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Thursday News: “UN Declares 2023 Hottest Year Ever as Crucial COP28 Summit Starts”; “Mike Johnson to Keynote Far-Right Christian Nationalist Gala”; “Trump Caught Moving Money Around to Pay Massive Tax Bill”; Guzman Launches VA07 Campaign; Stoney Files for Governor

by Lowell

Here are a few international, national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, November 30.

  • UN weather agency says 2023 is the hottest year on record, warns of further climate extremes ahead
  • Emirati-designated COP28 leader forcefully denies report UAE wanted to seek oil deals in summit
  • Vice President Harris will attend COP28 climate conference in Dubai
  • A climate conference hosted by an oil-rich country. That’s just one of the contradictions at the Dubai talks
  • Agreement on loss and damage deal expected on first day of Cop28 talks (“Fund to help world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries hit by climate disaster likely to be first decision agreed on at conference”)
  • At COP28, the United States Will Stress an End to Fossil Emissions, Not Fuels
  • ‘Climate collapse in real time’: UN head António Guterres urges Cop28 to act
  • We have to balance outrage with optimism, says UN’s former climate chief (“Speaking in the lead up to Cop28 in Dubai, Christiana Figueres said she has lost faith in oil companies”)
  • UN Declares 2023 Hottest Year Ever as Crucial COP28 Summit Starts
  • Renewables Are Likely to Be COP28 Bright Spot as 1.5C Hopes Fade
  • Ukraine Security Assistance Strengthens Nation’s Defense Industrial Base
  • Ukraine war live updates: Baby among civilians injured in missile strikes on Ukraine; Russia causes a stir at security summit
  • Russian POWs Describe ‘Nightmare’ of Combat in Ukraine
  • The World Is Battling a Wave of Hate Crime Unleashed by Israel-Hamas War
  • Scoop: Biden warned Bibi Israel can’t operate in southern Gaza the way it did in north
  • Israel and Hamas agree to extend Gaza ceasefire for another day
  • Israel tries to reassure Democrats as aid debate rages
  • Fears grow for youngest Gaza hostage after Hamas claims 3 family members killed in Israeli bombing
  • IDF said the ‘operational pause will continue’ amid talks for the release of more hostages.
  • Hamas Chief Who Deceived Israel Is Target No. 1 Deep Underground
  • Israel Considers How to Remove Hamas Fighters in Gaza (“U.S. and Israeli officials, citing Beirut precedent, discuss the idea of exiling militants from the enclave.”)
  • Blinken arrives in Israel as the Gaza cease-fire with Hamas is extended another day
  • Why It’s a Good Idea to Extend the Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire
  • Iran’s ‘Crown Jewel’ Has Much to Lose From a Full-Blown War With Israel (“Hezbollah wants to pressure Israel, not lead fight against it; Daily clashes on Lebanese border have been contained, so far”)
  • Key Dutch party sees ‘no basis’ for talks with Wilders (No other party should deal with this fascist bigot.)
  • Euro zone inflation sinks to 2.4%, below expectations
  • Sweden expects Turkey to approve its NATO membership ‘within weeks’
  • China’s Economy Faces a Sour End to the Year
  • Taiwan president says China has too many problems to invade (“Tsai Ing-wen says economic, financial and political challenges overwhelm Xi Jinping’s government, with international pressure also a deterrent”)
  • U.S. Says Indian Official Directed Assassination Plot in New York
  • Meta’s Threads to Launch in Europe in App’s Biggest Expansion Since Debut
  • Biggest Blowout in Bonds Since the 1980s Sparks Everything Rally
  • Biden Administration to Require Replacing of Lead Pipes Within 10 Years
  • Amazon turns to brownfields, other ‘challenging’ projects to accelerate clean energy progress
  • The Supreme Court seeks a middle path between following the law and blowing up the government (“SEC v. Jarkesy is still likely to end in a 6-3 decision against the federal government. But it probably won’t be a catastrophic loss…Wednesday’s arguments in this case, known as SEC v. Jarkesy, focused entirely on a relatively narrow issue: whether defendants in enforcement proceedings brought by the SEC are entitled to a jury trial.”)
