Best Moments in the Series So Far, Ranked

Heartwarming and filled with serendipity for some, the small town of Serenity, South Carolina, is the place for people to fall in love, discover themselves, and, for some, find fulfillment. Netflix’s hit series Sweet Magnolias has successfully captured the audience with its small-town charm and relatable characters as they face the sweet and sour hurdles of their lives in Serenity.

The story follows the journey of three ladies, friends since childhood — Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Helen (Heather Headley), and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) — as they swim through the currents of life that call for love, twists, and juicy drama. Their small-town adventure always has something interesting to show. Here are their best moments.

10 New Beginnings


From the start of the show, new beginnings have been the major point for the characters. Maddie just walked out of a bad marriage where her husband, Bill (Chris Klein), cheated on her and got his mistress, Noreen, pregnant. Dana Sue is also trying to divorce her husband, and Helen is starting anew with a sweet gentleman, Erik.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a common theme for people of Serenity to move away or into town to start a new chapter of their lives. It sets the tone of Serenity as a place where people become a new, better version of themselves and grow by rising above their hurdles. Independence, endurance, and second chances — the start of something beautiful.

9 Big Secrets

Jamie Lynn Spears and Chris Medlin in Sweet Magnolias

One of the most surprising secrets in Serenity is about Isaac’s birth parents. He originally came to town on a journey to find his birth parents, but he ended up staying as he enjoyed living there — with a fantastic job, people, and new friendships he built along the way. But when he finally gets what he came for, his world crumbles.

While the reveal of his birth mother being Peggy isn’t as shocking, it’s his birth father who kicks everyone in the stomach — none other than Bill Townsend, the ex-husband of Maddie and the ex-lover of his best friend Noreen. This juicy secret is like a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode on everyone’s faces. Such a dangerous punch surely adds juicy drama for the audience to savor.

8 Serenity vs. the Lewis’

Paul Rolfes and Allison Gabriel in Sweet Magnolias

The whole Serenity is bonding in an interesting way as they need to join forces and fight against the Lewis. The (now former) Serenity mayor, Trent Lewis, and his wife, Mary Lewis, have been putting the townspeople through hell. They have intentionally made the people’s small businesses struggle for their own good, which is only one of the many power abuse acts they put on the townspeople.

After a long and complicated investigation, they can finally bring justice and take Lewis to court. They managed to make the mayor step down from his position, but the investigation is still ongoing. Whatever the result is, this whole experience certainly brings the townspeople closer and builds a stronger bond in the name of justice.

7 A Love Triangle

Anneliese Judge, Carson Rowland, and Logan Allen in Sweet Magnolias

The pair’s journey is quite a complicated one. It starts as a love triangle between Annie and the brothers, Ty and Kyle. Kyle likes Annie, while Annie likes Ty. They went through a series of awkward instances that only seemed to put their relationship in a circle, sometimes involving them dating other people, too.

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However, after a long journey of heartbreaks, making up and breaking up, their feelings get clearer as they grow. Annie and Ty finally show (somewhat) their romantic affection towards one another. Although nothing is certain yet about the two’s relationship, they seem to be heading towards a good conclusion to their love triangle.

6 Helen and Erik

Heather Headley and Dion Johnstone in Sweet Magnolias

Their love story is possibly one of the best love stories ever on TV. Helen and Erik’s love journey is beautiful because it reminds everyone that real love exists. Helen had another love interest, Ryan. But due to their goal differences, she decided to walk out of his life, including when she got pregnant with his baby and when she lost said baby.

Erik is the constant variable in Helen’s life. Whatever hardships Helen goes through, Erik is always there to pick her back up. He always knows what to do and say, which brings the two closer, resulting in them being in a romantic relationship. The friends-to-lovers trope works nicely because it captures the rawness and honesty in their relationship. Finding love later in life is possible, as shown by their beautiful love.

5 Kathy and Bill’s Exit

Chris Klein and Wynn Everett in Sweet Magnolias

It seems like the two characters’ goal is only to wreak havoc on Serenity. Bill sleeps with half the town and creates heavy generational trauma, while Kathy manipulates and avenges people who don’t deserve it. Their ways of wreaking havoc aren’t impressive either; they just create more mess for the townspeople to clean up.

Thankfully, the townspeople can take a breather after the show’s season three. Bill, after realizing his mistakes, decides to leave town and tries to work on himself away from those he hurt (almost the entire town, surely). He is followed by his new lover, Kathy, who also leaves Serenity after deploying every cheap revenge method in the book. Hopefully, their exit is permanent, for the town doesn’t need such negativity.

4 Dana Sue’s Culinary Success


Alongside her two best friends, Dana Sue opens Sullivan’s restaurant, where she plants her culinary expertise. The three ladies are excited about what the restaurant holds for the future, as it is like the baby of their hard work.

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The restaurant opening is only the beginning of Dana Sue’s culinary journey in Serenity. She continues to work and practice her culinary skills despite all the hurdles life throws her. She eventually gets the recognition she deserves, her cooking talents finally getting her somewhere meaningful in her life.

3 Noreen and Isaac’s Friendship

Jamie Lynn Spears and Chris Medlin in Sweet Magnolias

Their friendship is like a sweet treat to the show, one that sadly isn’t shown enough in the episodes. While Isaac originally had a pretty good relationship with the people of Serenity, Noreen’s start was way different. Being Bill’s mistress surely wasn’t the way for the townspeople to accept her into their tight-knit group. Isaac and Noreen ended up stranded on Serenity’s outside ring of friendships.

Isaac welcomed her into his home when she struggled to find a place to stay. This blossoms their friendship from awkward outsiders to BFFs. He gave Noreen a second chance of a better life in Serenity when no one else did. Their friendship then grows stronger by the day, possibly becoming one of the most meaningful friendships in the show.

2 Dana Sue and Ronnie

Brooke Elliott and Brandon Quinn in Sweet Magnolias

Their relationship is one of the rockiest ones. Both have deep scars from the past, and it takes a lot of work to process that. After making fatal mistakes in their previous marriage, Ronnie admits to being ready for a new chapter with Dana Sue. The only thing that stands between them is the broken trust and a lot of unspoken anger and disappointment.

Ronnie tries hard to convince Dana Sue that he is a changed man, but Dana Sue doesn’t accept him that easily. A lot of work and admitting their faults finally help them be ready to give marriage another shot. The love is always there for them, but scars are always present, too. Hopefully, their love for each other really anchored their second shot at marriage.

1 Maddie and Cal


Two broken people united with love and understanding — Maddie and Cal have their own heavy baggage to work through, but they are willing to put in the work and be better partners for each other. Maddie’s scar due to the betrayal and Cal’s anger issues are no easy demons to fight, but together, they can do it.

Cal has expressed his seriousness in the romantic relationship with Maddie multiple times. It’s incredible to see both grow to be better people despite the rocks they must overcome. Their chemistry gets stronger each day, and so does their love for each other. It’s about time to celebrate a happy conclusion for both of them.


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