘not told for days defence chief in hospital’
  • US defence secretary says he takes ‘full responsibility’ for secret hospitalisation
  • “The issue was never plagiarism”: Right-wingers “signaled their intentions” before Harvard scandal (“Claudine Gay resigned over plagiarism. But the anti-DEI pressure campaign began long before writings were uncovered”)
  • Dionne Warwick, Martin Sheen—Even Mike Tyson—Will be No-Shows at RFK, Jr.’s Birthday Bash (“Organizers of the presidential candidate’s birthday fundraiser falsely promised a ‘superstar’ guest list, but the celebrities say they’re not going.”)
  • DeSantis Says He’s Looking to Make ‘Credible Case’ to Remove Biden From Florida Ballot (Completely deranged and authoritarian bullshit.)
  • Election denier Kristina Karamo voted out as Michigan Republican party chair (“Critics say the QAnon conspiracy theorist, in the position less than a year, failed to deliver on funding promises”)
  • Elon Musk Has Used Illegal Drugs, Worrying Leaders at Tesla, SpaceX
  • Flashback to One of the Worst Days in US History (January 6, 2021). Thankfully, Ralph Northam – and NOT MAGA Glenn Youngkin – Was Governor of Virginia That Day!
  • Va. General Assembly girds for fights over arena, taxes, schools and more (“The Virginia legislature kicks off its 2024 session on Wednesday, with 60 days for Democrats to tussle with Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) over priorities.”)
  • Editorial: Let this legislative session advance the cause of government transparency
  • Virginia cake pop maker battles state regulators for right to post pics on Instagram
  • Major milestone for HRBT expansion: Mary the machine digs halfway from Norfolk to Hampton
  • Roanoke homicides soared in 2023 as national figures declined
  • D.C.-area forecast: Drying out before Tuesday storm brings heavy rain, possible flooding

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