14 Best Free Bulk SMS Apps for Marketing in 2024

Customization has become essential for businesses. A great brand connects with its customers in a manner that is anything but generic or robotic. Therefore, many brands now depend on SMS or Short Message Services.

Over the past decade, brands have used SMS to inform customers about new products, services, offers, order updates, and more. Text messaging has become a popular way for businesses to connect with customers.

Nevertheless, companies nowadays opt for free Bulk SMS sender apps to send SMS in bulk, as manually sending individual messages to every customer can be tedious. Discover how to send bulk SMS easily using a mobile application.

What Is Bulk SMS Messaging?

Sending bulk SMS messages involves using communication software to send multiple messages to thousands of contacts simultaneously. Regardless of size, many companies rely on bulk message services to effectively communicate with their target audience, employees, customers, and more.

It allows users to efficiently send the same message to multiple recipients, including contacts, employees, customers, and supporters. You can use bulk messaging to send various messages, such as promotional offers, important notifications, updates on product launches, and helpful reminders.

Significance of Bulk SMS Marketing

SMS has evolved beyond being a simple messaging platform. It offers so much more than just occasional messages. Companies nowadays use this feature to improve their customer interaction. Discover the significance of utilizing Bulk SMS Marketing for your business.

Before diving into the importance of SMS marketing, it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of Bulk SMS Marketing and free group SMS.

How to Send Bulk SMS with Free Bulk SMS Sender

Using a free SMS blast app is quite simple. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be all set to use the bulk message sender for your SMS marketing plans:

Write the message you want to send using a free bulk SMS sender. These applications allow you to create a message easily using ready-made templates to enhance its appeal and interactivity.

You can easily add multiple recipients by selecting the numbers from your contact list in Excel. You can easily export your contacts using these apps in Excel or Spreadsheet format.

Please take a quick look at your message and then send it! It’s as straightforward as can be.

There are many options available for users to find free multi-SMS senders. There are advantages and disadvantages to every mass message sender. You can evaluate all the products to choose the one that suits your requirements. Please choose from our curated selection of the best bulk-free multiple message sender apps.

Send Bulk SMS Free with Best Bulk SMS Free Apps for Android

Sending bulk SMS has become much more straightforward. There is no need to rely on a questionable website to send a message from an unfamiliar number. These apps make it simple to begin your marketing and branding process using SMS.

Look at the top free multi-message sender apps for Android that allow you to send bulk SMS for free using your phone.

1. SpringEdge

The SpringEdge bulk SMS App is designed with developers in mind. Our platform offers APIs that seamlessly integrate with any system, allowing for effortless sending and receiving of text and voice messages.

This platform allows companies to easily track the progress of their SMS campaigns through comprehensive delivery reports. Companies can also send promotional and feedback messages to enhance their customer engagement strategy.

SpringEdge stands out from its competitors with its high delivery rate and excellent technical support. You can easily integrate it with popular CRM and ERP software systems like SAP, vTiger, TallyPrime, and Zoho CRM.

The priority is transactional SMS, with a 2-5-second delivery time.

SpringEdge Features

  1. Quick and efficient message delivery
  2. Intuitive and accessible online platform
  3. Reporting and Analytics Tools
  4. Add-ons and integration APIs
  5. Extensive worldwide reach

2. Fast2SMS with Free Bulk SMS Service

Fast2SMS is a powerful tool that can help you jumpstart your marketing and customer engagement efforts. It allows you to send customized and personalized SMS messages to your customers. With our web-based platform, you can easily send bulk SMS messages to recipients worldwide in just a few minutes. This Android app is perfect for businesses looking to send free SMS online to customers in India.

Currently, the platform boasts a large user base of over 2 million active users. These users appreciate the platform’s user-friendly features and the ability to share bulk messages instantly. The mass message sender app provides real-time delivery reports, allowing companies to track the number of customers they reach through Bulk SMS.

