BG3 Choices Pending Bug, How to Fix Baldurs Gate 3 Choices Pending Bug?

Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a cool video game made by Larian Studios. It’s the third big game in the Baldur’s Gate series and it’s based on a game called Dungeons & Dragons that you play with dice and friends. They let people play a part of the game early on Mac and Windows starting in October 2020. The whole game came out on Windows on August 3, 2023.

Then, it came out on PlayStation 5 on September 6 and on Mac on September 22. They’re still working on getting it ready for Xbox Series X/S, planning to release it later in 2023. People really liked the game – they said the way it plays, the story, and how it looks are all awesome. It got a bunch of awards, like the Golden Joystick Award for Game of the Year.

BG3 Choices Pending Bug 

The “BG3 Choices Pending Bug” in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a problem where players get stuck while trying to change their character’s abilities or skills. It shows a message saying there are still decisions to be made, even though players think they’ve already made all the choices.

It’s like the game doesn’t recognize the decisions you’ve picked, making it impossible to move forward with the character changes. This bug makes it frustrating for players who want to modify their characters because they can’t finish the process and play the game as they want.


How to Fix Baldurs Gate 3 Choices Pending Bug?

it seems there’s a bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 that’s causing a “Choices Pending” issue when players are trying to change their character’s abilities or classes. Here are some ways to try and fix it:

  1. Change the Order: If you’re multiclassing, try picking your classes in a different order. For example, instead of going Ranger, Rogue, Ranger, try Ranger, Ranger, Rogue.
  2. Specific Abilities: Some players found that choosing specific abilities or spells helped them get past the bug. For instance, selecting Longstrider, Enhance Leap, and Speak With Animals might help.
  3. Exit and Retry: If you get stuck with “Choices Pending,” try exiting the screen and then going back in to try again. Sometimes, just doing this can solve the problem.
  4. No Mods: If you’re using mods, they might be causing the issue. Some players found that disabling mods helped them get past the bug.
  5. Experiment: People are trying different things to find a solution. Some combinations seem to work for some players, so it might take a bit of trial and error.

Remember, it’s a bit of a tricky bug, so there’s no one guaranteed fix. Give these suggestions a shot and hopefully, one of them will help you get past the “Choices Pending” problem!

Cause of Baldur’s Gate 3 Choices Pending Bug

The Baldur’s Gate 3 “Choices Pending Bug” happens when players encounter issues while trying to modify their character’s abilities or classes. Essentially, the game mistakenly believes there are still decisions left to be made, even if players have already made their choices.

This confusion arises, particularly during multiclassing or when selecting specific abilities. It seems to be a glitch in the game where the chosen changes aren’t being properly recognized, leading to a situation where players can’t proceed with their desired character modifications.


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Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay

in Baldur’s Gate 3, you get to create characters and team up with friends or play solo. It’s all about diving into a big story and doing quests. The cool thing is, there are tons of ways to solve these quests, so it’s like your choices really matter. You can even do things like removing important characters from the game and still keep playing. The game is split into three parts happening in different places, and you can explore and do quests in any order you like. When you get into battles, it’s all turn-based, following the rules from Dungeons & Dragons.

There are different types of characters you can play as, like wizards who cast spells or barbarians who fight without armor. And guess what? You can mix these classes to create your very own unique characters. Plus, you can team up with other characters in the game, and your actions and choices affect how your relationships with them develop.

Oh, and everyone in the game, whether they’re a big part of the story or not, has their own voice and acting—it’s like watching a movie! You can play using different camera views, like looking from above or right behind your character, and you can use either a keyboard or a controller. And if you’re into changing things up, there’s also support for mods—those are like custom changes made by players to the game. Cool, right?

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