Thursday News: “‘No One Is Safe From Climate Change’ After Hottest 12 Months Ever Recorded”; “Maybe Stealing Womens’ Rights Wasn’t the Best Election Plan”; “Fox & Friends Blast Governor Glenn Youngkin’s ‘Epic Failure’ in Virginia Election”; Don Scott “poised to become first Black Speaker of the House of Delegates”

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by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, November 9.

  • ‘No One Is Safe From Climate Change’ After Hottest 12 Months Ever Recorded
  • Earth Just Had the Hottest 12-Month Span in Recorded History
  • 90% Of Earth’s Population Felt Climate Change Heat In Past Year, New Study Shows
  • What does a Jordan Peterson conference say about the future of climate change? Apparently we’re headed towards ‘human flourishing’ (Completely INSANE.)
  • Russian missile strike turned Ukrainian medal ceremony into a bloodbath (“President Volodymyr Zelensky personally announced that a brigade commander is suspended while authorities investigate how a tribute to soldiers ended up with many of them dead.”)
  • Emotions are running high at the White House as some aides’ frustration with Israel is growing
  • US launches 2nd round of airstrikes on Iran-backed groups it says attacked American troops
  • Israeli strikes pound Gaza City, which tens of thousands have fled in recent days
  • IDF extends hours of Gaza evacuation corridor, as thousands of Palestinians flee south
  • The mothers whose children are held hostage by Hamas: ‘I heard him crying, begging them not to take him’ (“B’atSheva Yahalomi, Hadas Kalderon and Renana Jacob’s children have been missing since the massacre on 7 October. Here, they recount that horrifying day – and their determination to save them”)
  • Map: After a month of bombardments, as much as a third of Gaza City is damaged
  • Inside the Israeli
    Crackdown on Speech (“Since the October 7th attack, Palestinians and peace activists in Israel have increasingly been targeted by employers, universities, government authorities, and right-wing mobs.” Totally, wildly unacceptable.)
  • I Have Never Been to This Israel Before
  • Vatican says transgender people can be baptized
  • A turning point in Myanmar as army suffers big losses (Good!)
  • Sad farewells for US pandas heading back to China (Totally ridiculous by China. Why are they doing this?)
  • Xi Move to Rule ‘for Life’ Has Created Challenges, Clinton Says
  • After a record year of wildfires, will Canada ever be the same again?
  • Burned Out: Documents Reveal The Gas Industry’s Use Of Tobacco Tactics Over Gas Stove Emissions (“A new investigation illuminates the gas industry’s 50-year PR campaign weaponizing science to promote doubt over the health effects of gas stoves and obstruct regulation.”)
  • SAG-AFTRA Reaches Tentative Agreement With Studios, Ending Actors Strike
  • SAG-AFTRA committee approves deal with studios to end historic strike
  • The Actors Strike Is Over, Ending Hollywood’s Long Limbo
  • The Supreme Court created mayhem on guns. Here’s how it could fix the mess.
  • ‘Dead, flat wrong’: GOP climate attacks fail to stop Democratic wins
  • Moms for Liberty Falls Flat on Its Face in School Board Races (These people are extremists…and also big Glenn Youngkin fans.)
  • “I’m so tired of these psychos”: Moms for Liberty is now a toxic brand
  • Speaker Mike Johnson Has No Plan With Time Running Out to Avoid US Shutdown
  • House Republicans don’t want a government shutdown, but there’s still no plan
  • Yes, Abortion Access Is a Motivating Issue for Voters
  • Democrats’ new abortion battle plan: Rush to get it on ballots in 2024
  • Republicans flail on abortion as Democrats embrace a top 2024 issue
  • Senate Republicans say election results sound warning for 2024
  • Maybe Stealing Womens’ Rights Wasn’t the Best Election Plan
  • Abortion issues burn GOP again, as Democrats take a big election night
  • GOP strategists urge congressional candidates to campaign against a national abortion ban (Why would anybody believe them?)
  • Fact checking the 3rd GOP debate of the 2024 election
  • GOP Candidates Showcase New Debate Strategy: Be Unhinged
  • Fact-checking the third Republican primary debate (Did any of them say ANYTHING truthful, let alone sane? Doubtful.)
  • ‘Is the fat lady warming up? Yes’: Trump chokes off his rivals’ last lines of attack
  • Donald Trump says he would consider former Fox host Tucker Carlson for vice president (Sick, fascistic, etc.)
  • Ramaswamy appears to call Zelensky a ‘Nazi’ at GOP debate (Ramaswamy is insane, extremist, completely unqualified, fascist, etc.)
  • Nikki Haley is running for president as a China hawk — but her record suggests a different picture (Just like Youngkin, who did massive business and was cozy with China for many, many years!)
  • Nikki Haley Takes On the Scum at the Third Republican Debate
  • Republican debate: Haley calls Ramaswamy ‘scum’ in dustup over TikTok (No argument there, although Haley’s also horrible.)
  • Losers, scumbags and policy, too. The third GOP debate got testy, quick.
  • Trump says he’s bored by the primary debates, won’t attend the next one
  • Minnesota Supreme Court dismisses effort to block Trump from state’s primary ballot (Stupid, as the 14th amendment, section 3 is crystal clear on this.)
  • Fatalism creeps in around DeSantis
  • Democrats Dominate Another Election Cycle. That’s Good News For Biden…Right?
  • A Democratic blowout gives Biden a chance to regroup and crow a little
  • Voters sought balance and rewarded competence in off-year elections
  • Hillary Clinton Sees Biden Win Against Trump in Election Rematch
