13 Best Paid Ticketing Software for Business in 2024

Are you trying to find the right ticketing software for your customer service or internal help desk? Before settling for a product, check out the best ones available.

In a small business or team, you often receive emails for requests like debugging software code, granting access to a team workspace, or purchasing cloud storage space. Your customers rarely ask for help with billing problems.

As the company grows, you acquire more customers and expand your products, and requests flood your inbox. Using only email communication can irritate both customers and employees. Introducing paid ticketing software that you can purchase or subscribe to. This tool helps keep your inbox organized.

Here are some reliable, scalable, and affordable paid ticketing software options for any business:

1. Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management is a ticketing software that can be customized to meet the needs of any team. It offers templates and tools for viewing, automating, and approving tickets.

This software lets you combine customer conversations from various channels into one queue. Jira Service Management enables you to automate tasks to save agents time.

You can easily integrate it with other Atlassian tools such as Jira, Trello, Confluence, and Bitbucket. This application has several top features, including creating a knowledge base, generating reports for essential metrics, and providing customized service for over 1000 applications.

Website: https://www.atlassian.com

2. Freshdesk


Freshdesk’s AI and collaborative ticketing system can help companies provide outstanding customer experience. It makes ticketing process management easier, improves agent productivity, and promotes collaborative problem-solving for customer issues.

Using keywords and properties to prioritize and filter tickets helps agents focus on the most important ones. Freshworks’ Team Inbox includes canned responses, ticket update notifications, ticket merge, activity logs, and other collaborative features.

The AI helps suggest ticket fields for routing and categorizing. So, it enables you to save time by doing boring tasks. The software is excellent for SLA management. It allows you to set response time rules, redistribute workloads, and receive automatic reminders for missed SLAs.

Website: https://www.freshworks.com

3. Jitbit

Jitbit com

If you’re looking for a helpdesk ticketing system that offers both on-premise and cloud versions, Jitbit is the tool for you. The desktop version is designed for contact center agents who handle many support requests.

Use cloud ticketing software for field technicians, higher-tier support engineers, or programmers. Your main support team can concentrate on essential tasks such as product development, product updates, managing business clients, etc.

The tool has a simple and organized user interface. It keeps all its features but hides the standard ones. System admins can unlock advanced features when needed. If you have a lot of front-line agents who don’t need advanced features, this ticketing suit is the right choice. It’s designed to be easy to use.

Website: https://www.jitbit.com

4. Zendesk

Zendesk com

Zendesk helps you effectively handle customer support tickets by tracking and prioritizing them. The software has all the tools that support executives need to provide excellent service through various channels such as email, help center, messaging, voice, bots, and forums.

The platform is a central hub for all your customers’ questions and requests. No matter your channel, all user submissions receive a ticket and are placed in the queue automatically.

Zendesk users can access ticket routing, time tracking, CSAT ratings, and service level agreements. It also has automation to help agents handle more tasks.

Website: https://www.zendesk.com

5. SolarWinds

Solarwinds com

SolarWinds Web Help Desk can automate ticketing management for companies. It handles tasks such as ticket assignment, routing, and escalation. It automatically turns emails into ticket requests.

Admins can create ticket routing rules. These rules help assign issues to the right support executive. With this software, you can track the history of asset service requests and manage tasks across different departments. Additionally, the tool will notify you through email and text messages if there are any unattended tickets.

With Web Help Desk, you can easily create custom reports and schedule them to be delivered via email. You can also connect with other SolarWinds management and monitoring tools.

Website: https://www.solarwinds.com

6. SysAid


SysAid is a software that helps you manage the help desk process by organizing all the steps in a ticketing system. This system has a self-service portal for users to access FAQs and chat with IT staff.

The knowledge base feature is a data repository for internal staff and end users. You can connect this platform to your organization’s email system. It can convert new email messages into tickets automatically.

SysAid can be customized to match your brand’s identity. You can also use it to make rules for routing and escalation.

Website: https://www.sysaid.com

7. Zoho Desk

Zoho com

Is the help desk ticketing system complicated for you? Zoho Desk can simplify and streamline your tasks. It helps agents stay organized by quickly sharing information about ticket requests from various channels.

You can use Zoho Desk to create a knowledge base with FAQs and help articles for internal and external use.

Zoho Desk allows customers to create forums for discussing and solving issues together. You can add a help center to your app to chat with a bot and submit tickets.

Website: https://www.zoho.com/desk/

8. Front

Front com

Front is a customer communication solution that helps teams connect across different channels, automate workflows, and measure their performance. This tool allows companies to boost earnings and operational efficiency while enhancing client relationships.

It helps manage all incoming messages in one place, making it easier to keep track of customer communication and avoid scattered information across different channels.

This software helps manage email conversations, live chat, and SMS texts simultaneously. The platform accepts customer support inquiries without ticket numbers. It allows for quick and personalized responses to each inquiry.

Senior leaders can track team performance and monitor various metrics, such as resolution time and customer communication frequency. It helps them gain valuable business insights and make smarter decisions for the organization’s success.

Front is a user-friendly helpdesk solution that simplifies team management and improves customer service performance. The interface is smooth and intuitive, resembling a simple email interface. It’s also easy to train new teammates.

It has advanced features like automated workflows, alerts to prevent breaches, and excellent inbox organization capabilities.

The software efficiently works with Salesforce and over 60 other apps. It helps improve collaboration and allows for faster response times with readily available customer information.

Website: https://front.com

9. ProProfs Help Desk

Proprofsdesk com

ProProfs Help Desk is a software that helps you respond to customer questions from various channels. The software automates ticketing and enables you to track the ticket’s progress.

It can handle multiple channels, allowing agents to resolve tickets from different sources. You can create a knowledge base with FAQs, video tutorials, and guides to reduce the number of tickets.

