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Biden-Harris Campaign Memo: Republicans’ “Impeachment” Is New Trump Campaign Tactic

To: Interested Parties
From: Michael Tyler, Biden-Harris 2024 Communications Director
Subject: Republicans’ “Impeachment” Is New Trump Campaign Tactic
Date: December 12, 2023

The only, single fact in this entire sham impeachment exercise is that it’s a nakedly transparent ploy by House MAGA Republicans to boost Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.  

Last week, Trump told Sean Hannity he would rule as a dictator on “day one.”

Prior to those comments, Speaker Johnson was privately telling his colleagues there was insufficient evidence to advance impeachment.

What changed? The only branch of government MAGA Republicans control is following through on Donald Trump’s promise to use the levers of government to enact political retribution on his enemies. 

You know, like the followers of a dictator. 

Instead of trying to deliver results for the American people, Trump’s MAGA followers in the House are using their power to pursue an evidence-free impeachment sham all to help Trump’s 2024 campaign. 

And they’re admitting as much in their own words.

Rep. Troy Nehls from Texas — a staunch Trump ally — said the impeachment charade would give Trump “a little bit of ammo to fire back” for his campaign.

Weaponizing government, pursuing enemies, and engaging in political theater. 

That’s Donald Trump’s MAGA Republican party.  

MAGA Republicans Have Admitted “Impeachment” Is About Helping Trump

MAGA Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz have come out and repeatedly admitted their evidence-free impeachment ploy is about getting even and helping Donald Trump ahead of next year’s election.  

Last week, Trump-endorser Congressman Troy Nehls said the quiet part out loud — impeachment is about giving “a little bit of ammo to fire back.” He’s far from the only one:

  • Oversight Chair James Comer isn’t hiding the ball — he has suggested the GOP is targeting Biden as retaliation for Trump impeachments.
  • Failed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy linked Trump’s polling numbers to impeachment after he announced his “impeachment inquiry.”
  • Failed speaker candidate Jim Jordan said impeachment is about “fram[ing] the 2024 race.”
  • Matt Gaetz admitted that Republicans’ impeachment of President Biden is all about the 2024 election, saying it will fail in the Senate but matter to voters next fall.
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene made clear how political this impeachment sham is, saying this is about “inspir[ing] the base” and “win[ning] in 2024.”

And if that’s not enough to highlight the nakedly political nature of this impeachment sham, Republicans have been talking about impeachment BEFORE President Biden was even elected:

Donald Trump Called for Impeachment — And MAGA Republicans Are Happily Obliging

Just like his predecessor, Mike Johnson is firmly in Donald Trump’s pocket and taking his marching orders from him and Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s no small coincidence Johnson did a complete about-face and announced his plans to bring an impeachment vote days after he endorsed Trump and flew down to Mar-a-Lago to meet privately with the former president.

Trump himself demanded House Republicans impeach Joe Biden as political revenge.

If Donald Trump’s public demands for impeachment aren’t enough, there’s plenty of reporting indicating Donald Trump has both publicly and privately encouraged his MAGA allies to push impeachment:

  • New York Times: “Trump Has Been Privately Encouraging G.O.P. Lawmakers to Impeach Biden” 
  • Politico: “Trump privately discussed Biden impeachment with House GOPers” 
  • CNN: “Trump encouraged House GOP’s launch of Biden impeachment inquiry”

The American People Want Republicans Focused on the Issues That Matter — Not Baseless Political Stunts

The same week Republicans are scheduled to leave town for the holidays without doing the work needed to avert a shutdown or help our allies, new polling shows Republicans’ impeachment sham is losing support from those in their own party and also among independents. 

According to Morning Consult polling, the share of Republicans and independent voters who believe Republicans should not pursue impeachment has gone up.

But that’s not all — the overwhelming majority of Americans are essentially pleading with House Republicans to work with President Biden on the issues that matter and overwhelmingly oppose their baseless impeachment inquiry:

  • CNN:
    • 57% of Americans do not feel that President Biden should be impeached and removed from office. 64% believe the GOP House is using the investigations into President Biden for political gain. 
  • NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist:
    • 56% of registered voters say Congress should not hold hearings to start the process of removing Biden from office, while 39% say it should.
    • Almost a third of voters (31%) say they would be less likely to vote for a lawmaker who votes to impeach Biden, while 18% say they would be more likely.
  • Monmouth:
    • Only 15% (including only 29% of Republicans) say they have a lot of trust in the House to conduct a fair investigation into Biden, while 50% say they have no trust.
  • Wall Street Journal:
    • Just over half of voters — some 52% — oppose impeaching Biden. Independents on the whole side with the opponents, with 51% against impeachment and 37% in favor.

Bottom Line: Instead of focusing on the important issues that really matter to Americans’ everyday lives, like lowering costs, creating new jobs, strengthening health care, or tackling gun violence, extreme MAGA Republicans have turned the House of Representatives into an arm of Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign. In their own words, Republicans’ false attacks are a desperate attempt to gin up their extreme MAGA base and distract from their unpopular and extreme agenda. It won’t work.


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