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Best Beaches in Atlantic City – Top 10 Seaside Escape

Top 10 Best Beaches in Atlantic City

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Best Beaches in Atlantic City



Stone Harbor

Seven Mile Beach, shared with Avalon


Cape May

Southern tip of New Jersey



Northern coast of New Jersey


Point Pleasant Beach

Borough of Point Pleasant Beach, south of Manasquan


Long Branch

Northern New Jersey, Pier Village area


Sea Bright

Northernmost beach destination in New Jersey


Spring Lake

About 5 miles south of Asbury Park


Sea Isle City

Situated between Atlantic City and Cape May



Less than two miles north of Seaside Heights


Long Beach Island

18-mile-long island off the central NJ coast

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Best Beaches in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and iconic boardwalk, but it also boasts some fantastic beaches along the Jersey Shore. The beaches in Atlantic City offer a unique blend of entertainment, relaxation, and scenic beauty. Visitors can enjoy the sandy shores while taking in views of the Atlantic Ocean, and the lively boardwalk adds an extra layer of excitement with its shops, restaurants, and amusements. Whether you’re seeking a sun-soaked day by the water or an evening stroll along the iconic boardwalk, Atlantic City’s beaches provide a perfect blend of coastal charm and entertainment options.


1. Stone Harbor

Nestled along the Jersey Cape, Stone Harbor is a coastal gem that proudly boasts itself as “The Seashore at its Best.” Claiming the top spot in the ranking of Best New Jersey Beaches, Stone Harbor offers visitors a tranquil escape with miles of soft sands and a laid-back atmosphere. The highlight of this coastal haven is the Seven Mile Beach, shared with its neighboring town, Avalon.

This pristine stretch of shoreline provides dedicated spots for catamarans and kayaks, allowing water enthusiasts to explore the ocean. Nature lovers can venture to Stone Harbor Point conservation area, an untouched landscape ideal for bird-watching and fishing. While Stone Harbor may not have the bustling boardwalk of some other New Jersey locales, its quaint town charms visitors with galleries and shops, creating a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences.

2. Cape May

Best Beaches in Atlantic City - Top 10 Seaside Escape

Situated on the southern tip of New Jersey, Cape May is a picturesque coastal town known for its colorful 19th-century architecture and some of the East Coast’s finest beaches. Ranked second among the Best New Jersey Beaches, Cape May offers approximately 2.5 miles of coastline, ensuring there’s a perfect spot for every beachgoer. Visitors can indulge in oceanfront dining, play beach volleyball at Steger Beach, or catch waves at popular surfing spots like The Cove.

The town’s charm extends beyond the beaches, with a vibrant boardwalk and the iconic Sunset Beach, providing unobstructed views of the sun setting over the Atlantic. Cape May’s diverse offerings, from historic charm to natural beauty, make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a quintessential East Coast beach experience.

3. Manasquan

Best Beaches in Atlantic City - Top 10 Seaside Escape

For those seeking a perfect blend of calm waters and sandy serenity, Manasquan emerges as a top destination along the northern coast of New Jersey. Ranked third in the Best New Jersey Beaches, Manasquan’s mile-long beach provides an idyllic setting for a leisurely day with a good book. The northern coast is home to one of New Jersey’s premier surf spots, the Manasquan Inlet, adding an adventurous touch to the beach experience.

When hunger strikes, beachgoers can easily access a variety of restaurants just steps from the shore. For those with a four-legged companion, the 55-acre Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area offers a dog-friendly environment, making it an ideal retreat for both nature enthusiasts and pet lovers alike. Manasquan’s blend of relaxation and outdoor activities makes it a well-rounded destination along the Jersey Shore.

4. Point Pleasant Beach

Best Beaches in Atlantic City - Top 10 Seaside Escape

Nestled just south of Manasquan, Point Pleasant Beach offers a delightful coastal escape with a mix of recreational activities and family-friendly attractions. The beach, named after the borough it resides in, features a shoreline where visitors can enjoy kayaking and leisurely strolls along the warm sands. While swimming might be limited when lifeguards aren’t on duty due to occasional rough tides, Point Pleasant Beach compensates with Jenkinson’s Boardwalk.

This bustling stretch is a highlight, providing a family-friendly atmosphere with amusement park rides, mini-golf, and various eateries, including nostalgic sweet shops and gourmet pizza joints. Visitors should be mindful of beach restrictions, as certain items like beach tents and pets are not allowed, ensuring a comfortable and safe beach experience.

5. Long Branch

Best Beaches in Atlantic City - Top 10 Seaside Escape

Once recognized as the nation’s “Summer Capital” in the late 1800s, Long Branch in northern New Jersey has evolved into a sophisticated beach destination. The main draw, Pier Village, is a vibrant area featuring a boardwalk, luxury residences, shops, restaurants, and a lively nightlife scene. Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park is the focal point for sun-seekers and surfers, offering well-maintained amenities such as a volleyball area, snack bar, accessible playground, and a skate park.

Long Branch caters to diverse interests, making it an ideal destination for both relaxation and recreation. Whether enjoying the upscale offerings of Pier Village or the pristine stretches of sand at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park, Long Branch ensures a well-rounded beach experience.