Website: https://www.proprofsdesk.com/ticketing-system/

10. NinjaOne

Ninjaone com

NinjaOne is a ticketing tool explicitly designed for IT teams. The IT team handles tasks such as installing apps, fixing PC installations from a distance, debugging software on a remote desktop, installing PC updates, and installing antivirus software.

The IT team regularly handles tickets, including those with the built-in tool and many other tasks. IT service agents can serve multiple clients at the same time, both internal and external. It helps to lower the cost per customer and improve productivity.

NinjaOne can be set up as a self-service portal for customers. Users can create a ticket to send a broken monitor for servicing. The tool will automatically send an email to the manufacturer for a technician visit.

Now, let’s look into the ticketing system used in customer service.

Website: https://www.ninjaone.com/ticketing-software

11. ManageEngine

Manageengine com

ServiceDesk Plus is an app that helps resolve IT tickets quickly. The ticketing abilities have been improved to enhance the ticket resolution experience. You can use its framework to implement swiftly ITIL-based help desk management and ensure high availability.

The self-service solution lets more people use your support system on various devices and channels. The software can be automated to boost team productivity and tailored to your business goals.

It can also serve as a central hub for managing all your IT and non-IT assets. ServiceDesk Plus can efficiently work with your existing business tools, such as MS Outlook, Microsoft 365, Jira, TeamViewer, Zoho Voice, and more. The software has a reporting module to monitor help desk health.

Website: https://www.manageengine.com

12. Kayako

Kayako com

Kayako provides user-friendly ticketing software for customer support. The software helps agents understand customers better for personalized support and quick resolutions.

It shows the entire customer journey, so you don’t have to ask more questions. Kayako also provides omnichannel support, allowing customers to use their preferred communication channel.

This software has several useful features, including live chat, a knowledge base, workflow automation, CSAT score tracking, external collaboration, smart routing, and SLA notifications.

Website: https://kayako.com/ticketing-software/

13. Ameyo

Ameyo com

Ameyo is a helpful customer support ticketing system that improves communication with external customers and internal department employees.

It combines customer interactions from different channels like voice calls, email, social media, webchat, and SMS into one organized conversation.

Ameyo’s ticketing system has some key features:

1. You can easily connect third-party CRMs or business apps.

2. Omnichannel ticketing lets you handle customer inquiries from voice, chat, email, and social media.

3. Web and mobile apps for chatting and ticketing.

4. High-level data security for businesses

5. This tool helps you improve your customer support by making it more organized, contextual, and efficient.

Website: https://www.ameyo.com/solutions/ticketing-system

What is a Ticketing System in Customer Service?

A ticketing system in customer service is software that helps manage and solve customer inquiries and issues. It can be used on a desktop or in the cloud. Customers can be divided into two categories: external and internal. External customers refer to end users or clients, while internal customers include employees or contractors.

The app is a central hub for collecting, organizing, scheduling, and tracking customer interactions. The tool helps ensure that every inquiry gets the attention it needs from the support or backend team.

When a customer asks for help, the tool makes a ticket or task with all the essential information and categories. The ticket goes through a workflow. The tool assigns billing tickets to specialists who handle the issue.

Why Do Businesses Need a Help Desk Ticketing System?

Tracking Thousands of Tickets

A successful company will receive many customer and employee service requests. Emails are not reliable for handling a large number of support requests. You need an automated system that can efficiently handle tickets. It should be able to analyze the ticket type, assign it to the appropriate team, send reminders when necessary, and close the ticket by responding to the customer.

Privacy and Security

When doing business globally, it’s essential to know about data privacy regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Australia’s Privacy Act, the Digital Charter Implementation Act of Canada, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data privacy laws require your company to handle the personal data of customers, contractors, business clients, and employees responsibly. Please do not reveal personal information without scrambling it.

The best solution is a help desk ticketing system that encrypts and stores personal information.

Data Analytics

A company-owned ticketing system can help you identify areas where your services or products need to catch up. You can quickly assign a team to resolve the product development or engineering issue.

Customer service agencies commonly use a ticketing system for billing their clients. Agencies also use these apps to offer more services to their clients. You can sell chat services to a telecom client if their customers frequently ask for chat support, and you have data to support this.


A ticketing system will help your customer service agents stay organized and focused on their tasks. The agent can manage many tickets quickly if they don’t have to search through email inboxes for work.

Get ISO Certification

To set up a top-notch customer service center and cater to prominent clients in industries like telecom, automobile, and airline, obtaining an ISO certification such as ISO 18295-1:2017 is necessary. You should use a secure and trusted help desk ticketing system to get these accreditations.

The Must-Have Features of a Perfect Ticketing System

1. Integrate with online forms, mobile apps, desktop software, debugging tools, company CRM, knowledge base, and more.

2. The system should automatically create, organize, assign, triage, and route tickets whenever possible.

3. AI chatbots are designed to handle basic tasks like answering questions about billing, products, and installations.

4. The software should automate workflows and include templates for different businesses, products, and industries.

5. Facilities like internal notes, feedback, email, attachments, live chat, and phone calls should be available.

6. The tool should let support specialists send secure emails to customers for notifications.

7. The ticketing software needs an SLA system to handle requests efficiently.

8. Lastly, it is essential to have a reporting and analytics module that can generate performance reports for teams and individual agents.

Wrapping Up

A premium ticketing system is essential for customer support and service. You must cater to external customers, internal clients, or organization departments.

Moving from a trial or open-source ticketing system to a paid ticketing system offers benefits like premium features and dedicated service level agreements, which are not available in free apps.

Now that you know the most popular and trustworthy ticketing systems, choosing one that meets your expectations should be easier.


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