VA House, Senate Democrats Respond to Youngkin’s State of the Commonwealth Address: “This past November, voters made it clear…that they do not subscribe to the ideals of this Governor or that of the Republican Party.”

The full video will be available later this evening.

Below are the full remarks of Senator L. Louise Lucas and Delegate Betsy Carr

 Senator L. Louise Lucas

Hello, I’m Senator L. Louise Lucas, President Pro Tempore of the Senate of Virginia. As you already know, the Democrats currently hold the power in the House and the Senate. This new majority came about when Democrats shared a vision for a better, brighter and more inclusive future for all Virginans. Virginians did not want to go back to the past when it came to their rights and freedoms.

A past in which people were oppressed, unable to afford basic health care, who were scared to go to their churches and schools and weren’t allowed to love or marry who they wanted to love or marry.

This past November, voters made it clear across the Commonwealth that they do not subscribe to the ideals of this Governor or that of the Republican Party. One of the ideals was that we need to cut taxes for the rich and give more taxes to the poor.

Voters across the Commonwealth voted to protect the rights and liberties of all those who reside in the state they call home. They stood up to the MAGA  ideology that women should not have bodily autonomy. That making four dollars an hour is livable wage. And that we should accept school shootings as the status quo. Not only did voters say no at the ballot box, House and Senate dem candidates said, not on our watch!

Our wins and conversations on the doors have laid out the framework for our plan to keep Virginia moving forward. We are ready to enact this plan together with Virginia republican Glenn Youngkin. To keep Virginia moving forward, we must secure our children’s future with a world class education. Focus on keeping Virginia communities safe for our children, and protecting and preserving  the rights and freedoms of all Virginians.

This session, our focus is on the future. A future in which all people of the Commonwealth can find joy, hope, peace, prosperity and love in calling Virginia their home.

 Delegate Betsy Carr

This past November voters across the Commonwealth made their voices clear: they want to move our Commonwealth forward and build a future that reflects all Virginians and protects the rights and freedoms of hardworking Virginia families.The Democratic Majority in the House and Senate is one of action, and we’re entering this Legislative Session ready to keep moving Virginia forward.

Moving Virginia forward looks like…securing our children’s future through a world class education, revitalizing our infrastructure from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads to Southwest Virginia, and all points in between, fostering an economy that works for hardworking Virginians, Keeping Virginia communities and our children safe, and protecting the rights and freedoms of all Virginians

Democrats are bringing forward bills to make these things happen. This will include legislation to:Keep guns out of the hands of people who might harm themselves or others and work to prevent accidental gun deaths. It is simply unacceptable that the leading cause of death for children and teens in the United States is gun violence. To provide affordable child care to families across the Commonwealth. It is totally unacceptable that thousands of people across the Commonwealth work 40+ hours a week, and still cannot afford basic living expenses. to increase investment for our public schools, and to recruit and retain the best teachers for our children.

For far too long our public schools have been woefully underfunded and the lack of investments in our schools is starting to cost society our workforce and, more importantly, next generation of leaders. And, at a time where we are seeing women across the Country have to desperately resort to petitioning a court for lifesaving care, which is absolutely unacceptable.

We will continue to ensure protections for a woman’s right to choose here in the Commonwealth. We are looking forward to working with Governor Youngkin and our colleagues across the aisle to deliver on these basic principles of freedoms.  We have work to get done in the next 60 days to keep Virginia moving forward. Democrats are doing what we always have done: rolling up our sleeves, and getting to work.


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