Fast2SMS Features

  1. It offers QR code functionality.
  2. Scheduling messages
  3. Send multimedia SMS with files up to 15 MB

Unicode is fully supported, allowing for easy use of multiple languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, Kannada, Punjabi, and more.

3. Msg91 Free Bulk SMS Service

If you’re running a start-up or a small to mid-size company, Msg91 is your ideal partner. Our extensive network of global SMS resellers allows you to send SMS to most countries easily. It has partnered with companies like Xiaomi, MakeMyTrip, and ICICI Prudential.

You’ll receive 25000 free messages per month for 6 months when you sign up. These messages can be used for OTP, transactional SMS, emails, and more. This messaging app allows users to send unlimited messages and supports regional languages, making it a popular choice for businesses seeking a free SMS platform.

Msg91 Features

  1. Scheduling Messages
  2. Support for languages specific to different regions
  3. Send messages to numbers with Do Not Disturb enabled
  4. Ability to send both individual and multiple messages
  5. Simple online messaging
  6. Reports on Delivery
  7. It has an inbuilt API that allows for easy integration with add-ons.

4. TextLocal – Free Group SMS App

TextLocal, a UK-based company, has joined IMI Mobile to provide a robust bulk SMS platform in India. It offers a variety of features and has a dedicated customer support team, making it popular among companies seeking to improve their customer interaction strategy.

This option is perfect for enhancing your marketing efforts, and its quick delivery ensures high efficiency. Users can easily send emails as SMS and import contacts from a CSV or Excel file. Unfortunately, the app’s limited integration capabilities pose a significant obstacle for users.

TextLocal Features

  1. Customizing mass text messages with multiple merge fields
  2. Text messages are available in over 15 regional languages
  3. Schedule messages automatically
  4. Includes MMS with web links, images, attachments, surveys, and more.

5. Atomic SMS Sender

Atomic SMS Sender’s free bulk SMS function is beneficial for companies worldwide. You can easily schedule your bulk message for a specific date and time to improve delivery and engagement rates. Our service allows you to send SMS messages online in over 200 countries and is compatible with over 700 mobile operators.

This product also offers demand-based pricing, which is a unique feature. The SMS rates depend on the amount of SMS sent each month. In addition, Atomic SMS Sender provides discounts for large volumes and ten complimentary SMSs for testing purposes within your internal systems.

Customers can easily unsubscribe to avoid any perception of spam from your brand’s customer engagement efforts.

Atomic SMS Sender Features

  1. Messages in different languages via text
  2. Compatible with a wide range of carriers and available in numerous countries
  3. Send messages of any size with ease.
  4. Schedule your SMS messages with ease.
  5. Reports on message delivery
  6. Compatible with both GSM and Unicode alphabets
  7. Fast and efficient SMS delivery
  8. Seamlessly integrates with other applications through its API.

6. playSMS

playSMS is a powerful open-source software for PCs. This solution is specifically tailored for businesses with a high volume of promotional or bulk messages to send. The platform offers the ability to send bulk SMS, provides a comprehensive SMS gateway, allows businesses to communicate with groups, and enables brands to engage with customers through SMS marketing.

Users can easily integrate the playSMS free mass message sender app with various database engines. It can support SMS to email and vice versa through a polling mailbox. playSMS is a great option for sending unlimited complimentary SMS messages indefinitely.

playSMS Features

  1. Compatible with various database platforms
  2. Text messaging for individual messages and large-scale marketing campaigns
  3. Unicode, text, and flash messages are all supported.
  4. Capable of efficiently managing high volumes of text messages, with a capacity of up to 500,000 SMSs per month.
  5. Enables email to SMS and SMS to email services
  6. Effortless, user-friendly interface.

7. FrontlineSMS

FrontlineSMS is a user-friendly tool that allows companies to send bulk messages or SMS to their customers quickly. It has been widely adopted by companies worldwide to establish a direct line of communication with their customers. Businesses can easily create engaging SMS messages using the free bulk SMS feature, allowing them to connect with customers and promote their brands effectively.