6. Sea Bright

Best Beaches in Atlantic City - Top 10 Seaside Escape

Situated as one of the northernmost beach destinations in New Jersey, Sea Bright provides an appealing option for beachgoers of all preferences. With seven public beach access points that are entirely free to visit, Sea Bright stands out as a budget-friendly choice along the Jersey Shore. For those seeking a more luxurious experience, the borough also offers seven upscale beach clubs, each providing amenities ranging from beachfront swimming pools to Tiki bars.

Sea Bright Municipal Beach, requiring a paid tag, features lockers, restrooms, and lifeguards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable beach day. The diversity of options, from budget-friendly public beaches to upscale beach clubs, makes Sea Bright a versatile choice for a day of sun, sea, and sand.

7. Spring Lake

Best Beaches in Atlantic City - Top 10 Seaside Escape

Nestled along the Jersey Shore, Spring Lake offers a serene and sophisticated beach experience, setting itself apart from the bustling crowds often associated with other New Jersey hotspots. Boasting the state’s longest non-commercial boardwalk, Spring Lake provides a tranquil escape with its soft sands and fewer visitors compared to more popular destinations.

The beach’s policy of no eating directly on the shoreline contributes to its pristine cleanliness, creating a peaceful environment for beachgoers. Along the charming boardwalk, visitors can enjoy unspoiled ocean views, numerous benches for relaxation, and access to a selection of boutiques and cafes. Spring Lake’s commitment to maintaining a quieter atmosphere makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a more laid-back and refined Jersey Shore experience.

8. Sea Isle City

Best Beaches in Atlantic City - Top 10 Seaside Escape

Situated between Atlantic City and Cape May, Sea Isle City offers a diverse range of beach experiences for all types of travelers. Whether you’re into kayaking, kiteboarding, beach volleyball, or simply enjoying a leisurely swim, Sea Isle City has a beach for you. The town provides a perfect balance of recreational activities and relaxation, with Townsends Inlet Waterfront Park offering a peaceful setting for quiet sunsets.

Every Wednesday, beachgoers can take advantage of free beach days, and in the evenings, Excursion Park Band Shell hosts free concerts and movies for added entertainment. With its varied offerings and a commitment to providing a beach day for every preference, Sea Isle City stands out as a versatile and enjoyable destination along the Jersey Shore.

9. Lavallette

Best Beaches in Atlantic City - Top 10 Seaside Escape

Located less than two miles north of Seaside Heights, Lavallette boasts a family-friendly atmosphere with both Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay beaches. During the summer beach bathing season, guests can swim and surf in designated areas under the watchful eye of lifeguards. The bay beaches, known for their calm waters, are particularly popular with families.

In addition to traditional beach activities, Lavallette offers a range of recreational options, including crabbing or fishing off its two bayfront docks, playing bocce or tennis, and visiting The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe for a sweet treat. With its emphasis on family-friendly amenities and a mix of both ocean and bay experiences, Lavallette provides a well-rounded and enjoyable beach destination

10. Long Beach Island

Best Beaches in Atlantic City - Top 10 Seaside Escape

Known locally as LBI, Long Beach Island stretches along the central New Jersey coast, offering an 18-mile-long haven with several distinct beaches. Ship Bottom Beach, accessible from the main bridge to the island, is known for its peaceful and uncrowded atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

Brant Beach provides opportunities for fishing, surfing, and swimming, while Beach Haven features attractions such as the Fantasy Island Amusement Park. Despite its popularity, parking may pose a challenge, depending on the time of year. Long Beach Island caters to a diverse range of preferences, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking both tranquility and recreational activities along the Jersey Shore

What Entertainment Options are Available on Atlantic City’s Beaches?

Atlantic City’s beaches offer a vibrant and lively atmosphere, providing visitors with a range of entertainment options to enhance their seaside experience.

1. Concerts and Live Performances:

During the summer months, Atlantic City’s beaches often host live concerts and performances. Renowned artists and bands frequently take the stage, providing beachgoers with the opportunity to enjoy music with the soothing sounds of the ocean in the background.

2. Beach Bars and Restaurants:

The beaches are dotted with beach bars and restaurants, creating a lively and social environment. Visitors can indulge in delicious cuisine, refreshing drinks, and beachside service while soaking up the sun and sea breeze.

3. Water Sports and Activities:

For those seeking more active entertainment, Atlantic City’s beaches offer a variety of water sports and activities. From jet skiing and parasailing to paddleboarding and beach volleyball, there’s no shortage of options for those looking to add a dose of adventure to their beach day.

4. Beachfront Events and Festivals:

Atlantic City hosts numerous events and festivals directly on its beaches throughout the year. These may include beach sports competitions, festivals celebrating local culture, and family-friendly events, providing diverse entertainment for all ages.

5. Boardwalk Amusements:

Adjacent to the beaches, the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk boasts a plethora of amusements. From arcades and carnival rides to street performers and shopping, the boardwalk serves as an extension of the beach experience, offering entertainment for both day and evening visitors.

6. Fireworks Displays:

Fireworks displays are a common feature during special occasions and holidays. The breathtaking pyrotechnic shows illuminate the night sky, creating a magical atmosphere for beachgoers to enjoy with friends and family.

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