Top 3 Presentation Gadgets You Need to Try (2023)

Top 3 Presentation Gadgets You Need to Try (2023)

Stop giving boring presentations! It’s 2023, the days of conventional and boring speeches are behind us!

As we enter a new era of presentation, we need to equip ourselves with better tools. That’s why I am here today to introduce to you the top 3 presentation gadgets you must try: wearable microphones, presentation clickers and smart pens. 

These tools promise to offer upgrades on audio quality, control, overall efficiency and more. With these features in your presentation, you will not only captivate your audience, but also leave a positive lasting impression.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right in.

1. Wearable Microphones

Do you have any audio problems? Wearable microphones, or lavalier microphones, will help you solve them. Those small yet powerful devices capture your voice’s nuances, no matter where you are.

Furthermore, you can move around freely on the stage. With it attached to the collar, presenters enjoy unparalleled freedom of movement. No longer restrained to a podium or microphone stand, speakers can move naturally and still maintain consistent audio quality. The result is a more dynamic presentation.

The usage of lavalier microphones is a sign of professionalism and credibility. They guarantee that your voice will be heard consistently, without interruption or distortion. No more strangling with cables or audio cut-offs. 

Noise reduction is another plus. This technology eliminates any background sounds that may distract people. 

In addition to the presentation benefits, wearable microphones are incredibly handy for making videos, especially vlogs. They replace big handheld mics, thus freeing both hands. Multitasking is way easier.

(Top wearable microphones here)

2. Presentation Clickers

Have you ever wondered why Steve Jobs’ speeches seem so powerful, professional and engaging? Of course, he is an extremely skilled public speaker. But he also uses a small device to smooth things out: presentation clickers.

With a clicker in your palm, you can move around freely while advancing through your slides.

Some devices offer unique features, such as wireless mouse control and intelligent timers / vibration alerts. 

With most of them equipped with a laser pointer, they come in handy when you have to point an element on your slideshow to your audience. To avoid inaccuracies, precision is everything. Presentation clickers allow you to highlight important details with a narrow yet powerful beam, making any details foolproof.

(Top presentation clickers here)

3. Smart Pens

To truly enthuse your viewers, you must be efficient. This is where smart pens come into play.

Brainstorming, data visualization, on-the-go notes, annotations, and document signing can all be done in a matter of seconds with these pens. Smart pens transform your handwritten notes into a digital form, which can then be shown on your big presentation screen. 

Now let’s step out of presenting for a second. 

Whether you’re an artist, a designer, or an ideator, you can use smart pens to unleash your creativity. These tools give you the ability to sketch, illustrate, and explore ideas digitally. Unlike on paper, this method is way more customizable and time-efficient.

They offer pressure sensitivity and accuracy that surpass that of traditional drawing tools. Smart pens allow artists to bring their ideas to life digitally, opening up endless possibilities for design, art, and innovation.

Writing by hand is slower, but helps you memorize. Typing is faster, but apparently isn’t that effective in terms of learning. I think you guessed where I am going with this. 

That’s right, smart pens combine speed with learning, making it the future of note-taking.

(Top smart pens here)

Honorable Mention

Although this one isn’t a gadget, it is a very useful presentation tool. This tool is AI. As you may have heard, artificial intelligence has started revolutionizing the way we make content. 

AI software can extract key information from the Internet and transform it into a dynamic slideshow. It organizes data into well-constructed infographics that are not only accurate, but also relevant.

More complex AIs can generate real-time information, translate and transcribe spoken words, and even analyze audience engagement. 

All this to say that artificial intelligence is a valuable ally of ours. 

(Top AI presentation makers here)


Today, it’s crucial to embrace the new era of public speaking with the use of wearable microphones, presentation clickers, and smart pens. These gadgets not only enhance the quality of your presentations, but also leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

Wearable microphones provide crystal-clear audio, presentation clickers offer steady control, and smart pens provide unparalleled versatility. 

Additionally, AI’s capabilities in content creation are a significant factor in enhancing presentation excellence. 

By equipping yourself with these tools, you can create compelling presentations that wow your audience while still conveying your ideas. Let your presentations stand out.

Did we miss anything? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.


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