  • Supreme Court Conservatives Appear Hostile To Securities And Exchange Commission’s Powers (“During oral arguments in SEC v. Jarkesy, the conservative majority seemed open to an argument that the agency had overstepped its enforcement authority.” Yikes. This court is a nightmare.)
  • Supreme Court conservatives seem likely to axe SEC enforcement powers (Right-wing judges are a menace and a disaster to our country.)
  • The Supreme Court Has Figured Out How to Gut a Bunch of Crucial Federal Laws at Once
  • Mike Johnson to Keynote Far-Right Christian Nationalist Gala
  • Speaker Johnson singed by a blast of conservative fury (“The right’s ire toward the Louisiana Republican isn’t universal. But it’s growing: One member called him a ‘joke,’ and another deemed his performance ‘plummeting.’”)
  • Speaker Johnson has ‘real reservations’ as House mulls George Santos expulsion
  • Who Paid for Mike Johnson’s Trip to Israel? (“Officially, an obscure nonprofit paid for Johnson and his wife to go to Israel. But the trip never appeared in the group’s tax return.” Slimy.)
  • Trump Caught Moving Money Around to Pay Massive Tax Bill
  • Trump doubles down, saying ‘Obamacare Sucks’ and must be replaced
  • Attorney warned Trump ‘it’s going to be a crime’ if he didn’t comply with subpoena for classified docs: Sources
  • Trump unleashes grievances, warnings in wild 24 hours on Truth Social (Bizarre, whitewashed headline as usual from the media. They are TERRIFIED of Trump and Trump’s supporters.)
  • Deutsche Bank was keen to land a ‘whale’ of a client in Trump, documents at his fraud trial show
  • ‘I Didn’t Say He’d Be a Great President’: McCarthy Jabs at Trump, Predicts He’ll Lose 2024 If Campaign is About ‘Revenge’ (Among many things, McCarthy is a disgrace for sucking up to Trump.)
  • GOP speculation mounts that McCarthy will exit Congress early (Good f’ing riddance if he leaves.)
  • McCarthy says he doesn’t criticize Trump on TV because ‘it drives him crazy’ (Wuuuut?)
  • The 543 word editorial that may have just upended the presidential campaign (“The post by Trump calling for Obamacare’s replacement has lit a fire under Biden’s slow burn campaign.”)
  • Republicans Trip Over Their Own Assholes Trying to Take Down Hunter Biden
  • James Comer Seems to Forget He Said Hunter Biden Could ‘Choose’ Public Hearing
  • Hunter Biden’s public hearing request creates GOP divisions
  • Chuck Schumer calls antisemitism a ‘crisis’ that has Jewish people living in ‘deep fear’
  • Will Nikki Haley Be the Last Non-Trump Candidate Standing? (“Now armed with backers from Wall Street to the Koch and Bush empires, the former South Carolina governor could be the GOP establishment’s best hope against Trump.”)
  • Nikki Haley’s “rise” and the Republican flight from reality (“Nikki Haley has no shot. Why can’t the GOP billionaire class see that?” Also, she’s HORRIBLE.)
  • Ramaswamy Political Director Joining Trump Campaign (Exclusive) (Ramaswamy is a fascist and a clown.)
  • Scoop: No Labels abandons its in-person presidential convention
  • Pressure grows on Tuberville to find way around getting rolled by GOP (“Republicans largely view the standing resolution as a last resort if Tuberville expends his holds into the new year — but are looking increasingly open to it.”)
  • Elon Musk to advertisers boycotting X: “Go f**k yourself” (Nobody in their right mind should advertise on Twitter/X. And the US government should move RAPIDLY to sever all contracts and ties with Musk’s companies.)
