Young Sheldon: How Does George Die?


  • Young Sheldon fans have high expectations for the final season and hope to avoid the death of George Sr., the patriarch of the Cooper family.
  • If George Sr.’s death is depicted in Season 7, it will bring a darker and somber tone to the series, potentially changing the overall tone of the show.
  • The series finale of Young Sheldon may choose to address George Sr.’s death through the narration of Jim Parsons, allowing the show to end on a somewhat positive note.

When Young Sheldon aired in 2017, fans instantly fell in love with the endearing young version of the Sheldon Cooper they were first introduced to in The Big Bang Theory. A prequel to CBS’ hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory, a show centered on a group of science-loving friends, Young Sheldon chronicles the life of a younger Sheldon Cooper. The prequel introduced viewers to Sheldon’s childhood and his family, allowing viewers to re-encounter characters they had already been introduced to in the parent series.

Young Sheldon gained a special place in the hearts of fans, arguably becoming a better show than The Big Bang Theory by focusing not only on Sheldon but also the arcs of his family members. As such, viewers were exposed to the struggles of Missy and Georgie as they navigated life, trying to establish their place against their genius brother. In addition, the series followed Mary and George Sr. as they handled being parents to a brilliant child, steered through their married life, and the lovably eccentric Meemaw, who breezed through life on her own terms.

Now, with a seventh season for the series announced, viewers have high expectations, especially since it has also been confirmed that Season 7 will be Young Sheldon‘s final season. However, there is one thing that viewers have always wanted to avoid: the death of George Sr., the patriarch of the Cooper family.

How Does George Die in Canon?

Sheldon’s father is not alive by the time The Big Bang Theory begins and is, therefore, never seen in person on the show. The only time that CBS has managed to integrate George Cooper into The Big Bang Theory’s storyline is when Sheldon watches an old videotape of his father. The way George Sr.’s personality is painted in The Big Bang Theory is exceptionally different from how fans of Young Sheldon would know him. In the parent show, Sheldon and Mary refer to George as being an inept parent, constantly drinking, and extremely lazy.

Keeping with this persona, The Big Bang Theory, which is still popular today, establishes that George Sr. dies in his 50s due to a weight-related issue. How George Sr. is depicted on Young Sheldon also lends itself to this cause of death as the patriarch is always seen with a beer in hand. Given that George has also ended up in hospital due to heart complications in the prequel, weight-related heart issues may be the cause of the character’s death.

As per The Big Bang Theory lore, Sheldon is also 14 years of age at the time of George’s passing. The timeline established by The Big Bang Theory means that the end of Young Sheldon should bring viewers the death of George Sr. With Missy and Sheldon being 13 years old in Season 6, the twins should be 14 years of age in Season 7 if the series sticks to its current timeline. This means that Sheldon’s age in Young Sheldon coincides with the age the canon states he was when his father passed away.

How Will George Sr.’s Death Affect Young Sheldon?

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If Season 7 of Young Sheldon does choose to depict the death of George, there is a high likelihood that the tone of the series will drastically change. Throughout its six seasons, Young Sheldon has been a light-hearted, pleasant watch, with events and themes that viewers, regardless of their age, have been able to relate to.

Even when discussing rather serious issues, such as religion, social expectations, pregnancy out of wedlock, and marital issues, Young Sheldon has always been able to integrate a degree of humor into the storyline. The death of George will bring a darker, somber tone to the season, and given that Season 7 is the final season of the series, affect the note on which the much-loved show ends.

With the show choosing to deviate from George’s portrayal as a lazy, drunk parent in The Big Bang Theory and instead introducing viewers to a flawed but dedicated and lovable father and husband in Young Sheldon, the death of George will also significantly impact fans of the series. This is primarily due to the fact that fans have become deeply invested in the lives of the Cooper family, with George holding a special place in their hearts.


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Before George’s death, there is yet another event that can alter the tone of the series and fan perception of George Sr.: the character’s cheating scandal. As per The Big Bang Theory lore, Sheldon walks in on his father having an affair with another woman while on a break from college. Sheldon was 13 at the time. This event gives rise to Sheldon’s habit of knocking three times before entering a room in The Big Bang Theory.

However, since it has now been established that Season 7 will likely pick up after Sheldon and Mary return to Texas from Germany, the show may not focus on George’s cheating incident. Season 7 could also choose to avoid bringing the death of the family patriarch to screens. With the final season slated to have fewer episodes than its predecessors, the series can opt to have Jim Parsons inform viewers of George’s death in his role as narrator for the series, allowing Young Sheldon to end on a somewhat high note.

Why Is Season 7 Young Sheldon’s Final Season?

Despite the hype surrounding the series and the interest of fans, the series being a prequel to The Big Bang Theory meant that the series always had a pre-stipulated death. According to the parent show’s canon, Sheldon only has one more year left in Texas before he moves to Pasadena to attend Caltech. The show also establishes that Sheldon gets accepted into Caltech when he is 14. Given this and the age that Sheldon will be on Season 7 of Young Sheldon, the series should end.


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Joining the pre-established The Big Bang Theory timeline in determining the end of Young Sheldon is the fact that the series is coming to the end of its three-season renewal. The show was offered a renewal in the 2021-22 broadcast season, which allowed the series to continue until the 2023-24 season. Season 7, with its 2024 release date, will bring the show to the end of its renewal period.

Comprising 14 episodes, the final season of Young Sheldon is set to be released on February 15, 2024. The season will have a one-hour finale scheduled for May 16, 2024. The final season of the beloved show, which is sure to bring some emotional episodes, will be the shortest season the series has had in its 7-year run.

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