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10 Strongest Weapons in One Piece

In Eiichiro Oda’s world of One Piece, where pirates roam the unpredictable seas in search of legendary treasures and the ultimate adventure, there is no shortage of incredible characters and weapons with unprecedented power. They come in different forms and sizes and include swords, weather-controlling poles, magical fruits, and more. The arsenal of power in the One Piece universe is as diverse as it is impressive.

In this article, we get into the heart of this epic saga to look at some of the most dangerous and legendary weapons that have helped make the series such a world phenomenon. So, without further ado, hoist the Jolly Roger, set sail, and prepare to be awestruck by the marvels of the strongest weapons in One Piece.

10 Ace

Toei Animation

Gol D. Roger, the former King of the Pirates, was an immensely powerful figure in One Piece. Despite not possessing a Devil Fruit, his mastery of Haki was unparalleled. Roger’s signature sword, Ace, a Supreme Grade cutlass, played a key role in his jaw-dropping battles. During the confrontation at God Valley against the notorious Rocks Pirates alongside Garp, Ace clashed with Whitebeard’s Murakumogiri multiple times without any visible damage.

His formidable cutlass shares its name with his son, Portgas D. Ace. In battles, Roger combined his swordsmanship with powerful Haki, capable of knocking back formidable foes like Kozuki Oden using his Kamusari technique. However, after Roger’s death, the fate of his sword remains a mystery, leaving fans curious about the whereabouts of this legendary weapon.

9 Yoru

 Dracule Mihawk
Toei Animation

Yoru is one of the most unique swords in the One Piece anime and manga series. It is a Supreme Grade sword, considered one of the world’s most powerful and prestigious swords. Yoru is a massive, sleek, and pitch-black sword with a special, crescent-moon-shaped hilt guard, giving it a stylish appearance. It is wielded by Dracule Mihawk, who is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and one of the most cunning swordsmen in One Piece.

Mihawk is known for his mastery of the sword and his ability to use Yoru with precision and finesse. He can unleash devastatingly fast and accurate slashes, making him a nearly unbeatable swordsman. Mihawk’s title as Hawk-Eye elevates Yoru’s reputation even more, reflecting his exceptional vision and sword-use prowess. The sword symbolizes his power and status within the world of pirates and warriors.

8 Shinokuni

Toei Animation

Also known as Land of Death, Shinokuni is a deadly weapon of mass destruction. It is a strong chemical gas developed by Caesar Clown, a former scientist and evildoer in the series. Shinokuni is a thick, greenish gas that can instantly petrify and kill any living organism it comes into contact with. Victims of Shinokuni are turned to stone, preserving their horrified expressions for eternity. The gas spreads rapidly and can engulf entire islands or regions, transforming them into desolate wastelands devoid of life.

Caesar Clown used Shinokuni as part of his sinister experiments on Punk Hazard, an island that had been heavily affected by the gas. The release of Shinokuni was intended to serve as a deterrent against intruders and opposition. However, its use ultimately led to catastrophic consequences and endangered both the island’s inhabitants and the Straw Hat Pirates. Sinokuni serves as a reminder of the consequences of unchecked scientific power and the need for ethical responsibility in the pursuit of knowledge and technology.

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7 Enma

Roronoa Zoro
Toei Animation 

Enma is an ancient sword that holds immense importance in the world of One Piece due to its history and the fact that it was once legendary samurai Kozuki Oden’s weapon of choice. As a Supreme Grade sword, Enma is one of the most prestigious and powerful weapons in the series. It is a huge sword with a distinctive, wavy hamon (temper line) on its blade. It can “absorb” the wielder’s Haki, the spiritual energy that enhances their power. When drawn, Enma has the potential to unleash uncontrollable and overwhelming power, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

The sword is notorious for its unforgiving nature, as it demands exceptional mastery over Haki to wield effectively. When Roronoa Zoro, one of the main characters in the series, gets hold of Enma, he faces significant difficulty using it properly. As a result, his training and journey with Enma become central to his character development.

6 The Clima-Tact

Toei Animation 

The Clima-Tact is a specialized weather-manipulating weapon created and wielded by Nami, one of the Straw Hat Pirates, who mainly uses it to control weather patterns and help the crew during their adventures. The Clima-Tact is a staff-like weapon, originally constructed from a basic pole and later upgraded multiple times throughout the series. Its primary function is to create various weather-related attacks and effects.

