Will Ji Chang-Wook Stop Starring in Action K-Dramas?

Will Ji Chang-Wook Stop Starring in Action K-Dramas?


  • Ji Chang-Wook is underrated as an actor because he is mainly recognized for his action dramas, but his abilities in other genres are overlooked.
  • The actor has made the difficult decision to stop doing action dramas due to the toll they take on his body.
  • Ji Chang-Wook excels in both action and romance genres, proving that he can prevail in almost any character, and fans appreciate it when he appears in a drama that blends both genres.

Despite his popularity as one of the best K-drama actors, Ji Chang-Wook is fairly underrated because he is mainly recognized for his action dramas, Healer and The K2. However, while he’s quite charming when doing Parkour or knocking people out in black suits, his acting abilities in other areas are sometimes overlooked.

For example, in dramas like Suspicious Partner and If You Wish Upon Me, Ji Chang-Wook excels as both a loving partner and a captivating protagonist. That said, fans are evenly divided between his action and romance dramas despite their fondness for both.

Following The K2, Ji Chang-Wook made the difficult decision to stop doing action dramas because he does the majority of his stunts, and given how challenging and demanding they can be, it is no surprise that they are taking a toll on his body. After The Worst of Evil, which required a lot of action from the actor, he had second thoughts about working in these kinds of K-dramas. So, is Ji Chang-Wook stepping down from action dramas?

Ji Chang-Wook’s Best Feature: Action or Romance?

While South Korean dramas cover a wide range of genres, including horror, thriller, and melodrama, Ji Chang-Wook is prominent for his work in the action and romance genres, which are also among the most popular. Having said that, following The K2, the actor hasn’t been in any action dramas until this year, when he made an excellent comeback in the role with The Worst of Evil.

Throughout the years, he has been successful in many K-dramas, such as The Sound of Magic, Suspicious Partner, and If You Wish Upon Me. While many expected the actor to be rather lacking in Suspicious Partner, he surpassed everyone’s expectations, proving that action alone does not define his accomplishments in the industry. Furthermore, with Lovestruck in the City, he delivered an entirely novel performance that was an extravaganza for those who enjoy dramas with healthy relationships.

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He further went on to experiment with additional roles in The Sound of Magic and Backstreet Rookie, once again proving that he can prevail in almost any given character. In the end, his most well-known dramas, Healer and The K2, have influenced his audience for the better, leaving him as a K-drama romantic who can also kick some ass. As a result, fans are fine with him appearing in either one of the genres, but they appreciate it more if he appears in a drama that blends both romance and action.

Will Ji Chang-Wook Stop Making Action Dramas?

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Although Ji Chang-Wook is a remarkable actor who can excel in virtually any role, filming action dramas is exceptionally challenging, especially when the actor performs stunts without the assistance of a double. Following his recent drama, The Worst of Evil, the actor addressed how he felt returning to an action part after a long time in an interview with Naver, implying that it was similar to The K2. He said,

“After doing ‘The K2,’ the action scenes were so difficult that I promised myself that I would never do them again, and I have been that way until now. Doing the action scenes in this work was really physically difficult. But after doing it, there is charm and a sense of accomplishment. It was physically demanding, but because it was a series, it was challenging to maintain the overall flow of the story, character development, and tension. The Worst of Evil is not a work I decided to do for action alone. The noir genre also piqued my interest, but what mattered more was the complex relationships between the characters and trust in the director.”

Despite appearing in an action role for the first time in a while, it seems that he enjoyed playing Park Joon Mo in The Worst of Evil, which is yet another uncharted territory for the actor as he has never really done any dramas in the noir genre. Nonetheless, the question remains: will Ji Chang-Wook continue to act in action dramas?

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Ever since The K2, the actor has been focusing his efforts on other areas of acting, but from his recent interview, he seems to have missed pushing his body to its limits, even though those action roles took a toll on his body. Given that the actor is currently in his mid-thirties and that he takes care of his body by training regularly, it is safe to assume that he can still go on playing action roles like he did on Healer and The K2, especially since the action genre is becoming increasingly popular in the Korean drama industry.

For the time being, the actor has not stated if he will return to action dramas, but we believe he will continue to take on more challenging roles by balancing his career with an equivalent of romance and action K-dramas. Fans of Ji Chang-Wook will be pleased to learn that he will be starring in Welcome to Samdalri, a heart-warming Korean drama that will be released in December 2023.


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