10 Things That Should Happen in the Much-Anticipated Sequel

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse kicked off the beginning of one of the most beloved Spider-Man stories and film franchises. Miles Morales’ journey to becoming Spider-Man was a nice change of pace from the three Peter Parker live-action Spider-Man iterations that had come out since 2002. Across the Spider-Verse built on the foundation and characters that Into the Spider-Verse had introduced. Miles Morales, now having been Spider-Man for over a year, is more comfortable in his role as a superhero. Unfortunately, it also results in him lying to his parents about his identity and leaves him not entirely focused on school.

Still, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse spends most of the film portraying new Spider-Man variants, and how Miles’ journey into another dimension results in his potentially ruining the time stream. So, how will Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse conclude Miles’ journey? When the final film picks up, it needs to address the many cliffhangers that Across the Spider-Verse leaves open-ended. How will Miles handle Earth 42’s Prowler? Will Miles and Gwen’s friendship remain intact? Will Miles’ father die as the canon declares he must, or will Miles find a way to break the canon events without leaving a destroyed universe in his wake?

Miles Gets Home

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Stuck on Earth 42 as Across the Spider-Verse comes to an end, Beyond the Spider-Verse can not conclude without Miles making it back to his home Earth. There is far too much to do in his home world, such as protecting his father from his upcoming death. Gwen had teased that there was something important happening with Miles, and that she would bring him home, much to Miles’ parents’ concern.

Miles’ Parents Discover He Is Spider-Man

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In Gwen’s case, her father discovering her identity did not go well. However, that does not mean that Miles’ parents would initially react similarly. Miles’ mother and father know that he is lying about something, but have yet to understand just what he is not telling them. Miles’ parents discovering his secret identity as a superhero would allow them more context into their son’s life, while offering Miles the resolution he sought in imagining their reactions to his revelation.

Earth 42 Gains a Spider-Man

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Earth 42 is left devastated and darkened by its lack of a superhero. Since the radioactive spider meant for Earth 42 bit Miles instead, Earth 42 was left without a Spider-Man, and Miles’ Earth lost Peter Parker. Considering how troubled Earth 42 is without Spider-Man, it would only be fair if Beyond the Spider-Verse gifted Earth 42 with a Spider-Man or any superhero to help clean up the dark and crime-ridden world.

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Miles Fights the Prowler

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With Across the Spider-Verse leaving off with Miles face-to-face with Earth 42’s version of himself, otherwise known as The Prowler in this universe, it is unlikely the following film will not portray a fight between them in some capacity. Beyond the Spider-Verse may pull a switch, allowing Miles to reach into his variant’s heart and turn his allegiance toward good rather than evil.

Miles’ Father Survives


According to canon, Miles’ father is due to die soon, following in the footsteps of many other Spider-Man counterparts losing loved ones. However, Beyond the Spider-Verse can portray an alternate set of events without destroying the world. Who is to say that Miles’ father needs to die? If Miles was never supposed to be Spider-Man in the first place, could he not follow different rules? Miles had already lost his uncle, and undergone a dramatic and devastating loss. Why should he have to undergo that a second time to meet Spider-Man’s canon?

Miguel Is Defeated

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Although Miguel works under the guise of being the good guy vigilante trying to keep the timelines in check, he is also the antagonist. His role as Across the Spider-Verse ends is to try to make sure Miles’ father dies. His reasons and motivations make sense, as he describes his personal history of messing with alternate universes, resulting in their destruction. But, given how he is directly opposing Miles’ desire to save his father, Miguel’s wish to see Miles’ father dead to protect the timeline must be prevented.

Spot’s Villainous Plan Is Stopped

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The Spot portrays himself to be far more than the small-time villain. However, considering how he has been popping in and out of other universes with villainous plans and a desire to hurt Miles Morales for Miles accidentally creating him, The Spot is another antagonist that needs to be stopped in Beyond The Spider-Verse. While he is a fun character to portray on screen, he should not be able to get away with antagonizing actions that bring harm to others.

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Introducing More Spider-Man Variants

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With an infinite amount of universes, there are infinite Spider-Man variants. Many of them are introduced or briefly shown throughout Miles’ journey beyond the world’s scope to meet all the alternate iterations. Miles could always end up meeting another Gwen Stacy or Peter Parker, who takes on the role of Spider-Man. A plot twist could even suggest that another Miles Morales out there is also Spider-Man, even though the film’s main character was considered an anomaly.

Miles and Gwen’s Friendship Remains Important

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Into the Spider-Verse and Across the Spider-Verse portray a close friendship and connection between Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. Their dynamic is at the heart of the story, as these two outcasts find themselves relying on each other to be understood and create a found family. When Across the Spider-Verse concludes, Miles is fairly betrayed by Gwen, as she had known a huge revelation about him and had never mentioned it. But, she is also gathering friends to save Miles when the film concludes. Beyond the Spider-Verse could rely on their friendship to continue the film’s third installment.

Further Exploration of Canon

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Across the Spider-Verse offers an explanation of canon, which is basically just showing how certain events must occur for every Spider-Man variant. Peter Parker loses his Uncle Ben. The city loses its police captain. But what else is a definitive element of Spider-Man? What within those events can be altered? How much of reality is unraveled if certain events never take place? Beyond The Spider-Verse can further discuss what needs to occur in order for the timeline to remain consistent, and where there is some wiggle room to avoid destroying the entire dimension.


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