The app is available for free download, but there is a charge for each message sent through the platform. Additionally, this SMS blast app offers cloud-based options at different levels for users looking to enhance their experience beyond the desktop version.

FrontlineSMS Features

  1. Safe and protected
  2. User-friendly Interface
  3. Quick shipping
  4. Reports on deliveries
  5. Free Download of Bulk SMS Apps for PC

Marketing teams worldwide utilize PC-based mass message senders to send bulk text messages online efficiently. These PC-based free SMS solutions allow users to send messages from their computer or laptop to mobile numbers easily, ensuring high delivery rates.

8. RapidSMS

If you’re looking for message blast software for PC, RapidSMS is the perfect choice. It’s SaaS-based, free, and open-source, making it an ideal solution for your business. Perfect for businesses of any size, brands can use RapidSMS’s extensive resource pool to send bulk promotional and transactional SMS to customers.

This platform is beautiful to companies due to its affordable messaging, robust security measures, and round-the-clock customer support.

RapidSMS Features

  1. Simple messaging application with enhanced security
  2. Intuitive and simple to navigate
  3. No maintenance required
  4. Please keep a record of your messages and ensure they are delivered.
  5. Quick delivery at a rate of over 100,000 SMS per hour
  6. Privacy under regulation
  7. Enables sending SMS directly from Microsoft Outlook
  8. Comes with an Excel plug-in for added convenience.

9. MySmsMantra

If you want to boost your sales strategy with SMS marketing, MySmsMantra is the ideal software. It utilizes an Excel plugin to assist companies in sending free online bulk SMS. With an SMS open rate of over 90%, the platform is guaranteed to enhance your sales funnel.

Various message templates are available on the platform, including support for regional languages. This platform can be easily integrated with websites or other software, making it secure and fast.

MySmsMantra Features

  1. Offers the option to send both individual and multiple SMS messages
  2. Send SMS directly from Excel.
  3. Effortless integration with other applications
  4. Feature for sending SMS to groups
  5. Impressive sending speed of up to 25000 messages per minute.
  6. Get updates on the status of your SMS messages.
  7. No cost for setup
  8. Scheduling SMS messages
  9. Simple and Convenient Address Book
  10. Managing a Group
  11. Reports for Management Information Systems
  12. No recurring charges
  13. Get assistance with technical issues at no cost.

10. XtraBulk SMS (PC)

XtraBulk SMS is a web-based application that allows you to send mass messages quickly and easily. The application is a host for business servers and can be connected with either an HTTP API or an SMPP server. It provides various features such as two-way communication, personalized messaging, access to multiple gateways, and detailed delivery reports.

This bulk sms sender is ideal for food or provision delivery companies or banks looking for enhanced data security.

XtraBulk SMS Features

  1. Open-source software for sending bulk messages
  2. Quick and effortless installation
  3. Up to date with the latest technologies
  4. Regularly improving and updating
  5. Available at no cost
  6. Ready for immediate use
  7. Compatible with most popular SMS providers
  8. Avoid sending messages to numbers that are not valid.
  9. Assisting in languages spoken in different regions
  10. Manage your contacts effortlessly with unlimited contact storage and the ability to create contact groups.

11. SendPulse

SendPulse is an ideal platform for sending bulk SMS messages. It can help you increase your sales and drive growth, all in one convenient place. Companies can streamline their customer interaction by utilizing the chatbot functionality. Users can access a variety of templates to create promotional and transactional SMS quickly.

Thanks to its fast-track communication capabilities, this free bulk SMS sender app allows users to manage their sales and marketing efforts on one platform.

SendPulse Features

  1. SendPulse is capable of conducting campaign analytics.
  2. This top-rated bulk SMS app offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.
  3. Simplified processes and online alerts
  4. Efficient email segmentation for precise targeting
  5. Testing the effectiveness of campaigns

12. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a widely used CRM tool, and its powerful SMS marketing feature is incredibly beneficial for businesses of any size. The platform provides advanced features, such as an easy-to-use chatbot for messaging and pre-written responses. This platform also allows you to send pictures and make calls.

