Why New Episodes of Vanderpump Rules Are ‘Snoozy’

Why New Episodes of Vanderpump Rules Are ‘Snoozy’

This season of Vanderpump Rules is in a pretty weird place. Of course, the goal of any new television season is to be better than the last. However, this show had a monster season 10, so expectations are high. Now, Lala Kent is speaking out about the new season and how things will get better. Plus, Tom Sandoval recently had some choice words for her outfits. 

Everyone knows that much of the Vanderpump Rules cast is divided over the affair heard around the world. This has led to what some have called a slow start for season 11. 

Lala recently sat down on her podcast Give Them Lala to discuss season 11 of Vanderpump Rules. According to Heavy, she feels that the first few episodes, besides the premiere, were a bit lacking. 

She said, “I’m always real, and I’m always honest. The season’s snoozy right now.” However, she went on to call the premiere episode “great.”

She continued, “The last two episodes are snoozy. I feel like I have to acknowledge that. Because I don’t want you guys to think that I’m living in La La Land or hustling you.”

Lala then explained that the dynamic is a bit different after the affair, and it impacts how they film together. 

She said, “I want you to remember, we’re trying to repair something that is very, very broken. So the last two episodes are very much setting the groundwork for what this season is going to be like.”

Lala said that most of the group does not want to hang out with Tom. 

“We’re not hanging out with him at this point in time. So yes, it’s a little bit like, why isn’t anything happening? Well, let me tell you something. The group is extremely fractured three episodes in. Movement starts happening. Time starts passing. Perspective. Lisa steps in and sheds some light. Things do start shifting. But yes, I just wanted to acknowledge that. And it is very annoying.”

Lala also disagrees with how Tom is handling the situation as she feels he’s not taking accountability. 

“He’s not taking accountability and ownership because he does not regret it.”

It seems Lala isn’t alone in providing criticism to fellow cast members. According to Heavy, Tom also has some thoughts about Lala. While on his podcast, Tom had this to say about her outfits. 

“Speaking of Lala, she did not hit the mark on emo night. In her outfit.” 

For context, there was an emo night-themed party on a recent episode. 

He continued, “Lala has had a history of missing the mark when it comes to outfits. I remember my seventies roller party. She showed up as a boxer with boxer trunks and gloves on. “

The other Tom then stepped in and said, “She still slays.”

In the end, Tom agreed that despite “missing the mark” Lala still looks great. 


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