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Are EA FC 24 Servers Down? How to Check EA FC 24 Server Status?

Are EA FC 24 Servers Down?

The EA FC 24 servers are currently up and running. This means that players in EA FC 24, whether using the Web App, Companion App, or the full game, can access online matches and the transfer market. If you want to monitor the live status of EA FC 24 servers, you can check on Down Detector for real-time updates.

It’s worth noting that EA servers can sometimes experience downtime, either planned in advance or unexpectedly. This can particularly happen during busy periods like the game’s release day or later in the cycle. Players are encouraged to bookmark this page to stay updated on the live status of EA servers and any ongoing developments.

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How to Check EA FC 24 Server Status?

Open a Web Browser: 

  • Start by opening a web browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Go to Down Detector: 

  • Type “Down Detector” in the search bar and press Enter. Click on the link that leads to Down Detector’s website.

Search for EA FC 24: 

  • On the Down Detector website, you’ll find a search bar. Type “EA FC 24” in the search bar and press Enter.

Check the Server Status:

  • Look for the EA FC 24 server status on the page. It will indicate whether the servers are up and running or if there are any issues.

Bookmark the Page: 

  • If you want to easily check the server status in the future, you can bookmark the page. This way, you can quickly access it whenever you need to know the server status for EA FC 24.


EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is a new video game about football, which is a popular sport. The game was made by a company called EA, specifically their teams in Vancouver and Romania. EA is known for making sports video games. This game is special because it’s the first one in a new series called EA Sports FC.

The game is important because it’s the first one after EA stopped working with FIFA, another popular football game. EA Sports FC 24 is the 31st game in this big series of sports games.

The name EA Sports FC 24 might not explain much, but EA, the company behind the game, suggests that ‘FC’ probably means ‘Football Club.’ They say the game was made for football fans, and they want fans to be a big part of it. They want to make it with the ideas and help of the fans.

EA Sports FC 24 Platforms 

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

EA Sports FC 24 Release Date 

If you buy the special Ultimate Edition of EA Sports’ new football video game, which is going to be officially released on September 29, you get to start playing much earlier. This early access allows you to begin playing the game from September 21 if you live on the west coast of North America.

For those who have EA Play subscriptions, there’s good news too. You can play the game for free for up to 10 hours starting from the same date, September 21. However, it’s important to remember to exit the game properly when you’re done playing to save your 10-hour trial time.

Moreover, even before the official launch date, you can use the EA FC 24 Web App and Companion App. These apps are already available, giving you access to some features of Ultimate Team mode before the full game is officially released.

In simple terms, if you’re really excited to play this new football game, there are options to start playing early, and there are special benefits for certain types of players.

EA Sports FC 24 Trailer

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