In addition, the top free bulk SMS sender for Android and iOS offers immediate updates and notifications for comments, posts, likes, and more.

Bitrix24 Features

  1. Efficient task reporting
  2. Simple cloud storage for document sharing
  3. Enhancing collaboration through Chat functionality
  4. Simplified interface for efficient time tracking and improved communication
  5. Stay informed with instant notifications and real-time updates.

13. EZ Texting

SMS boasts an impressive open rate of 98%, solidifying its position as a highly effective method for communication and sending bulk messages to customers online. EZ Texting’s goal is to assist companies in harnessing the potential of SMS to drive business growth and boost sales.

You can send appointment confirmation, payment confirmation, and enable two-way texting to address customer complaints. A dedicated 5/6-digit short code is reserved for display as the sender number. Additionally, the platform can be personalized to suit individual preferences.

EZ Texting Features

  1. List for targeted promotions
  2. Efficient and straightforward communication
  3. System for sending and receiving picture messages
  4. URL shortener to monitor engagement with your text
  5. Text marketing templates

14. Jasmin Gateway

Jasmin SMS Gateway is a convenient bulk SMS app gateway companies use to efficiently filter and route messages. Companies can easily configure intelligent routing through API in real time, supporting HTTP and SMPP protocols.

Additional features on the platform include sender ID, automatic reconnection, and rerouting during peak hours. Jasmin Gateway is the perfect choice if you need a free app for sending unlimited SMS.

Jasmin Gateway Features

  1. Simple messaging filter
  2. Simple web UI management
  3. Text messages that are binary and have a specialized format
  4. HTTP server/client and SMPP server/client
  5. AMQP broker for efficient message storage and forwarding
  6. Support for combining SMS messages

Conclusion: Which is the Best Bulk Messaging App?

Sending messages in bulk is a convenient and effective way for organizations to reach a larger audience. If you’re looking to reach out to customers with promotional messages or transactional messages or even send reminders about abandoned carts, bulk messaging is a convenient solution.

There are many companies offering bulk SMS services in the market. FrontlineSMS, Fast2SMS, and SpringEdge are top-notch apps with excellent features for managing SMS campaigns and contacts and generating drip campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions on Free Bulk SMS Apps

Can you send free bulk SMS without registration?

Sending free bulk SMS is a breeze; no registration is required. Top free bulk SMS apps utilize HTTP APIs, enabling users to send SMS/MMS online with ease and speed.

How much does bulk SMS cost?

Pricing for bulk SMS can vary between platforms. Additionally, the more messages you send, the lower the cost becomes. On the other hand, sending bulk messages typically costs around 20 paise per SMS.

Which are the best bulk SMS packages for business?

Many companies provide SMS packages that come with bundled charges and additional features. RapdiSMS, SpringEdge, and TextLocal provide excellent SMS packages tailored for businesses.

Which is the best bulk SMS sending software from PC to mobile?

PlaySMS, RapidSMS, and MySMSMantra are some well-known software options for sending bulk promotional and informational messages to customers.

How to send bulk text messages from computer free?

Nowadays, you can send bulk text messages without needing a mobile phone. All you need is a PC with a fast internet connection. Using a computer, you can easily send multiple SMS messages using different bulk SMS software and websites.

Although many websites and bulk messaging applications are free to use, there are a few that require a small fee for additional features and increased text message limits.

Some bulk SMS sending applications also use VoIP services to enable SMS transmission.

How to send 1000 SMS at a time free online?

You have the option of using any of the free bulk SMS apps mentioned above to quickly send over 1000 SMS per day.

Can WhatsApp bulk messages be sent with help of a bulk SMS sending app?

These applications are specifically designed to send SMS messages to mobile numbers. If you want to send many WhatsApp messages, you should consider using bulk WhatsApp message senders.


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