  • Hillary Clinton Delivers Chilling Hitler Warning Over Trump: ‘Take Him At His Word’
  • Trump-Bashing Republican Rivals Still Don’t Break With Him
  • Trump’s Rivals Pass Up Their Chance (Why are they even running against Trump, then? Bizarre!)
  • GOP Candidates Say Lack Of Energy Is Causing Inflation — Despite Record Oil Production (Are Republicans just stupid? ignorant? lying? all of the above?)
  • DOJ announces arrests in ‘high-end brothel network’ used by elected officials, military officers and others
  • Swan on a lake: Ivanka Trump’s poise at trial differs from family but playbook is the same
  • ‘I don’t recall’: Ivanka Trump testifies in father’s New York fraud trial
  • Ivanka Trump Cannot Recall (“To dozens of questions in her father’s civil fraud trial, the heiress drew a blank.”)
  • Louisiana’s New Governor Is a Major Fossil Fuel Booster (Disastrous.)
  • It’s Greenbelt: Maryland site picked for new FBI headquarters
  • Maryland confirmed as pick for new FBI headquarters
  • Virginia state Sen. Boysko joins race to succeed Rep. Jennifer Wexton
  • Michael Feggans’ Victory in HD97 Shows That “Jen Kiggans Is In Trouble” (Kiggans has been “enthusiastically supporting an extreme agenda and embracing her far-right colleagues like Marjorie Taylor Greene.”
  • The future of D.C. Metro depends on Va. lawmakers doing the right thing
  • Scott poised to become first Black Speaker of the House of Delegates
  • With Democrats Back in Control of Virginia’s General Assembly, Environmentalists See a Narrow Path Forward for Climate Policy
  • Video: DLCC Interim President Says, “Make no mistake about it, this is a loss for Governor Youngkin” (“Youngkin failed, and he’s now headed into the lame duck portion of his governorship facing two Democratic-led chambers”)
  • Bolling: Election Day 2023 – Another Bad Day for the GOP
  • Glenn Youngkin Spent Millions and Republicans Still Lost in Virginia
  • Youngkin Indicates He’ll Forgo 2024 Run After Poor Election Night for GOP
  • Fox & Friends Blast Governor Glenn Youngkin’s ‘Epic Failure’ in Virginia Election One Day After Going ALL IN On Him
  • Virginia elections force Youngkin to temper political agenda
  • Republicans said Virginia voters would find a 15-week abortion ban reasonable. Nope.
  • Glenn Youngkin — A Favorite Of Rupert Murdoch — Appears To Rule Out Presidential Run: Here’s Why
  • Youngkin’s image suffers blow after Virginia losses
  • Analysis | Virginia votes for divided government, rejecting Youngkin’s pleas
  • Opinion | Youngkin’s disastrous night shows the right’s culture war has fizzled
  • Tuesday’s Virginia Elections Send Message: Parents Want Robust Libraries, Inclusiveness, Truthful History (“If Glenn Youngkin and his minions truly want to listen to parents, now is their chance.”)
  • Democratic wins in Virginia could deflate Youngkin’s White House buzz (The WaPo continues its OBSESSION with the ridiculous notion of Glenn Youngkin for President. Very weird.)
  • After Glenn Youngkin ‘bet big’ on Virginia elections and lost, he faces uncertain future: Experts
  • Virginia Democrats win state Senate and House, ruining Youngkin’s GOP takeover plan (“The 15-week abortion ban sought by Youngkin is effectively dead.”)
  • Republicans Put Abortion on the Ballot in Virginia. It Went as Well as You’d Expect.
  • Shift in power likely to temper Youngkin agenda, force governing to center (Yeah, we’ll see…)
  • Virginia’s big political lessons for Youngkin – and for the nation
  • Schapiro: Even as a lame duck, Gov. Youngkin could still fly
  • Editorial: For Youngkin and Stoney, election losses reverberate (Yep, very bad nights for both of those guys.)
  • Youngkin ‘disappointed’ with Democratic wins
  • Pope & Schapiro: Election 2023 recap
  • Glenn Youngkin and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night
  • Gov. Youngkin wants to find ‘common ground’ with Democrats as GOP fails to take control of statehouse
  • 2023 election recap: Virginia Democrats block GOP trifecta and takeaways from Hampton Roads
  • The search for quality candidates for 2025 is already underway (“Democratic candidates won in competitive races across Virginia this year, thanks in part to the debate over abortion rights. But, candidate recruitment might have also played a role.”)
  • Gibson’s narrow loss underscores role of abortion, but sex scandal lingers (Despite the “sex scandal,” Gibson almost won…and almost certainly WOULD HAVE WON without the media going crazy about her consensual sex videos…while several Republican candidates were domestic abusers, insurrectionists, extremists, etc.)
  • Final ballots in Obenshain-Franklin race won’t be counted until Monday (“Republican Chris Obenshain holds a 943-vote lead but the campaign for Democrat Lily Franklin believes about 2,000 votes have yet to be accounted for.”)
  • Del. Rasoul in line to be the only Democratic legislator west of Charlottesville (“Unless late-arriving ballots change the outcome in the Obenshain-Franklin race, Republicans will control all but one seat in Southwest and Southside. This comes as Democrats are about to be in the majority in the legislature again.”)
  • Republican Danny Diggs ousts incumbent Sen. Monty Mason in District 24 (HUGE downgrade!)
  • Churchill Downs faces tough election night in Virginia (Such as shame! LOL)
  • Hanover School Board referendum measure likely defeated, school board to remain appointed
  • D.C. winter forecast: Most snow in 5 years and boosted big storm chances
  • D.C.-area forecast: Highs climb through 70s today, challenging records (“It is back to fall sweater weather tomorrow through the weekend.”)

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