The Clima-Tact’s abilities include Heat Egg (allows Nami to create a small orb that generates intense heat and can be used to attack enemies or create warm environments), Cool Ball (enables Nami to create a sphere that produces cold temperatures and can be used for freezing opponents or creating chilly surroundings), Thunder Ball (Nami can generate electrical discharges and lightning strikes), Rain Tempo (allows Nami to summon rain clouds and control precipitation, useful for creating rainstorms or extinguishing fires), and Mirage Tempo (helps create illusions and disguise Nami and her surroundings).

5 Shusui

Roronoa Zoro
Toei Animation 

Another Supreme Grade sword, Shusui, is a black-bladed sword with a distinct, fiery red hamon (temper line) running along its blade. It has a fearsome reputation due to its history and the skills of its previous wielder, Ryuma – a legend of the sword. Ryuma was a widely-known samurai from the Wano Country, and his exploits with Shusui were well-known throughout the world.

After Ryuma’s death, Shusui was stolen by the pirate Dracule Mihawk, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and one of the most highly-trained swordsmen in One Piece. Mihawk used Shusui for many years and considered it a worthy weapon. Roronoa Zoro was bestowed with Shusui after his victory against Ryuma’s reanimated corpse. Zoro’s mastery of the sword only added to its legend, making it a cherished and highly respectable weapon in the series.

4 Tremor-Tremor Fruit

Gura Gura no Mi
Toei Animation 

The Tremor-Tremor Fruit, also known as the Gura Gura no M or Quake-Quake Fruit, is a Logia-type Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit grants its user, Marshall D. Teach (a.k.a. the notorious Blackbeard), the extraordinary power to control vibrations and create devastating seismic shockwaves.

These shockwaves can shatter the very ground, topple buildings, and create unimaginable tsunamis. Blackbeard, as the user of this fruit, can even create a localized earthquake with a mere punch or stomp, making him an extremely dangerous foe. Furthermore, the Tremor-Tremor Fruit allows the user to send out vibrations that affect both the physical world and the mental state of people, inducing intense fear and despair in those who experience it. Another Devil Fruit specialty is its ability to affect the Sea-Prism Stone, a material known for nullifying the powers of Devil Fruit users. Blackbeard’s control over the Tremor-Tremor Fruit is so profound that he can destroy the Sea-Prism Stone shackles and handcuffs, freeing Devil Fruit users from their constraints.

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3 Dark-Dark Fruit

Marshall D. Teach
Toei Animation

Another destructive Logia Devil Fruit, Dark-Dark Fruit, or Yami Yami no Mi, is a rare and coveted weapon that grants those in possession of it various extraordinary abilities that manipulate darkness and gravity.

Its main power lies in its ability to create, control, and become darkness itself, effectively making the user a “Darkness Human.” This grants the user intangibility, allowing them to phase through objects and attacks, making them nearly invincible. The user can also create intense gravitational fields, crushing everything in their vicinity, and control the pull of gravity to immobilize or repel opponents. This power helps them draw in attacks and even pull islands toward themselves. The user of the Dark-Dark Fruit in the series is Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard). He combines this power with the abilities of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi), which makes him dangerous beyond belief.

2 Poseidon

Princess Shirahoshi and the Poseidon weapon
Toei Animation 

Poseidon is not a physical object but rather a unique and rare ability. The current Poseidon is Princess Shirahoshi, a member of the Mermaid Royal Family. Poseidon grants its wielder the power to communicate with and control the ancient sea kings, colossal sea creatures that inhabit the deepest parts of the ocean. These sea kings are capable of causing incredible tidal waves and have the potential to reshape the world’s geography.

Shirahoshi, as Poseidon, can summon these sea kings when she experiences extreme emotional distress, as her feelings resonate with the creatures. Her potential to control these ancient beasts makes her a highly sought-after figure in the One Piece world, with both the World Government and pirate factions desiring her power.

1 Pluton

Toei Animation 

This beast of a weapon is a colossal warship of unfathomable power and destructive potential. Pluton is part of a trio of ancient weapons, including Poseidon and Uranus, said to be capable of reshaping the world. Pluton‘s existence has been shrouded in mystery, and its exact appearance remains undisclosed in the series. However, it is known to be a giant, heavily armored battleship with devastating firepower. Pluton’s design and construction were attributed to the skill of the brilliant shipwright Tom, who built it during the Void Century, an era lost to history.

The true danger of Pluton lies in its ability to unleash apocalyptic attacks capable of annihilating entire islands or even altering the geography of the world. The search for Pluton and its blueprints is a central plot point in the series, and its eventual discovery could potentially tip the balance of power in the world of One Piece.


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