  • Elon Musk launches profane attack on X advertisers
  • Elon Musk Hurls ‘F’ Word at Advertisers Boycotting X
  • Henry Kissinger Is Dead at 100; Shaped Nation’s Cold War History
  • Dead at 100, Henry Kissinger Leaves Behind a Bloody Legacy
  • Henry Kissinger, the Hypocrite
  • Henry Kissinger, America’s Most Notorious War Criminal, Dies At 100
  • Henry Kissinger’s bombing campaign likely killed hundreds of thousands of Cambodians − and set path for the ravages of the Khmer Rouge (It wasn’t just Kissinger’s bombing campaign, but yeah, that was disgraceful.)
  • Joe Biden Scorches Lauren Boebert With Hand Gesture In Her Own Backyard (“The president made a familiar sign as he slammed the Colorado lawmaker as ‘one of the leaders of this extreme MAGA movement.’”)
  • Court filing reveals Rep. Scott Perry’s vast web of contacts in bid to reverse 2020 election (Perry should be disqualified from holding public office, under the 14th amendment section 3.)
  • Arizona officials charged with allegedly conspiring to delay midterm election outcome
  • Video, Press Release, Interview – VA Del. Michelle Maldonado Announces Her Candidacy for the VA10 Democratic Nomination (“While Republicans in Congress embrace dysfunction and refuse to govern, families are yearning for action and solutions”)
  • Va. Del. Michelle Maldonado joins race to succeed U.S. Rep. Jennifer Wexton
  • Race for 10th District congressional seat draws a crowd (“Less than two months after Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D) announced she would not seek reelection in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District due to being diagnosed with a severe type of Parkinson’s Disease, 13 candidates have so far lined up to take her place—including five state lawmakers and a former Virginia secretary of education.”)
  • Audio: “Hung Cao’s attack on ailing Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton is even more disgusting when you hear it for yourself.”
  • Va. Del. Elizabeth Guzman launches bid for Spanberger’s congressional seat
  • Virginia Senate Candidate Accuses Ailing Congresswoman Of Sticking Around Congress To Cash Out On Pension
  • Donald Trump Schemes to Slash the Affordable Care Act; Republicans Like Jen Kiggans Would Go Right Along
  • VA State Sen. Jeremy McPike Announces He Will NOT Run for VA07 Democratic Nomination (Instead, McPike says he “will continue his service in the Virginia State Senate”)
  • Editorial: Protecting Virginians from antisemitism and Islamophobia takes all of us
  • Richmond mayor Levar Stoney files paperwork to run for Va. governor
  • Commentary: Virginia’s focus on nuclear energy is misguided
  • Democrats look to take momentum from Virginia win into 2024 statehouse fights
  • Who’s the Boss of Virginia’s Public University Boards? (“An opinion by the commonwealth’s attorney general on the responsibilities of public university trustees prompts a debate about whether Governor Glenn Youngkin believes they answer to him.”)
  • UVa hosts Youngkin for a quiet summit on free speech (Absurd to have Youngkin in any way/shape/form talking about free speech. What a joke.)
  • Youngkin speaks about free speech at UVA forum (This is beyond parody.)
  • Virginia state senator seeks dismissal of lawsuit over ‘baseless’ residency allegations (“Democrat Ghazala Hashmi has served in the state Senate since 2020 and handily won reelection in a suburban Richmond district earlier this month. She said in a motion and accompanying affidavit that she moved earlier this year from the family home where her husband resides into an apartment in order to reside in the newly redrawn 15th District where she ran, satisfying the requirement that candidates live in their district. Contrary to the claims of the lawsuit, which alleged she had not ‘abandoned’ her family home outside the district, Hashmi said the apartment she leased in February quickly became ‘the center of her personal and professional life.’”)
  • Schapiro: Va. pols have much for which to be thankful — or not
  • Report: As Northern Virginia prospers, some neighborhood conditions worsen
  • Record-setting year in the Roanoke region a result of cooperative strategy
  • Williams: Let’s not break Carytown with a needless fix
  • What concerns teachers highlighted while visiting Prince William Co.’s ombudsman’s office
  • Ashland farmer facing federal lawsuit over wetlands damage
  • 27 Charlottesville High teachers called out of work after student violence. Was it a strike?
  • D.C.-area forecast: Temperatures are on the rise, but clouds and showers arrive Friday (“Highs could top 60 degrees on Saturday.”)

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